Sheds metal garden teams, buy a metal hozblok for giving

Metal hozblok - necessary construction on each personal plot. Building materials, household equipment, seedlings, outdoor furniture and much more are stored in it. The article describes the varieties of such structures, their advantages and disadvantages, the features of the materials used and the installation, the prices of popular models are given.

Sheds metal garden teams, buy a metal hozblok for giving

Even a small household unit will allow you to keep gardener's inventory in order

The types of metal hozblokov for summer cottages

Host units differ in the way connections, in this regard, they are divided into collapsible, welded and finished. The collapsible version has the following features:

  • connected with fasteners;

  • if necessary, the structure can be dismantled;

  • the structure is quickly dismantled and assembled;

  • the shed can be moved from one place to another;

  • the prefabricated structure costs less than welded and ready sheds.

A prefabricated metal hob is a frame made of a metal profile and cladding sheets, as a rule, a professional sheet is used. This kind of hozblokov at the moment is the most popular because it is mobile. The prefabricated construction is suitable for home gardens where construction is still ongoing.

Welded hozbloki represent a monolithic nonseparable construction. You can not disassemble it, move it to another place too. Therefore, this option is chosen when the location of the building is precisely determined, and it is not planned to transfer it to another part of the courtyard.

Sheds metal garden teams, buy a metal hozblok for giving

If you plan to move the structure, it is better to give preference to collapsible hozblokam

Ready shelter is delivered in finished form. The design is put on a reinforced concrete slab. No installation required. The building is ready for operation immediately, as will be delivered. Before you buy a metal hozblok, you need to familiarize yourself with its characteristics, evaluate the pros and cons.

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Advantages and disadvantages of metal sheds for giving

Hozbloki won great popularity among owners of personal plots due to the large number of advantages. Among the advantages worth noting:

  • different construction options;

  • long service life;

  • fast installation and disassembly;

  • reasonable price; the metal hozblok is inexpensive to give;

  • fire safety;

  • resistance to weathering, high humidity;

  • the building does not require painting;

  • high strength.

Metal sheds and hozbloki prefabricated convenient for transportation, they can be transported even in passenger cars in assembled form.

Together with the pluses, you should pay attention to the minuses. Metal hozbloki poorly retain heat, therefore, it will cause some problems if you plan to use them in the winter. In this case, the design will need to warm.

Sheds metal garden teams, buy a metal hozblok for giving

A power unit made of metal does not protect against cold; for this it is necessary to warm it.

If the structure is not treated with anti-corrosion agents, it can rust. . Hozbloki sold without the floor, so you need to take care of this separately: buy the floor separately or make it yourself. Ready sheds already have a floor in their design.

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Installation Features

It takes time and experience to install a welded hozblock. The stages of work in general are as follows:

  1. Installation of metal pipes in the corners of the future structure.

  2. Welding of the frame, pipes are attached to the racks already installed.

  3. Installation of roof rails.

  4. Sheeting with professional sheets, starting from the roof.

  5. Sewing and canopy of the door.

Sheds metal garden teams, buy a metal hozblok for giving

The assembly of the shed begins with the installation of the frame on which the professional sheet

is subsequently mounted. The prefab version consists of profile steel pipes and corrugated. Fastening is carried out with the help of angles and screws. The roof can be made of tile or slate. If necessary, external and internal lighting can be equipped in the shed.

When choosing a location for a hobby block, you should take into account the location of other buildings. Usually, a barn is installed behind the house. But if the building has a stylish attractive design, it can be put in a prominent place. The site must be flat, in no case be located in a valley, otherwise accumulated rainwater will reduce the life of the building.

How the metal frame is assembled, will show the video:

Material and cost of the metal shed

The frame profiles are made of galvanized steel whose thickness is 0, 45 mm. Sheets are also required. Deeply corrugated steel painted in several layers is used for walls and roofs. Use of a color professional flooring is possible. The floor is purchased separately. The most commonly used aluminum sheets.

The cost of construction depends on its size. It is possible to buy a prefabricated metal shed at an affordable price - ranging from 11 to 25 thousand rubles, and there are more expensive options. In this case, it would be best to buy a metal shed from a company that is located near the installation site - this will reduce the cost of delivery. In addition, you can find offers in which the price of delivery is already included in the price - and you just have to decide on a suitable design option and its technical characteristics.

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A metal shed for the dacha is a building that is needed on every household plot. In it you can hide garden tools and other necessary things. Before you buy a hozblok, you should decide whether it will be a ready-made construction or prefab, and you should also be responsible for choosing a place to install.

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