Partitions in a wooden house of timber, interior walls, installation, photo

Internal partitions, these are walls that do not perform a carrier function and serve only to separate rooms. Partitions in a wooden house are usually made of wood, so as not to disturb the general style of the building. But it does not matter if the interior design solution allows, you can construct them from any materials, such as, for example, drywall or aerated concrete.

Partitions in a wooden house of timber, interior walls, installation, photo

House from a bar with a plasterboard partition

Requirements for partitions in a private house

All walls in the house are divided on the bearing, self-supporting, enclosing and partitions. Bearing walls must be strong and reliable, as they are based on other architectural elements. Self-supporting lean on the foundation and maintain their weight. The enclosing wall can be load-bearing or self-supporting. It should be not only durable, but also insulated.

Partitions in a wooden house of timber, interior walls, installation, photo

The enclosing walls of a house from a bar

Partitions, unlike the above types of walls, rely on floors and do not carry any load. Less stringent requirements are imposed on their strength and reliability. However, these designs must have certain characteristics.

  • Partitions should be sufficiently light . The less their weight, the less pressure on the foundation and floors, and this is reflected in the indicator of economic efficiency of the entire building.

  • Partitions should be thin . The thinner the separating internal walls, the more economical living space of the house.

  • When calculating partitions, it is necessary to take into account that furniture and household appliances will be hung on them. Therefore, they must be strong .

  • Partitions are dividing structures that should provide the premises with a sufficient level of noise insulation .

  • Partitions in rooms with high humidity and sudden temperature changes should be constructed from materials that are not exposed to the negative effects of these factors. If they are made of wood, it is necessary to apply effective protective impregnation .

  • Partitions in the house must have a high fire resistance .

  • It is very important to consider the necessity of laying electrical wires in the body of the partition or along it.

Partitions in a wooden house of timber, interior walls, installation, photo

Laying electrical wiring in a house from a bar
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Of what materials are

Various building materials are used for the construction of internal partitions. The most commonly used brick, porous concrete or drywall.


Brick partitions are characterized by high strength. You can mount any shelves and brackets on them without fear that they will not hold onto the wall. In addition, brick walls are a good sound insulator. So that they do not so heavily weight the building, not the usual solid brick is used, but its porous counterpart. But partitions in a house from a bar are rarely constructed from ceramics. The fact is that even porous brick is too heavy for a wooden building. In addition, a brick wall requires careful alignment of the surface for finishing.

Partitions in a wooden house of timber, interior walls, installation, photo

Brick internal partitions

Aerated concrete and foam concrete

Aerated concrete blocks are available in various sizes. There are also special products for masonry partitions. They have a small thickness and minimum weight. But here there are some drawbacks - when hanging heavy interior elements, you need to use special dowels. Another important nuance - cellular concrete is hygroscopic, and without additional protection it can not be used to separate rooms with high humidity.


This is the cheapest and easiest to use material. For the construction of partitions installed metal frame, which is then sheathed on both sides with thick sheets of plasterboard. The complexity of the operation of such structures in their low resistance to mechanical stress. Mount the shelves and equipment on the gypsum itself is impossible. True, you can fasten heavy elements directly to the metal frame.

If the blow is strong enough, the plasterboard wall will crack, and therefore the replacement of damaged sheets is required.

Partitions in a wooden house of timber, interior walls, installation, photo

Plasterboard partition on metal frame


Material of plaster and silicone with tongue-and-groove joint system . Practical partition walls with a smooth surface are very quickly erected from plasterboards.It is also impossible to hang heavy objects on them, but according to the degree of resistance to mechanical stress, this material is more attractive than ordinary drywall.

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Partitions in a house made of timber

The density of the partitions should not exceed the density of the load-bearing walls, otherwise they will be too heavy relative to the total mass of the building. In this case, the timber from which the walls of the log houses are being built belongs to light construction materials. It is not recommended to build traditional brick and even not very heavy gas-concrete partitions in wooden houses. You can build them from plasterboard or tongue-and-groove slabs. But the best option is a timber or frame partitions. In technical rooms, you can install the board (shield) partitions.

Partitions in a wooden house of timber, interior walls, installation, photo

Partition in a house from a bar

Partitions from a bar

Bar partitions preserve the harmony of the interior of the log house. They are built from a material with a small thickness. But the height of the bar for partitions should be the same as the material for the external walls. This is necessary in order to facilitate the process of building partitions and improve the aesthetics of the interior space.

The main advantages of log structures:

  • rigidity;

  • strength;

  • good sound insulation.

However, it should be noted that all the predominant characteristics of the timber walls are reduced due to the presence of openings in them. An important advantage of the bar partitions is their appearance, in which there is no need for additional decoration with finishing materials.

Partitions in a wooden house of timber, interior walls, installation, photo

Partition of timber

Such partitions are erected in the same way as the external walls of the log house. The basis of the internal separation walls are the ceiling beams. During construction, it must be remembered that the timber in the finished log house shrinks. This also applies to the material for the building box and wood for the interior walls. It is more convenient to build partitions simultaneously with bearing walls. But if there is no certainty that the bar for walls and for partitions has the same coefficient of shrinkage, it is better to mount partitions after complete shrinkage of the house.

The number of the beam and the type of connection between the partition and the wall is determined by the designer or builders. To best protect the wood from moisture, the bottom row of the partition wall is made of moisture resistant aspen or larch. In addition, the insulation creates a lower row of vapor-permeable film.

Finished bar-like partitions are ground and covered with protective compounds along with the main walls. It is possible to mount heavy shelves and fastening systems for household appliances on partitions from a bar.

Partitions in a wooden house of timber, interior walls, installation, photo

Grinding lumber partitions
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Frame partitions

This is a more economical and quick-build option. Such partitions consist of a frame and plating. The framework is constructed from vertical posts and horizontal ligaments from a bar or non-planed board. You can apply a metal frame as for drywall. The frame is fixed with hardware to the surface of the floor, bearing walls and ceiling. The finished frame is filled from the inside with any insulating sheet material that provides sufficient sound insulation for the wall. The most commonly used is mineral wool. The structure is sewn with a board, bar or other material suitable for the interior design of the house under construction. The stiffness and strength of the frame partition remains unchanged regardless of the number of technical and door openings.

Despite the fact that partitions from a timber or frame technology are erected quickly and with the help of an uncomplicated tool, this task is only for qualified specialists. When working with wood materials, it is necessary to take into account shrinkage processes that depend on many factors. In addition, only a professional can securely fasten all the elements of a wooden structure without damaging them.

Arrangement of a frame partition in a wooden or log frame

Board partitions

A kind of wooden curtain-bearing inner wall. The plank differs from a bar-shaped partition in thickness, sound insulation and durability, as well as price. Typically, wooden partitions are installed in utility and technical rooms, in which it is not necessary to withstand the perfect design.

This option has the principle of a frame partition. As a frame, boards are used that are installed vertically or horizontally, depending on the characteristics of the room. Skeleton boards sewn planed board.

Partitions in a wooden house of timber, interior walls, installation, photo

Framework for a partition from a board
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A cottage from a bar is an eco-friendly and comfortable in all respects housing. Interior walls in a wooden house should not disturb the harmony of the premises of the log house. However, they should not be too expensive. In houses designed as a classic blockhouse it is better to install bar-shaped partitions. If the cottage is designed in a modern style, it is possible to make dividing walls with a smooth surface in it, in order to provide designers with the opportunity to create an original stylish interior.

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