How to calculate the roof of the house, a roofing calculator online, the calculation of the truss system of a gable roof

A competently selected and assembled roof will withstand any weather vagaries and will last for more than a dozen years. What will be the roof of a country house, and what materials it will consist of, is determined at the design stage. Technical nuances of design are best left to professionals. Before you make the final choice, the future owner should get an idea about the features of various types of roofs and (not least) the amount that will cost the selected construction and roofing material. At this stage, the calculation of the material on the dual-pitch roof, or any other, will help the roofing calculator - this is a quick way to get a detailed answer.

How to calculate the roof of the house, a roofing calculator online, the calculation of the truss system of a gable roof

The calculator will help estimate the cost of the roof in the early planning stages

Calculation parameters for roofs and roofing material

Before how to calculate the roof of the house, the calculator will ask for certain data. One of them is the type of roof. There are two criteria by which you can determine the type of roof: the angle of inclination of the roof and the number of slopes (planes). If the angle of inclination of the roof is zero, the roof is called flat, if greater than zero - pitched. Pitched structures, in turn, are divided into types, depending on the number of ramps. In the private low-rise construction several types of roofs are common, among which:

  • Odnoskatnaya . It looks quite modest, but the simplest structurally and least expensive in construction. It is a plane supported on walls of different height. Shed roof can be seen in the garage, shed or modern project in high-tech style. Such constructions are described by a small number of parameters and are calculated on all online calculators.

How to calculate the roof of the house, a roofing calculator online, the calculation of the truss system of a gable roof

Common forms of pitched structures
  • Gable (gable) . The most common, classic version with two inclined planes of a rectangular shape, connected by a ridge, and a long history. Vertical triangular planes between slopes are called gables. In modern private construction, the symmetry of ramps is optional. They can have a different bias and vary in size (broken), which opens up great opportunities in the design of roof structures. The dvukhskatny roof - ideal option for the device of a penthouse. For calculations on an online calculator, parameters such as the length and width of the slopes, the length of the overhangs and the height of the structure are used.

  • Hip (four pitched) . The main slopes are called hip and have the form of a trapezoid, and the pediments are not located vertically, but at an angle, turning into slopes. The hip system is much more difficult to design and install than the previous ones, but this is offset by increased structural stability. In addition, the hip roof allows you to raise the ceiling for the attic, making it much more comfortable. The calculation of the hip roof on an online calculator has certain subtleties (the base can be square or rectangular) and includes the angle of inclination of the slopes.

  • Multi-tongs . The difficult design consisting of several nippers (dvukhskatny elements). The calculation of such a roof is a job for an experienced architect. There are online calculators that calculate the roof area of ​​a three-gable roof, but they give the result of the calculations very approximate.

How to calculate the roof of the house, a roofing calculator online, the calculation of the truss system of a gable roof

The complexity of the roof system of a multi-roof roof eliminates self-planning
  • Mansard . The slope consists of two elements: lower, steeper, and upper, flat. This design allows you to increase the useful area of ​​the room, but to calculate it on an online calculator, you will need at least a preliminary drawing and understanding of the device truss system.

Types of roofing materials

The question of roofing material is also solved at the design stage. His choice is influenced not only by the preferences of the designer, but also by more realistic factors, including rainfall and wind power in the region. Online calculator gives you the opportunity to find out not only the quantity, but also the cost of the selected material. A roof calculator is usually set up to calculate such materials:

  • Decking .

  • Metal tile .

  • Soft (rolled) roof .

  • Folding (steel, aluminum or copper).

  • Tiling . Ceramic (piece), flexible (soft), cement-sand, composite.

  • Slate (mainly for outbuildings).

How to calculate the roof of the house, a roofing calculator online, the calculation of the truss system of a gable roof

Calculator calculator for metal (works with several types of roofs)

The main elements of the roof structure

The roof of a country cottage is not only a decorative detail and business card of the building, but also a complex engineering system.It includes a variety of construction details, the main of which are as follows:

  • Mauerlat . A timber that fits over the bearing walls. It supports the roof system and transfers the load from the roof to the building.

  • Rafters . Angled bars or planks are the basis of the system. Online calculator allows you to calculate some parameters of the truss system.

  • Auxiliary elements . Racks, beams, girders and tightenings are used to fix the rafters and strengthen the structure.

  • Fad . The upper edge of the roof, the place of intersection of slopes.

  • Lathing . Lattice design, which is attached to the roofing material. For some types of roofing need solid flooring. The crate parameters on the online calculator are calculated quite well, especially for a roof of a simple construction.

How to calculate the roof of the house, a roofing calculator online, the calculation of the truss system of a gable roof

The main structural elements of the truss system
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What counts on an online calculator: types and possibilities

Even with ready-made drawings in hand, the future owner will not always find time to study them carefully and make painstaking calculations on paper. Among all the ways to solve the problem of how to calculate the roof of a house, a calculator online will be the best option. There are two types of calculators that perform a certain type of calculation:

Standard calculator for calculating the roof

The most common form that allows you to get the basic parameters from the angle of the rafter to the permissible load on the roof. In the calculation of the roofing material, as a rule, there are all popular options (all sorts of tiles, slate, ondulin and other materials). Calculators are widely presented for calculating single and gable roof and hip roof; There are services for the calculation of the hip roof or attic. Online calculator roof gable or odnoskatnoy designed for simple tasks; more advanced calculation programs need to be downloaded and installed on your computer.

How to calculate the roof of the house, a roofing calculator online, the calculation of the truss system of a gable roof

Fragment of the online calculator for hip roof calculator

Construction calculator

For the calculations, complex calculation algorithms are used, as a result You can get not only the table of numbers, but also a set of detailed drawings, as well as 3D-visualization. In the construction calculator, as a rule, you can calculate the roof of any type. In addition to the basic parameters, you can find out how much lumber is required, choose the optimal insulation and vapor barrier. The drawings will show the layout of the truss system and the batten and will allow to check the correctness of the angle of inclination and location of the rafters.

The online calculator device for calculating a gable roof

The calculator for calculating a truss system of a gable roof is an easy-to-use mechanism for performing basic structural calculations. The interface of any service has a convenient and intuitive view and looks like a set of empty fields with an explanation. For the convenience of visitors, a number of schematic images of various types of roofs are placed next to the page with parameters applied to them.

How to calculate the roof of the house, a roofing calculator online, the calculation of the truss system of a gable roof

Before starting the calculations, you should familiarize yourself with the designation of the fields
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The user needs to enter in each field the desired value (size) or select an option from the available ones. When filling, you should pay attention to the dimension - the parameters can be entered in cm or in mm. After filling in the fields, you click on the calculation key and get the desired result in the form of the following data:

  • Number of roofing materials . The calculator will allow you to calculate the amount of metal tile (or other material) for a country house with a gable, hip or other roof.

  • Calculation of the truss system and the gable roof . For a given width of the wall and the height to the ridge, the service will help determine the length of the rafters and the area of ​​the roof pediment.

In order to calculate the material on the roof of the house, the "gable" program will require you to enter the following values:

  • Roof dimensions . There are separate fields for entering height, width (on each side) and an overhang.

  • Dimensions of rafters . Sets the width and thickness, as well as the distance between the rafters and the distance to the edge of the roof.

About the calculation of the roof on the construction calculator in the following video:

  • Parameters battens . Enter the width and thickness of the boards, the distance between them.

  • Roofing material parameters . If a roofing sheet is selected, set the height, width and overlap of the sheet.

The result of the calculation will be the following parameters:

  • Roof size . The height and width of the canvas, the total area.

  • Rafters . The number and length of rafters. Also calculated the amount of material required (in cubic meters).

  • Crate . The calculation shows the number of rows of boards, the length of each part and the volume of battens.

  • Underlay material . Calculates the area of ​​hydro- and vapor barrier. So, if roofing material or asphalt is chosen as a roofing material, the calculator shows the required number of rolls (based on the size of the roll), taking into account the overlap.

  • Roofing material . The calculator determines not only the area of ​​coverage, but also the weight and the required amount of the selected material.

How to calculate the roof of the house, a roofing calculator online, the calculation of the truss system of a gable roof

Calculator for calculating the basic elements of a gable roof
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Calculation of additional parameters

Many online services calculate additional, not less useful values:

  • Roof angle . The calculator will determine not only the optimal angle, but also indicate whether it is suitable for the selected roofing material. Changing the height of the rise or the width of the base, you can achieve full compliance with the angle of the material.

  • Calculation of wind and snow load . For some areas, such a load can be a determining factor in choosing the type of roof. In the calculator you will need to enter additional information: the region of construction, the type of terrain, the height to the ridge of the building, the type of wood for the rafters.

  • Chimney calculation . For safe operation, it is necessary to determine the height of the chimney relative to the ridge of the roof. Incorrect design can affect the stable operation of heaters and entail unplanned financial expenses (if rework is required).

How to calculate the roof of the house, a roofing calculator online, the calculation of the truss system of a gable roof

The calculation of the chimney takes into account the presence of barriers near the housing

Restrictions in using the online calculator

Roof calculators offered by Internet resources are an affordable and very fast way to get the necessary information. But like any mechanisms designed for the mass user, such calculators tend to use generalized methods of calculation. Worst of all, the calculation process is hidden from the person who turned to the calculator; It is very difficult to double-check the output.

The calculator for calculating the roof of a house may contain some (allowable) parameter variations, which, however, will affect the final result. Among the possible results that may contain inaccurate (approximate) values, there are:

Determining the total amount of roofing material

The building material never fits the joint, therefore the surface area of ​​the roof and the surface area will always be different . When calculating, the roof area is standardly increased by 15% - this provides a margin for the formation of the overlap.

About the calculation of a gable roof with a free calculator in the following video:

If the roof has a complex structure, the calculation is also complicated, as an experienced designer simultaneously solves an additional waste minimization problem. For such purposes, different algorithms are used (with a different accumulating error and with a different result), which of them is embedded in the calculator is known only to its developers.

It is believed that the calculator helps to save on the purchase of building materials. But when mounting a roof of a complex shape, in this case, it often turns out that extra (often expensive) materials were purchased. The opposite situation, when there is not enough material and you have to pay for an unplanned purchase and delivery, is no less annoying.

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Determination of the slope for the roof

The building codes prescribe the minimum slope values ​​for each roofing material. They are calculated taking into account the roof slope and additional indicators (wind and snow load). Specialists perform calculations on the norms of SNiP "Loads and Impacts" and on additional design standards. What indicators are used in the roofing calculator, check is not possible.

How to calculate the roof of the house, a roofing calculator online, the calculation of the truss system of a gable roof

Some calculators take into account additional parameters (the presence of roof windows and drainage systems)

Roof calculation: how to avoid errors

In the calculations, you can go one of the following ways:

  • Calculate the roof manually .With basic knowledge of geometry, preliminary calculations can be made manually. To do this, it’s enough to stock up on paper, a pencil, a simple calculator, and recall that any roof is a set of simplest figures (rectangles and triangles), the area of ​​which is described by the simplest formulas from the school course. The method does not work if the calculations are complicated. They take a lot of time and increase the risk of error.

  • Roof calculation in online service . It should be borne in mind that the values ​​are always obtained averaged; perhaps an individual solution is required for your planned home.

  • Calculate the roof calculation with a calculator manually . Online roofing calculators are a convenient way to simulate a roof structure and find out the required amount of building materials. Calculation of simple structures is easy enough to check, but if you do not have a profile education, confusion with coefficients and percentages is inevitable. Differing results will cause prolonged rechecking and searching for errors, as well as distrust of the calculator's abilities (or one's own).

How to calculate the roof of the house, a roofing calculator online, the calculation of the truss system of a gable roof

Checking the calculation results will take time and care
  • Professional calculation of the roof . For preliminary calculations to determine the materials and construction of the roof, this method is clearly not suitable. But when ordering a turnkey house, the construction company will prepare a full-fledged project, which will include all calculations for calculations and estimates. In addition, just the preliminary calculations, specialists can make to you at the stage of discussion of the project.

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A roofing online calculator is considered to be a good tool for determining the basic parameters of a future roof. But professional builders recommend using it only for a rough estimate of the quantity and cost of building materials. Also, a calculator can be an indispensable tool for comparing the costs of various technologies.


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