Braziers for cottages - buy cheap in Moscow, forged braziers for cottages

Brazier is almost considered an obligatory element in country houses. Depends on how to make the right choice, kebabs and other dishes will be cooked. Quality barbecues for giving cost the appropriate money, so the choice should be taken seriously. Therefore, before buying, it is necessary to take into account such factors as the distance between skewers and the height from the bottom of the barbecue to the dish. If we ignore these rules, the kebab will constantly burn, the water in the dishes will begin to boil faster, and the meat will be undercooked.

Braziers for cottages - buy cheap in Moscow, forged braziers for cottages

In rare cases, the summer passes without a kebab, and for its proper preparation you just need a good brazier

Mobile or stationary

Everyone has different habits or preferences. Some prefer to relax in comfort, near the house, and others - to get out into the woods or to the lake. Depending on this, you can order the construction of a stationary full-fledged barbecue, or buy a portable mobile brazier, which does not take up much space in the trunk or backpack.

Mobile versions

This option is popular with fans of fishing, picnic and those who do not often visit their country house. Mobile versions are often compact in order to easily transport and transport them. The best choice would be a stainless steel model.

Important! If there are many rainy days in the city where the cottage is located, it is recommended to buy the mobile version. Most stationary iron grills are open, so not everyone will want to remove them from the rain several times a month.

Braziers for cottages - buy cheap in Moscow, forged braziers for cottages

Brazier with a hinged lid and with a barbecue grill

Before choosing, you need to know the differences between folding and collapsible options. The second comes with kits of fasteners and individual items that are easy to lose. And, if the roaster is deformed, the parts will not be able to connect. In the folding models, the items are sold already fastened.

The main disadvantage of the mobile barbecue is a large heat loss during cooking kebabs. Because of this, the heat will cool down faster, and when you need to cook several servings of shish kebab, you will have to ignite a new portion of fuel. Heat loss occurs due to thin walls and gaps.

Stationary models

A stationary model is often installed next to the gazebo, in the corner of the yard or in the garden, so as not to interfere. Place of choice depends on the frequency of use of the device. The stationary version has a large size. Such barbecues are made of bricks, stones and cast iron, and even a separate foundation is laid under them.

A stationary brazier keeps the heat better, but because of the size, it would be more correct to say that it is not bought, but built - usually of brick. The exception is models of cast iron - they are assembled from ready-made components.

Whatever the case, but judging by the feedback from the owners, a static grill is definitely worth the time to install. It keeps the heat better, it looks more beautiful, but, as a rule, you have to be ready to search for a place for its installation.

Braziers for cottages - buy cheap in Moscow, forged braziers for cottages

Large fixed brazier with roof, stove and shelves for inventory
Important! BBQ BBQ differs from the usual barbecue, not only in form, but also in the way of cooking meat. If you plan to fry products without skewers, it is recommended to buy a barbecue.

By what criteria to choose a brazier

From the materials of which the brazier is made, its service life, safety, convenience and price depend. Therefore, you should be serious about this issue. Otherwise, constant contact with the fire can quickly spoil the wrong design.

Cast iron

Traditional braziers are considered to be barbecues made of cast iron. They differ from others in the following qualities:

  • rapid heating;

  • long-term heat retention;

  • looks solid and attractive;

  • dishes cooked in cast iron acquire a specific pleasant smell and taste;

  • long service life - up to one hundred years ( because of the heat, the brazier does not crack);

  • excellent resistance to moisture and corrosion;

  • cast walls provide the so-called "oven" ( At times, the cooking of meat improves, thereby reducing the cooking time).

Braziers for cottages - buy cheap in Moscow, forged braziers for cottages

A cast-iron brazier in the form of a plate with a lid will look great in the yard of the house

Among the minuses are excessive weight and rather big price. Considering all the advantages, its cost is more expensive than many analogues. But it is worth it, if there is enough space to install it.

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Braziers made of brick are only static. Their sizes are much more pig-iron. They include an impressive roaster and stove.This option is chosen because of the following advantages:

  • long-term retention of heat;

  • high durability;

  • aesthetic appearance;

  • price-performance ratio, plus brick ovens are always a real decoration of your site;

  • compatibility with other materials: wood, metal and stone.

Braziers for cottages - buy cheap in Moscow, forged braziers for cottages

A brazier made of bricks with a stove for a cauldron will be expensive, but they are worth

Cost of construction such a model consists of the price for building materials, plus the work of craftsmen. The total estimate can be quite high, but brick barbecues are a real decoration of the site, and this estimate is justified.

The ideas of brick barbecues can be viewed in the video:

Stainless steel

The most economical version of the barbecue to the country is made of stainless steel. This is the most popular and simplest model in this list. In high demand due to low prices. Before you buy a stainless steel grill, you need to understand its shortcomings:

  • Fragility and fragility of the structure.

  • Small wall thickness. Many models are highly susceptible to deformation due to heat.

  • Poorly retains heat. Therefore, most of the fuel is wasted, and cooking is delayed.

  • Most stainless braziers are considered to be the same age. With occasional use, it can be used for 1 year or longer.

Braziers for cottages - buy cheap in Moscow, forged braziers for cottages

A stainless steel folding barbecue can be used in the courtyard of high-rise buildings and take

out of town But there are positive moments. All of the above applies only to the cheapest options. Some small barbecues are made with high quality, with good construction and from good materials. Their cost, of course, is higher, but the service life is far from one year.

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Parameters of braziers

There are values ​​recommended by professionals and some characteristics that should be considered before buying a brazier to give.


The lifetime is directly dependent on the thickness of the wall materials. Variants of thin metal sheets very quickly burn through. Their advantage is their low weight and it is easy to move them to another place.

To increase the service life, the density of the material should be more than 3mm.

Length and width

Everything is simple and clear here - the brazier should be a little longer than the length of the skewer. In most cases, the width is from 30 to 45 cm.

The length should be chosen on the basis of the planned number of skewers. If the company is usually no more than 5 people, 8 skewers will suffice. Considering that the skewers are placed at a distance of 7-9cm, the brazier to the dacha is 70-80cm long. will suffice.

Braziers for cottages - buy cheap in Moscow, forged braziers for cottages

Compact models will be useful in the campaign

It should be noted that many modifications have slots in which the skewer is conveniently positioned. Taking into account their number, the need for a brazier for a specific person is revealed.

If you plan to assemble large teams, the roaster will rely on a large number of skewers.


It is the depth of the brazier that determines how much coal should be spent and what the taste of kebab will be. Experts believe that the best option is 15-20cm. Only by observing this condition can one obtain the necessary distance between coal and meat. This is about 7-9cm. Shish kebab, prepared according to the described rules, is more juicy, roasted completely and has a pleasant crust.

Need to know! If the depth of the roaster is small, the meat will have to be placed too close to the coal. In this situation, the surface of the meat will start to burn, and inside will not have time to fry.

But if you make a great depth, you will need to spend too much coal to provide the best distance for cooking kebab from the coal. If you neglect this, the meat will simply be distant, and the insufficient heat will not be able to cook the kebab well.

Braziers for cottages - buy cheap in Moscow, forged braziers for cottages

A small barbecue grill with a stand for a cauldron

Braziers for dacha, which are more than 15 cm deep, have three significant drawbacks , which should be remembered during the selection:

  • excessive waste of coal for cooking;

  • the kebab cooking process takes several times more;

  • the meat will be dry, because the juice will flow out of it.

Many inexpensive models are on sale in Moscow. In addition to the standard, you can also choose and buy forged barbecues of different depths.

Ventilation holes

Almost all portable grills have them. Located on the bottom, or side walls of the brazier. But professional chefs claim that holes are needed only for "lazy" ones, and the temperature should be changed only by a fan.

From the holes, there is almost no positive effect on the taste of roasted meat. They only provide a small heat near the walls of the brazier. Experienced kebabs even call it a minus, because because of this, the sides of the kebab are roasted better than in the middle.

Braziers for cottages - buy cheap in Moscow, forged braziers for cottages

Holes on the sides of the brazier make for air circulation, but they are not always appropriate
Important! This It does not mean that all braziers with holes on the sides are bad. But in most cases, inexpensive models, these holes are too small to provide a ventilation effect. Consequently, this will not affect the quality of the food and such cuts can only be considered as a decorative element.

If you choose a folding version of the barbecue, you should know what to consider when buying, in the video:


Availability lids in the roasting pan increases the dynamics of cooking. Also thanks to her meat soaked with fragrant smoke.

The lid allows you to:

  1. Make fish and meat smoked.

  2. Cook meat even if the fire is weak.

  3. Keep the cooked dish warm.

Braziers for cottages - buy cheap in Moscow, forged braziers for cottages

Brazier with lid with forged elements

In expensive braziers, the lid has a thermometer and a damper for traction.

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Tips for buying the best country barbecue

  • If regular operation is planned, a cast-iron version is recommended. A model made of steel will do, but their thickness should be more than 3mm. If the steel grill is large, it is better to take a model with a double bottom.

  • If the dacha is rarely visited, you can take an inexpensive, disassembled steel version.

  • If necessary, “fit” the brazier into the landscape of the site, preferably with forged decorative elements (forged).

Braziers for cottages - buy cheap in Moscow, forged braziers for cottages

The brazier with a roof resembles an arbor, and is decorated with forged elements
  • B the garden is better to equip the grill with a shed, which will protect the entire structure from rain.

  • If the brazier is rarely used and is stored in a separate place, then you can purchase a model with wheels. Their presence will simplify movement from storage.

Braziers for cottages - buy cheap in Moscow, forged braziers for cottages

Kitchenette for the suburban area: barbecue, racks for inventory and products, and a wardrobe for the necessary things


The cost directly depends on the parameters, quality and availability of the cover, shelves, wheels, etc. If it is necessary to buy barbecues to give cheaply, it is recommended to take models of simple design.

The simplest options have approximately the following prices:

  • cast iron: from 7 to 70 thousand;

  • thin steel: from 300 rubles to 1500;

  • static with a thickness of 3mm. : 1500 - 4000.

If you plan to build an option for more, it makes no sense to look for where to buy a brazier with decorations. It must be ordered from the company to build under the order.

What kind of brazier to decorate the dacha is up to you, more examples in the video:

On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service installation of turnkey stoves and fireplaces. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".


Without well cooked meat, it is impossible to imagine the ideal rest of the majority of Russians. Therefore, the grill at the cottage is an indispensable element. The above characteristics and rules will help you choose the "right" grill for any site.


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