Gas grill for dachas, popular varieties and their advantages

The gas barbecue that emerged as professional equipment confidently took its place in the sun and in private possessions. The article describes the types of models on gas, their advantages and disadvantages. You will get acquainted with the nuances of choosing a gas barbecue for the dacha, its equipment and functionality, you will learn about the choice by the number of gas burners and the average prices for popular models.

Gas grill for dachas, popular varieties and their advantages

The recipe for making a masterpiece

About gas barbecues

Among various ways to spend time mentally with a large margin win gatherings in the fresh air. An integral and most enjoyable part of such a pastime is the preparation of various delicacies. For true gourmets, there is nothing better than ribs, vegetables, hamburgers or sausages cooked on the grill and seasoned with sauce.

To please family and friends with a gourmet dinner, braziers are perfect. The traditional option is a device that works on charcoal, but in recent years, gas barbecue grills, a practical alternative to coal classics, have become widespread. Barbecue on gas is a modern way of cooking, allowing you to keep the taste and healthy properties of products.

8 pluses and 2 minuses of gas barbecues

The barbecue on gas has many advantages that make the purchase of the device a practical step; The advantages include the following properties:

  • Savings . The operation of the gas device is much more economical than the coal equivalent. You can purchase a gas cylinder grill at any hardware store.

Gas grill for dachas, popular varieties and their advantages

To eat served
  • Durability . The average warranty period for stationary and portable models reaches 10-15 years, some up to 25 years.

  • Ready for operation . In contrast to the coal unit, which may take an hour and a half to warm up, the gas barbecue heats up for 5-10 minutes, after which you can start cooking.

  • Safety and Reliability . All elements are made of heat-resistant high-strength alloys.

  • Ease of use . To prepare grilled dishes, you do not have to demonstrate masterful possession of special skills. All that is required is to connect the gas (depending on the type of the device, it will be gas from the main or from the cylinder) and turn the knob.

  • Multifunctionality . Many models are supplied with additional details, which pleasantly diversifies the functions - you can purchase not only a barbecue or a brazier, but also an oven or a smoking cabinet.

Gas grill for dachas, popular varieties and their advantages

Fully equipped grill
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  • Simple operation . The gas grill is equipped with several burners and an intuitive temperature control system. You can cook several dishes at the same time, and for each of them you can set the optimal mode with exactly adjusted temperature. Meals are prepared quickly due to the high power of the equipment.

  • Easy care . The cleaning procedure of the device is practically effortless. All models are not afraid of water and are resistant to household detergents and ultraviolet.

Gas barbecues and barbecues are superior in quality (comfort of work and the ability to adjust the temperature) to their coal counterparts, therefore the supply becomes more varied every year and sales are steadily increasing. Meanwhile, gas flames can have two drawbacks:

  • Objective . Barbecues on gas are more expensive (often tangible) than coal. The disadvantage is leveled during operation: it is more economical to cook on gas, considering that truly high-quality coal is also not a cheap thing, and you can buy it far from everywhere.

Gas grill for dachas, popular varieties and their advantages

On the terrace with taste
  • Subjective . Some people think that the taste of products cooked on coals is much brighter, but, ultimately, this is a matter of taste habits. It is worth remembering that most visitors to grill restaurants equipped with gas grills (and most of them) absorb dishes with an enviable appetite and do not show dissatisfaction with their taste or quality.

Types of barbecue grills

Any gas device from the great variety existing in the modern market can be attributed to one of the following categories:

  • Portable (tourist) gas grill . An indispensable thing for a hike or a Sunday picnic, fishing trips or hunting. Differs in the compact sizes.One burner can not provide greater performance, but this is offset by low weight - an important detail for the journey.

Gas grill for dachas, popular varieties and their advantages

Portable model
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  • Stationary (mobile) grill . The most common option, characterized by impressive weight, solid size and pleasing the soul performance. Such a unit is mounted on a cart with wheels, additionally equipped with convenient shelves and drawers; there is also a gas cylinder. Despite the wheels and supports, providing both stability and the ability to move, the device is best to find a permanent place in the yard or on the veranda.

Gas grill for dachas, popular varieties and their advantages

The important property is stability
  • Built-in grill . Professional kitchen appliances, characterized by high performance. This unit requires a connection to the main gas supply, it can be found in a restaurant and in a country house.

Gas grill for dachas, popular varieties and their advantages

Grill area in the garden

Subtleties of gas barbecue

number models offered by domestic and foreign manufacturers, is not amenable to the account. All of them differ not only in purpose and design, but also in functionality. To choose the best option, you need to decide the answer to the following questions:

  • Frequency of use . Compact travel models will suit a small family or those who hold a belly feast from time to time. If you and your friends are fans of baked dishes and open-air cooking, take a closer look at the stationary models.

  • Choice of dishes . If you are cooking mainly vegetables, hamburgers and fish, choose a model with a smooth frying pan. For meat (especially fat), the grooved surface (grill) will be the optimal choice. Some barbecue models are equipped with both types of panels, which is very convenient.

How the gas grill works in the following video:

  • Functional . Sophisticated models can not only grill steak or brown eggplant. They can be equipped with a smokehouse or an automated skewer, allowing to cook evenly roasted poultry or a large piece of meat.

Comparing different models, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Lattices . Cast iron grids proved to be best (they can be enameled); models with such a working surface are in constant demand. The device can be equipped with a stainless steel or cast iron grill. The latter has a porcelain coating, which requires a certain care; in order not to damage it, the grate is cleaned after it has completely cooled.

  • Stability . An important quality that is provided by the wheels and supports. To evaluate it, it is enough to lightly roll the structure. High-quality barbecue grill is distinguished by a smooth course and the absence of rattling; well, if the wheels have a locking mechanism. The stability also applies to the lid - it should open effortlessly and remain in the upper position, without trying to suddenly fall into your hands.

Gas grill for dachas, popular varieties and their advantages

Grill with comfortable stand tables
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About the burners

Sometimes outwardly identical gas grills can have a decent price difference; the difference is due to the number of burners - on different models they can be from one to ten. When choosing a barbecue grill, you need to determine how many burners will be optimal for you. It should be borne in mind that the more burners, the higher the performance of the unit. In addition, on this grill you can bake both the main course and the side dish at the same time: all the products will be cooked evenly and guests will not be disappointed. If you use the grill several times during the summer season, the purchase of a device with one burner will be the most practical.

Pay attention to the material of the burners. They are made of brass, heat-resistant stainless steel or cast iron; serious manufacturers supply them with a separate warranty. Temperature adjustment (power burners) in different models is implemented in two ways, stepwise or smooth; the latter is found to be more convenient.

About the classic grillebuilding in the following video:

About prices for gas grills

Prices for various models are based on the listed above parameters.The main influence on the type of price tag has the number of burners, additional functionality and, not least, the brand. If you are looking to purchase a gas barbecue, you should buy it from a reputable manufacturer; the difference in price in this case means better materials and careful control of the assembly. It should also be noted that in the long term, cheap units are more expensive to operate (fuel, parts upgrades and repairs).

In addition to the domestic market, there are products made in Germany, Finland, Australia, Canada and the USA on the Russian market. Well-known companies provide a guarantee not only on the grill, but also on its elements (burners, plastic handles, grates, casting parts). The average cost of reliable devices is as follows:

  • Stationary gas grill . A model from Canada or the USA with three burners will cost between 43-55 to 90-100 thousand rubles. The cost of a barbecue grill with four burners starts from 105-110 and comes to 160 thousand rubles.

Gas grill for dachas, popular varieties and their advantages

Classic and Technology
  • Mobile Gas Grill . The origin of the brand - Canada, USA (build on its own factory in China). The model on a trolley with 2 burners costs from 28-35 thousand rubles.

  • Gas tourist grill (for example, Weber Go Anywhere Gas, China). The size of the working grid is 40.5 x25.5 cm, weight is 6 kg, the price is 14.9-15.1 thousand rubles.

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A gas barbecue grill is an economical and clean alternative to wood-burning barbecues. The secret of the popularity of such devices lies not only in the reasonable design and quality of materials. Little things are also important for comfortable cooking and excellent results. Many manufacturers took care of this; modern models are equipped with an automatic ignition of burners, lighting control knobs, a thermometer, built-in grill cover, built-in lighting of the frying surface.

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