advantages and features, prices for garden coverings

Plastic tile is a modern coating for tracks in the country, which is characterized by low price, ease of installation and durability. This solution has a pleasant appearance and is made of high-strength material, is not afraid of moisture and can last for many years. The tile from plastic is good and practical replacement for expensive analogs. With its help, you can quickly and economically equip the paths in the garden, which is convenient to use all year round. But manufacturers offer many other options for arranging the alleys at the dacha plots.

advantages and features, prices for garden coverings

On a large plot, garden paths are always needed in order not to trample the lawn and beds

Material types for tracks

  • Plastic coatings .

Manufacturers offer several types of plastic coating, which have their own characteristics, advantages and characteristics.

Garden parquet . Experts often call him decking. It is a small shield with a pattern in the form of four boards. Made from durable plastic with the addition of a small amount of wood flour. Each plate consists of two layers - on top of a mixture of plastic and wood flour, and the bottom is PVC. For the formation of aesthetic appearance and drops are used sills. The material is not afraid of moisture, is not subjected to putrefactive processes, and is easy to maintain.

advantages and features, prices for garden coverings

Plastic “parquet” for the tracks even looks very natural

Lawn grid . A very interesting solution that is used for laying on different lawns. It is produced in the form of small cells that strengthen the soil well and at the same time do not interfere with the growth of the grass. At the same time provide a beautiful view and ease of movement on the territory, perfectly support the general view of the lawn. Produced mainly from green plastic. Differs in good drainage qualities and reasonable price.

advantages and features, prices for garden coverings

The lawn grid will allow you to move across the entire area of ​​the lawn without tying into the dirt after watering or rain

Modular Covers . A universal solution that can be used for laying alleys on the site or as a stable platform for various garden furniture. Often used for decoration of various decorative landings. Available in a variety of shapes and colors, easy to assemble.

advantages and features, prices for garden coverings

You can lay out a track of "wooden" modules
  • Natural stone .

It occurs on sites quite rarely because of the high price. Looks good in various landscape designs. Granite, pebbles, marble, raw stone, basalt, limestone, sandstone and others are used on the plots. Between the particular they differ in characteristics, color, type of treatment, price and surface topography. The material is heavy, but easy to fit. Porous stones absorb moisture, so treatment with special agents is required every few years. One of the sides should be flat, the trench under them is quite deep, half of it is filled with rubble, rammed, sand is on top and only then is stone.

advantages and features, prices for garden coverings

Natural stone paths always look natural
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  • Wood .

Plastic tiles for tracks in the country house are durable, wear-resistant and easy to maintain, but there are some difficulties with tracks from wood. The material requires special processing means of protection from insects and moisture. Boards, tiles, cuts and so on can be used to create an alley. The best, durable and sustainable wood option is oak and larch. Before laying the material should be treated several times with boiled linseed oil. Polyethylene is laid under the sand cushion, voids between the boards are covered with small stones, sand.

advantages and features, prices for garden coverings

The boards covered with antiseptics and varnish will last
  • Special materials .

Paving slabs, simple paving stones, the easiest asphalt, treated stone or other similar materials. When using curbs such solutions have a finished look, but can be laid on the same level with the ground. It is very important to monitor the level of the track and the fit of the elements to each other. Do not use defective tiles, for example, with cracks.

advantages and features, prices for garden coverings

Paving slab "under the stone" is not much different from the natural
  • Brick .

It is used for these purposes quite rarely, sometimes they combine bricks of different colors, and ornaments are made. It is preferable to lay on the solution, it is not recommended to use only sand. Be sure to apply the solution for bricks, which are stacked as a curb. On the sides of the alley, you can drive boards that will hold the track.To create a durable alley, only clinker bricks are suitable, which are highly durable.

advantages and features, prices for garden coverings

Red brick road fir trees
  • Concrete .

Very strong and durable material. The strength of concrete depends on the amount of cement in the finished solution. The solution itself is made from a mixture of rubble, sand and cement, the formwork must be equipped. You can use a variety of solutions with shapes and colors, add other materials for decoration while the concrete has not yet stiffened.

advantages and features, prices for garden coverings

Concrete tracks will not come out relatively expensive, and to make them even, the solution is poured into the formwork
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  • Gravel .

Often called a bulk track. Well suited for winding alleys, alignment is not required, it is enough to fill the material and then ram it. The gravel itself can be of different sizes, shapes and shades. Crushed stone, stone crumb, expanded clay gravel and so on are used. Before filling the soil should be treated with means against the growth of weeds, also for this can be used film or agrofibre. Be sure to use curbs to the alley has not lost its shape.

advantages and features, prices for garden coverings

With gravel, you can arrange tracks of various shapes
  • Grass .

Lawn grass, which is resistant to trampling. It is recommended to use not as a main alley, but as a decor or as an additional one, it is well combined with other materials.

advantages and features, prices for garden coverings

If you want the lawn to be completely green, you can put artificial grass strips
  • between crops of natural grass Tennis .

Initially used only on tennis courts, but it is well suited for creating alleys in the garden. Available in several shades and consists of ceramic chips, clay and lime. Placed in an even layer, absorbing water, swells and forms a dense holistic surface. The layer of material should be 5-10 cm, shrinkable, for the base used a mixture of fine stone and sand. You can use it two weeks after laying, it is necessary to feed material, watering is necessary in long dry weather so that the material does not crack.

advantages and features, prices for garden coverings

Coverage for tennis courts, looks great and in the garden of a country house

The choice of one or another option is made taking into account the needs of the consumer and his desires. It is necessary to take into account all the nuances of the application of each model in the design of tracks and sections in general. The modular cover for garden paths is considered to be a very convenient and durable solution that is easy to install and can be removed or rearranged if necessary.

The path under the stone can be made using a plastic mold. The process in the video below:

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Advantages and disadvantages of materials

Plastic tile for tracks has many advantages. It has a low weight, is inexpensive and easy to fit. in most cases, the foundation arrangement is not required, only the preparatory work. It can be easily dismantled and stowed in a new place. Used to be durable plastic can withstand quite large loads. Important is resistance to high and low temperatures, moisture, the surface does not slip. However, plastic can suffer due to various chemicals, it wears out faster than concrete or paving stones. The smooth surface strongly slides, exposed to ultraviolet light, fades under sunlight.

Natural stone is a durable, beautiful and environmentally friendly material. But working with him is quite difficult because of the large weight, expensive, and the total costs increase as a result of the need to arrange the foundation. The surface in frost can become covered with ice and becomes very slippery.

Wood is considered a beautiful and environmentally friendly material, a variety of design solutions can be created. The board dries quickly, it is a rather warm material, but it has a relatively short service life, it is flammable, rots, and treatment with protective agents is required.

advantages and features, prices for garden coverings

Wooden tracks look beautiful, but require special care.

Special materials are in the middle price category. Tiles of various shapes require a special method of laying, creating a sand pillow, looks beautiful, strong and enduring material, serves a very long time. Some tile options are quite expensive; additional costs for other building materials are necessary for their installation.

Brick is an affordable and durable material, it is beautiful and very durable.It can fit without foundation, it is enough to prepare a simple pillow and put curbs. Despite the large variety of brick options, not all of them are suitable for creating alleys. Those that can be applied are quite expensive.

How the tracks are made of natural stone will tell this video:

Concrete allows you to create a complete web, characterized by durability and high strength. Not afraid of sudden changes in temperature or moisture, does not accumulate water. Other materials can be laid on top. The alleys are quite expensive due to the need to use a large amount of rubble, sand and cement. The tracks are practical, but not the most beautiful, but you can elevate the avenues by adding other materials.

Gravel is an inexpensive material, but its cost will be different in different regions, taking into account fractions, volumes, type and weight. Eco-friendly material, which is characterized by ease of installation, the process does not take much time, has good aesthetic properties. However, this coating for the tracks is not able to withstand heavy loads. Over time, it can "grow" into the ground, clogged with debris, overgrown with grass, so a good substrate is needed. Gravel is impossible to sweep, differs not the highest comfort of movement.

advantages and features, prices for garden coverings

Between the plates with which the garden path is laid, grass often grows, it has to be manually removed

Grass paths give the site maximum natural beauty and are the most environmentally friendly option. It is very pleasant to walk along such alleys barefoot even after rain. But the grass can not withstand heavy loads, from frequent movement with time it begins to be trampled on, constant care is necessary.

Durable tennis is also an ecological material, it is characterized by injury prevention, it is easy to care for, and it is well water resistant. During a drought, a lot of dust forms on the surface, it is necessary to moisten it periodically.

Characteristics, advantages and disadvantages largely determine the choice of a suitable material. Also, the choice of material is influenced by the landscape design, soil features and the appearance of various materials.

The principle of laying paving slabs in the video:

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The cost of materials for tracks

Plastic tracks for gardening are considered one of the most affordable and inexpensive, they are much cheaper than tile and concrete. Tiles are sold in the form of small modules for 200-400 rubles each. Roll options will cost 1.5-2.5 thousand rubles.

Natural stone is one of the most expensive materials, such a design decision can cost 4-15 thousand rubles. per ton, depending on the type of stone. Some types of stone can be much more expensive. You can buy material not by weight, but by volume, in this case, the average price is 1.5-5 thousand rubles.

The type of wood also affects the cost of the material, as does the length of the bars, width and height. Acquisition by the piece or cubic meters. You can buy this type of material at a price of 50 rubles per unit or several thousand rubles per m³.

Special materials, such as pavers, asphalt and the like, can be purchased at prices ranging from 500 rubles per square meter to several thousand.

advantages and features, prices for garden coverings

Depending on the quality and shape of the paving stone, the price may differ significantly

If a brick brick will be used for the track, you must understand that depending on the region of the country and the type of material, you will have to pay about 20-300 rubles for one brick.

Applying concrete to the alley, it can be purchased completely ready for the price from 2.5 to 5 thousand rubles.

The cost of gravel depends on the size of the fractions and its origin; manufacturers offer this material on average from 2 to 15 thousand rubles. per m³.

Grass is one of the most affordable options 100-200 rubles per roll, there are more expensive offers. You can buy lawn grass seeds themselves, in which case you will have to pay 5-10 thousand rubles.

Tennesite is sold by weight and is offered at 3.5-4.5 thousand rubles. per ton. Also, some manufacturers offer to buy material in bags of 30 kg, the cost of which is 350-450 rubles.

advantages and features, prices for garden coverings

The choice of materials for garden paths is large, everyone puts on a suitable
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Track covering in the country can be practical, durable, economical and very beautiful.Manufacturers offer a large selection of materials, textures, colors. For some options, additional costs are required to create the foundation, others may fit on a sand pillow. Each type of option is distinguished by its special characteristics and cost, which are often decisive. The right choice will help to create comfortable alleys at the dacha, to make movement comfortable and safe.


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