economical options, schemes of water and air heating

Garage heating for many motorists is an important factor in the equipment of this building. The article describes which heating devices can be used to heat the garage. What you need to pay attention to when choosing a particular type of heating system.

economical options, schemes of water and air heating

Water heating of the garage with the installation of radiators

Fire safety of the garage heating

The garage belongs to the category of fire hazardous premises. The reasons are the car itself and the fuels and lubricants stored inside. Therefore, several recommendations regarding the heating system in the garage:

  1. If wood surfaces are located near the heating device, they are closed with sheet metal or brickwork .

  2. Spend fire protection of the passage of the chimney through a wall or ceiling.

  3. Flammable materials are stored away from hot spots at a small height from the floor.

  4. A fire extinguisher, fire blanket - the necessary fire extinguishing equipment in the garage.

  5. At night, heating it is better to turn off . This does not apply to garages whose heating systems are powered by the heating of a common house.

economical options, schemes of water and air heating

Wall cladding with metal and brick near the stove

Garage heating options

According to the type of heating element heating systems are divided into the following types:

  • gas,

  • electric,

  • solid fuel,

  • liquid fuel.

Almost all car owners choose garage heating as the most economical way to heat a room. Therefore, we consider all the options from the standpoint of energy savings.

economical options, schemes of water and air heating

There are several ways to heat the garage room, the best one is selected based on the possibilities

Gas heating

Under this The term does not mean a gas pipe with methane inside. In garages use bottled liquefied gas. In this case, the cylinders themselves for fire safety requirements must be stored outside the garage room. And the connection with the heating equipment is made by either a steel pipe or a metallized gas hose.

As for saving, among all the proposed options this is one of the economical ones. But there is one serious nuance. If the garage is for one car, then you should not use a complicated gas heating system. Even one wood-fired stove will be more economical. Because such garages are seldom heated, and gas heating is a considerable initial investment of money.

You can purchase an infrared gas stove. For small garages this is the best option: inexpensive, economical and mobile. If you choose the right power of the heating unit, then there will be no problems with heat supply in winter. Therefore, among the options of gas heating this is the best.

economical options, schemes of water and air heating

Infrared Gas Oven
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Electricity cannot be called an economical fuel. But for heating the garage in the winter, this option is one of the best. Firstly, there is no need to carry out complex installation of communication networks. Only an outlet is required. Secondly, electricity is the most affordable form of energy.

The only task for the owner of the garage is to find a device that would economically consume an electric current .

  1. Infrared heaters . Their plus is the economical consumption of energy carrier with a high return of thermal energy. A minus - from all heaters of electric type they are the most expensive.

  2. Convector-type radiators . Inexpensive equipment, but consume more energy than infrared heaters.

  3. Heat guns . Heating efficiency is 100%. With them comfortably, quickly heated garages, even metal. But consume current several times more than convector radiators.

Please note! There is a fan in the design of heat guns that blows heating coils. He will pick up dust from the floor. And this is a decrease in sanitary standards and a negative impact on human health.

economical options, schemes of water and air heating

Heat gun

Solid fuel

Firewood, sawdust, coal, peat - all these types of fuel emit well thermal energy. Plus, many of them are affordable energy carriers. Therefore, many garage owners do not bother. The main task is to heat the room for several hours.

But it is necessary to designate one position. Solid fuel burns well, quickly burning, so it has a large consumption. And this decrease in profitability. Therefore, today stoves and other boilers of this type are practically not used.The so-called long-burning boilers dominate the market for several years, in principle, the operation of which is the process of pyrolysis. This is when the fuel burns slowly with minimal oxygen supply. The main thermal energy is given by fuel gases combusted in another compartment.

It is the pyrolysis boilers among solid fuel boilers that are the most economical.

economical options, schemes of water and air heating

Pyrolysis boiler

Advantages and disadvantages of a solid wood-burning pyrolysis type wood boiler in the video:

Liquid fuel

This category includes heaters that run on diesel or used engine oil. For obvious reasons, working off is more economical to use than diesel fuel, as it costs much less (sometimes it goes for free). But there is a problem. Development can be purchased at service stations, where they change the oil in cars. But the stations themselves stations use testing for heating the garage in the winter. Therefore, this type of fuel in the winter becomes scarce.

As in the case of solid fuel boilers, there are economical models in the liquid fuel category. These are small units that can be made by hand. Drawings and diagrams are freely available. But it should be noted that fuel oil boilers along with solid fuel boilers are fire hazardous equipment. Therefore, representatives of the State Fire Inspectorate may not allow their installation in garages. And this is problem number two.

economical options, schemes of water and air heating

Furnace to work out
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Considerations on the subject of garage heating

Understanding the question of how best to heat a garage, one aspect must be understood. This is the availability of cheap fuel. For example, for someone it is not a problem to get a lot of firewood for the minimum price. In another case, no problem collect waste oil. And it is easier for someone to purchase several liquefied gas cylinders, install them outside the garage, mount high-grade pipe cabling and install radiators.

That is, each owner of the building decides for himself what he wants in his garage as a heating system. As practice shows, those who have a garage as an extension to the main house benefit. They simply connect the heating system of the garage (pipes, plus radiators) to the heating of the house. And the problem is solved on this. Moreover, there is no need to turn off the heating at night.

The second position of the reasoning is the choice according to the type of heating. This refers to convection or injection. The second option is more efficient , and there are several reasons for this:

  • high efficiency ;

  • simpler design features (no pipes and radiators);

  • coolant — air that does not freeze at negative temperatures;

  • The temperature in the garage rises quickly .

The only negative is overdrying of air.

economical options, schemes of water and air heating

Radiator heating

The third position concerns a full-fledged heating system, which includes, besides the boiler or stove, pipes and radiators. If the heating is turned off at night, then antifreeze must be poured in, which increases the cost of the network.

Fourth position. To summarize, which option is optimal garage heating.

  1. If we are talking about heating the garage with electricity, the most economical way is infrared devices .

  2. The same applies to gas heating .

  3. If we decide to use liquid fuel, then it is more economical to work out. But with the condition that she gets it for free or for a minimal payment. We add that waste oil has maximum heat transfer. On this you can play, reduce its consumption.

  4. As for solid fuel equipment, everything will depend on what type of fuel gets cheaper.

About electric heating in the garage in the video:

The fifth position, which is sometimes not taken into account, choosing a heated garage. This is the need to store energy. Firewood, coal and other solid fuels, as well as mining, must be stored somewhere. In addition to the storage site will be subject to strict fire safety requirements. In this regard, electricity and gas are perfect. So you have to think about this side of the issue.

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Summary of the topic

When choosing a heating device for a garage, you must first determine what type of energy carrier will be available. Secondly, it is determined which species is more economical.

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