projects and prices for construction in Moscow, photo

The desire to have spacious accommodation can be realized in a short period of time.

A high level of comfort is ensured by a house from a bar 200x200. This section thickness allows you to avoid additional costs for space heating even in the coldest winters. The thermal efficiency of the material is exactly the same as in 1 meter of brickwork. However, construction costs are much lower - so building a house using a profiled bar is much more profitable.

projects and prices for construction in Moscow, photo

Even at the stage of construction the house looks very impressive

The timber is produced in an industrial way from an array of coniferous trees. In comparison with other sawn timber (planed, sawn), there are special openings in the profiled bar for connecting to each other. The product is prepared according to the size of the project.

What is the secret of the popularity of houses from a profiled bar

Interest in buildings from a bar is explained by price availability. The cost of timber construction is 50% lower than when building a similar house from a rounded log. High heat-insulating indicators allow to reduce expenses for heating it is not dependent on the used fuel. Large section timber is an optimal material for a winter home. To create an aesthetic appearance, there is no need to apply additional finishing and save on significant costs.

The profiled bar differs from other materials by its smooth surface (less unevenness). This allows you to achieve high tightness of the connection elements. The house creates a comfortable environment for living. Optimum humidity, pleasant temperature conditions are maintained due to the natural qualities of the tree.

projects and prices for construction in Moscow, photo

There is always fresh air in a log house, and with modern planning, one air conditioner

can cope with the summer heat. In winter it is always warm. In extreme heat, all the inhabitants of the house feel cool. Natural material is unique in its properties. The house "breathes" - inside creates a favorable microclimate for human health.

Bar-shaped houses serve many generations of its owners. This is due to the special strength of the material. Processing a protective impregnation of a wooden profile can significantly increase the life of the housing.

Advantages and features, as well as disadvantages

Among the main advantages of houses made of profiled timber 200x200, the following can be identified:

  • Large section bar does not crack when assembled .

  • Profile processing at the factory provides accurate geometry.

  • Construction is carried out regardless of the time of year.

  • Assembly is performed quickly (30-60 days) directly at the construction site.

  • The walls are erected absolutely flat, with no gaps.

  • The house shrinks slightly evenly around the perimeter.

  • The foundation is laid lightened.

An important point is environmental safety. Raw materials are 100% natural. By production of a bar solutions, paints, glues and other toxic substances are not applied.

projects and prices for construction in Moscow, photo

Modern and environmentally friendly log house

Under production conditions, the product is made of: cedar, larch, most often pine is used. The texture of the tree creates a natural atmosphere indoors and does not require finishing work.

Profiled timber is the cheapest building material. Its price is lower than the cost of reinforced concrete or brick, as well as glued lumber. The device of the base will cost not much. It will require laying a light foundation. More precisely, its appearance is determined in accordance with the project and the grounds on the site. Shrinkage of the house is only 2%.

In a house built of wooden material, optimum air exchange and a sufficient level of humidity are maintained. The room is always comfortable - even with the windows closed. Processing of timber with a protective material prevents the occurrence of fungus, mold, rot. The production is covering the product with protection against flammability.

Disadvantage is an increase in the weight of the house structure. This feature requires strengthening the foundation and can increase the total cost of construction work.

projects and prices for construction in Moscow, photo

A wooden house on a concrete foundation is a reliable solution
On our site you can familiarize yourself with the most popular designs of houses from profiled timber from construction companies represented at the exhibition "Low-Rise Country".

What to consider when buying and building a house from a bar

By stopping the choice on a house from a profiled bar, the future homeowner will have at its disposal modern housing with improved internal and external characteristics.

In order to quickly build a building that meets all the requirements and standards of construction, you need to contact an organization with a proven reputation.

When communicating with managers, it is important to carefully examine the terms of the contract and familiarize yourself with the prices. Choose the most appropriate for the family budget.

A company that is staffed with professional craftsmen will always offer:

  • favorable terms;

  • prompt and high-quality fulfillment of its obligations;

  • will perform the work on time;

  • various options for the selection of the project, taking into account the wishes of the customer.

The technological cycle for the construction of a house begins in the design period, the preparation of a complete housing set.

The main steps in building a house from a profiled bar

Building a house from a turnkey 200x200 profiled bar includes the following steps:

  • Project preparation. If it is typical - customer requirements are taken into account, the object is tied to the terrain.

projects and prices for construction in Moscow, photo

A typical architectural design of a house from a bar
On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of building houses from profiled timber. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".
  • The foundation is laid out, the axes are moved to the site. When choosing the type of foundation pay attention to 2 important factors - geological conditions of the area and design features of the object.

  • Land works and foundation are being made.

  • A layer of waterproofing is installed.

  • The trussing system is being installed.

  • A subfloor is being laid.

  • Ladders are mounted (if the house has several floors).

  • Windows and doors are being installed.

  • Walls are covered with a protective substance inside and out.

  • The connection of engineering communications is made.

  • At the request of the customer, finishing can be carried out.

Timber is harvested in winter. Its shrinkage is produced industrially. These conditions allow for a slight shrinkage and reliable construction. The foundation is set up in advance - at positive temperatures.

Building a house from a profiled bar: how much it costs

Building a residential building from a bar causes considerable interest among potential owners. With more modest financial investments and a short period of construction, you get eco-friendly housing with high heat capacity, and other benefits.

projects and prices for construction in Moscow, photo

The best option is turnkey construction

The optimal cost attracts attention:

Price at a small house of economy class starts at 934,000 rubles;

Standard a house for a small family can cost 1,770,000 rubles.

VIP homes are distinguished by a number of features and an individual architectural solution. The price is calculated personally.

Cost depends on many factors:

  • selected project ;

  • total area buildings;

  • availability of floors ;

  • number of rooms ;

  • device roofs and floors;

  • crate and rafters;

  • installation floor , staircases (if available in the project);

  • installation of windows and doors;

  • cladding gables ;

  • additional structures (balcony, terrace, bay window, porch, garage, and etc.);

  • type of basement and foundation , er thickness and depth of laying.

To make the right choice of a house from a 200x200 profiled bar, you can learn more about the projects and prices for construction from the managers of the company. You will draw your conclusions on the basis of the speed and content of the information.

projects and prices for construction in Moscow, photo

Individual project of a VIP log house
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Projects: what types of layouts are offered

The uniqueness of each project is due to the location of the rooms, the presence of additional rooms, a terrace, an attic. The comfort of the home is created not only by the living room, but also by the cozy dining room, comfortable kitchen, bathroom. Designers have provided the presence of the cabinet, an additional vestibule, boiler room, pantry, dressing room. For families with children, there will be interesting options in which a nursery, several bathrooms, and a bathroom are designed.

Before choosing a project or ordering an individual one, it is necessary to determine the dimensions of the building depending on the area of ​​the site.In determining the optimal size of the building is best to focus on the needs of the family and their own. For a small family, a house of 3x4 meters or 5x4 meters is quite suitable if the size of the plot is small.

You can learn about the price of a house from a bar from the following video:

If you are not a fan of huge houses, then you can choose any option for a standard house with dimensions of 6x6 meters and 6x8 meters, etc. Such a building can be either single-storey or have 2 floors. The decision is made depending on the specific situation. The larger the family (adults and children), the more rooms will be required. The house will occupy a significant area.

Most of the future property owners rely on the budget and the size of the building plot. In the project catalog, you can choose diverse options, taking into account the size of the family, or offer your designer a vision of the house.

  • Two-storey house with a total area of ​​187 m 2 with a veranda and carport. Individual calculation. Accommodation is comfortable for a family of 3-4 people. Compact, cozy. Convenient arrangement of rooms and utility rooms.

projects and prices for construction in Moscow, photo

Project of a log house with a verandah and a carport for
  • House with a porch and carport for . cost 6,028,487 rubles. The total area of ​​184 m2. For a comfortable stay of the family with a child. There is a sauna and a balcony, the second light.

projects and prices for construction in Moscow, photo

A house with a second light, the Volgograd project
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  • Glise House with garage, attic . Area 224 m2. The cost of 2 010 756 rubles. Convenient for a large family with children and older people. There are 6 bedrooms, a playroom.

projects and prices for construction in Moscow, photo

House Project Glace with garage
  • Country House house with terrace and porch for a couple without children . The area is 97m2. The cost of 1 260 720 rubles. Living rooms are located on the first floor. Additional - on the second.

projects and prices for construction in Moscow, photo

Log house with an attic - economy option
  • Project home "Drofa" . Two-storey cottage with a total area of ​​143 m 2 with an attic, porch and terrace. The house is comfortable for two families. The cost is calculated individually.

projects and prices for construction in Moscow, photo

Two-storey house, the project “Bustard”

The proposed designs of houses from a bar 200x200 allow to increase the living space thanks to interesting layout options. Convenient conditions for living are provided for owners of log houses and their guests. Balconies, utility rooms, dressing rooms, halls, etc. were designed. Modern projects are focused on high quality of living. If the customer has a desire to make changes to the standard design, then they can always be coordinated with the designers.

And some more projects of houses from a profiled bar look in the following video:

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The use of a bar 200Х200 in housing construction allows you to build a comfortable country house for a reasonable price. It can be various options - from economy solutions to an elite mansion. It is very convenient to use a ready-made project, especially since each of them can be adapted to your own requirements.


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