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In order for a plot of a country house to be comfortable and beautiful in the evening, it must be illuminated with the help of street lamps and lamps. In this article, we will talk about what lighting devices exist for cottage plots, how to choose them correctly and where to install them.

models - photos and prices

Street lamp on the plot of the cottage

Variety of street lights

In contrast to the lighting technology used indoors , street lights have higher performance. They must be strong, waterproof, resistant to voltage drops in the network. Lanterns for the street are divided into several types according to the type of lighting.


Facade lights are designed to illuminate the facades of buildings and surrounding areas. They are mounted on the wall surface. Usually they are installed above the entrance door, next to the windows, under the ridge of the roof. Anyone, even the most modest country house, should be equipped with at least one front lamp that will illuminate the threshold of the house and part of the yard in front of it.

models - photos and prices

Front lights to illuminate the area


Lamps on sharp legs that are embedded in the ground. To get effective lighting, you need to install several such devices, placing them along the path, around the flowerbed or, for example, around the perimeter of the facade. This kind of lamps to the cottage give the site a modern and solid look.

models - photos and prices

Ground lights in the landscape area


A spotlight is a simple form of lighting fixture that can be set on any plane, including the ground, stone path, brick pillars, etc. Gives directional light, is a rotary structure. Spotlights can be purchased for any kind of lamps. They can be equipped with motion sensors or LED sensors that turn on the lamp when it gets dark.

models - photos and prices

LED searchlight in landscape design


Such lamps are mounted with a suspension to the ceiling. Used to illuminate the porch of the house, terraces, gazebos, parking under a canopy. There are a huge range of models.

models - photos and prices

Suspended street lamp


This is a type of outdoor luminaire designed for spot lighting of a particular object Location on. For example, such a landscape lamp can illuminate a flower bed, shop, or garden sculpture, as well as a walkway or a building. Mounted on walls, terraces, floor coverings or any other base.

models - photos and prices

Marking lights in landscape design

Floor lamps

Lamps that illuminate large areas. One lamp of this type can be used to illuminate the entire yard or a fairly spacious lawn. Floor lamps are lighting fixtures on the rack.

models - photos and prices

Floor lamp to illuminate the garden

Portable lamps

Most often. these are solar powered appliances. The light is not bright, but they do not require a source of electricity for operation and are very original in design.

models - photos and prices

Portable light for giving on solar batteries

Luminous figures and lights-sculptures

Perform a more decorative function . But can be quite bright and effective. With the help of a luminous figure you can delicately highlight a pond, lawn near the house or a flower garden.

models - photos and prices

A luminous figure in landscape design
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Classification according to the type of lamps

External lighting devices also differ in the type of lamps installed in them.


Fluorescent lamps are quite economical and durable. They are ideal for illuminating the landscape in a modern style. However, installing street lamps for giving with such lamps you need to take into account that they are sensitive to drops in humidity and low temperatures, which means that you need to select high-quality ceiling lamps for them. Often these lamps are used in greenhouses.

models - photos and prices

Fluorescent lighting for the greenhouse


These lamps draw with minimal energy consumption and a long operating life. They can operate both at very low and high temperatures. They are not afraid of cyclic loads, that is, they can be turned on and off as long as necessary without losing the quality of work. In addition, they are highly resistant to mechanical damage. But LED devices are quite expensive and can fail at a voltage surge.

models - photos and prices

LED area lighting


Halogen lamps are durable, safe and economical. They give a comfortable for the eye white glow without flicker. At the same time they exist in a huge range of models, differing in shape, size and price. However, these lamps during operation are very hot, often fail due to voltage drops, and they need to be replaced with extreme caution with the use of gloves.

models - photos and prices

Halogen floodlight for street lighting


These lamps are powerful sources of both light and heat. They are used for lighting large open areas and for heating plants in greenhouses. At the same time they are dependent on the voltage in the network and have a rather long period of ignition.


The most common version of lamps with low cost and the ability to operate at low voltage. Used in luminaires with power control. Often burn out, but are easily replaced. Very sensitive to low temperatures.

models - photos and prices

Street lamp with an incandescent lamp
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Which lamps are better for country houses near Moscow

The main characteristics of lamps for street lighting are the light intensity, the ability to work at low temperatures, resistance to voltage fluctuations, the degree of heat transfer.

Powerful lamps usually get very hot. They are ideal for top lighting in wall or lamp lamps. Lamps with a dim glow, which almost do not heat up when working are ideal for decorative lighting installed on the ground or at the level of shrubs. They are safe for plants and give the landscape a cozy atmosphere in the evening.

models - photos and prices

Decorative lights in the area

When choosing a type of lamp to illuminate the suburban area, you should take into account the fact that during the winter period the air temperature drops to very low values. Therefore, lighting devices that are sensitive to sub-zero temperatures should not be used. In addition, in many suburban settlements, power surges occur periodically, and this must also be taken into account.

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Lighting system for the area

To illuminate the area, you need to think about the power supply system and the adjustment of all the lights. When creating a power supply scheme, it is necessary to take into account exactly which street lights to give to be installed and where each light source will be located. To simplify the scheme, it is possible for remote corners of the site to provide illumination with lanterns with solar panels that do not require an electrical connection.

models - photos and prices

Solar ground lamps

A specialist should develop a power supply scheme, since there are many important specific nuances in this matter. Particular attention should be paid to the calculations of the lighting system, which includes several different types of lamps. The voltage level matters. So, if for lamps with incandescent lamps installed on the site, a voltage of 220 V is suitable, then for lighting devices installed in the terrace floor, at water bodies and in beds, a low voltage of about 12 V is required.

models - photos and prices

Terrace lighting in the area of ​​a country house

Controlling outdoor lighting

Not so long ago the installation of two switchboards was the most effective way to control the lighting. One of them is installed at the entrance to the site. It is needed so that after returning home in the dark, the owners could switch on the necessary minimum of lighting as soon as they enter the territory of their household. The main shield is installed in the house, usually in the hallway. It controls all the lighting devices on the site.

Recently, however, due to the proliferation of lamps with motion sensors, it is not necessary to install a guard at the entrance. Having on the site lighting with sensors you can easily do without switches near the gate.

models - photos and prices

Lamps with motion sensors

You can control the light on the section using a computer. To do this, use special equipment that allows you to adjust each lighting device or instrument chain remotely. The site lighting system can be automated. In this case, the lights will turn on and off when necessary automatically. "Smart" lamps for the dacha allow not only to increase the comfort of living in a suburban home, but also to save electricity consumption. Although the arrangement of the system itself will not be cheap.

Lighting control with the help of the smart home system

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Subtleties and nuances

When creating a lighting scheme, it is necessary to follow simple design rules. To distribute the light on the site you need to competently and harmoniously. The paths should be highlighted with a weak light, and key elements such as the porch of the house, a gazebo, the central flowerbed should be lit quite brightly.

models - photos and prices

Illumination of the walkway on the plot of the cottage

The main facade of the house should be provided with the brightest light. Sometimes they make the rest area in the yard most illuminated, but even in this case, a fairly bright lantern should be installed above the entrance door or next to it, this is necessary for the psychological comfort of people who are in the courtyard at night.

models - photos and prices

Illumination of the main facade of the cottage

It is not necessary to install bright lights on the perimeter of the plot. Moreover, it may interfere with the neighbors. But it is better to slightly highlight its borders so that there are no absolutely dark corners left.

models - photos and prices

Illumination in the depth of the section

The more complex and richer the design of the section, the more concise the backlight should be. In the presence of a large number of expressive decorative elements, lighting devices should attract a minimum of attention. But with a restrained landscape design it is the lamps for the garden that can become the center of the site’s decoration.

models - photos and prices

Luminaire as a decorative element

A small area can be made more visually larger by using lamps with a cold glow to illuminate. For large areas it is better to use lights with warm light.

Rest areas, as well as gazebos, patios, and terraces, are better lit with diffused soft light. It creates a cozy relaxing atmosphere.

models - photos and prices

Patio Night Lights

Cost of Street Lights

The price of the lighting fixture directly depends on the material from which it manufactured, design and type of lamp. The simplest square searchlight (of which several are needed for each lighting line) costs from 300 rubles. An ordinary wall lamp has a cost of 1 thousand, but a beautiful and stylish lighting element costs 20-30 thousand rubles. Recently, ground lamp-posts with incandescent lamps or LED have become more and more relevant. They cost a little more than square spotlights (from 1.5 thousand), are arranged in several pieces in a chain, and look very impressive and modern.

models - photos and prices

Lamp-pole for street lighting

The most accessible are devices of simple geometric shape. The most expensive ones are made of precious metal, for example, bronze. If desired, you can buy a street lamp of the author's performance, which will decorate the entire landscape composition, having equipped all the main lighting with the help of inexpensive but reliable lamps.

Beautiful wrought-iron lights

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Artificial light at the site is necessary for homeowner security, as well as for the completeness of landscape design. Street lighting for the villa makes the plot cozy and attractive. But its arrangement requires special knowledge.


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