Fence of corrugated (professional sheet) - how to do it right: installation, installation and construction

Fences of various forms are an organic part of the overwhelming majority of private household plots. They not only protect the inner territory from prying eyes, but also often perform a natural decorative function. In an effort to ensure a safe and comfortable life, the owners order fences of all kinds of materials. One of the best options that satisfy most requirements will be the installation of a fence made of corrugated board.

In this article we will analyze how to make a fence from a professional sheet, as well as elaborate on the choice of this material for the fence of corrugated board.

Fence of corrugated (professional sheet) - how to do it right: installation, installation and construction

Classic fence and doors made of corrugated

What is profiled

Decking ( profile sheet or metal profile) - a common and popular roofing material due to its advantages. Being a cold rolled metal product, it is a sheet of galvanized rolled steel that has passed through a roll forming machine. As a result, the surface of the sheet becomes wavy, resembling slate, and the waves themselves form ribs.

Waves (corrugations) can have different height and structure: sinusoidal, rectangular, trapezoid.

Manufacturers put on finished sheets of polymeric and paint coatings (polyester, plastisol or pural) that perform protective and aesthetic functions.

Fence of corrugated (professional sheet) - how to do it right: installation, installation and construction

Professional sheets are not required to be painted or treated in any way

Professional flooring fences: for and against

As the material for the fence, the professional sheet is chosen because of its positive qualities :

  • Affordable price (much cheaper than wood or stone ) with a decent appearance.

  • Durability and wear resistance (it is processed by special structures that reliably protect it from negative factors of natural origin).

  • The lightness of the material, which facilitates the transportation and installation of fencing.

  • The construction of fences from the profiled sheet at a low cost.

  • Comfort in operation (obstacle from dust and noise, especially near the roadway).

  • Mechanical strength.

  • Environmental friendliness and fire safety.

  • Unpretentiousness; A separate part can be replaced without dismantling the entire structure.

Fence of corrugated (professional sheet) - how to do it right: installation, installation and construction

For any design variant of the profiled sheet fence, it is easy to replace individual sheets with

  • Practicality (does not need annual painting, contaminants are cleaned with a damp cloth).

But it is also necessary to take into account weaknesses in the use of professional sheet :

  • Large windage. Sheets can bend and deform in strong gusty winds.

  • Sheets are coated to protect them from rust, but logs and pillars are made of steel profiles. At the attachment points, even with the presence of a primer, metal corrosion begins with time.

  • It is difficult to gently paint lags without hitting the main sheet.

What are the types of professional flooring for the fence

The material is chosen according to the conditions of future operation and the wishes of the owner. The manufacturer offers a professional flooring of various colors and imitations of natural materials.

Fence of corrugated (professional sheet) - how to do it right: installation, installation and construction

Fence from a professional sheet stylized as a stone

Coating types:

  • galvanized standard sheet;

  • polymer coated sheet, painted (plastic and synthetic resin);

  • sheet coated with plastisol or polyester, with increased wear resistance.

Still sheets differ in marking (marked thickness of steel, type, width, wave height):

  • Н - the bearing professional sheet intended for roofing works.

  • С - wall sheet, suitable for the construction of fences and walls. By digit you can find out the height of the corrugations in mm (C10, C21, C20).

  • NA - a list of universal purpose, suitable for any construction work.

Additionally, professional sheets are marked with the letters A and R. For fences, A-profiles are used (they are intended to be painted on one side)

All types of profiled sheets are set along similar lines. technology. An example is shown on the video:

What you need for installation: materials and tools

Materials to be included in the estimate:

  • Professional sheet of the selected brand.

  • Metal pipes (used as support columns).

  • Pipe for guides (standard steel profiles).

  • Consumables (dowels, screws or rivets).

  • Ruberoid to protect the holes from crumbling the ground (if it is decided to concrete the pillars) and a primer to protect the attachment points.

  • Ready-made concrete, or components - sand, crushed stone and cement (if the solution is kneaded manually).

Fence of corrugated (professional sheet) - how to do it right: installation, installation and construction

If you need to install the fence on a slope, the professional sheet will have to be further processed

In addition to materials, you will need tools:

  • Rope, nylon thread and wooden stakes for pre-marking.

  • Roulette (minimum 4 m) and construction level.

  • Manual drill (replaced by a shovel).

  • Welding machine for mounting the frame.

  • Drill, screwdriver.

  • Scissors for metal, Bulgarian, sledgehammer.

Development of the scheme and drawing of the fence

Before the start of construction work, a graphic sketch is developed (a diagram of a fence made of sheeting) and a detailed drawing is drawn up. To do this:

  • Specify the perimeter of the fenced area, topography and soil properties.

  • Measure slopes.

  • Note insurmountable interference on the fence path (pipelines, electrical supports).

It is necessary to be interested in the builders - whether they make similar measurements. If not, then it is unlikely that they will succeed in choosing the type of foundation, support material, log and fasteners.

Fence of corrugated (professional sheet) - how to do it right: installation, installation and construction

Standard scheme of the site of the fence.

Marking of the fence line

Before marking, count the number of supports required. For this, the perimeter of the plot is divided by the installation step (2-3 m).

The marking starts with driving into the corners of the corner stakes. They fix the location of the pillars. Additional stakes are clogged at the break points of the future fence.

About the initial stage of the construction of the corrugated fence on the video:

Installation of support columns

Work Begins with the placement of the support (corner) and auxiliary (at the bend) pillars, on which the height mark from the ground is put. The pole must enter the ground before the mark is aligned with the stretched twine. It is also necessary to regularly check the vertical position of the pillar by level.

For profiled sheeting, choose a profiled or ordinary pipe, reinforced concrete or wooden poles, and screw piles.

The supports are fixed in the ground by the method of concreting the base or blocking. It must be remembered that a third of the length of the column is buried. During operation it is necessary to control the verticality of the supports.

Fence of corrugated (professional sheet) - how to do it right: installation, installation and construction

Detailed scheme of mounting the fence from the profile sheet.

Fasteners lag

After installing the main and intermediate supports, begin to install transverse crossbars (logs). They are fixed parallel to the base of the fence, retreating by 20-25 cm from the edge of the profiled sheet. The frame for the fence of corrugated board is mounted according to the rule: 1 lag at 1 m height of the structure. On a fence up to 1.7 m high, lugs are recommended to be fixed in 2 rows, more than 1.7 m - in 3 rows (to enhance the rigidity of the structure).

For installation of a log, 2 types of fastening are used:

  • Welding. The fastest and most reliable method. The welds are coated with a primer to prevent rust.

  • Screw. Allows the possibility of dismantling.

Fence of corrugated (professional sheet) - how to do it right: installation, installation and construction

Painting the frame under the fence from the profile sheet

Mounting the sheets

Fastening of corrugated sheets to transverse lags is done with screws. It is necessary to monitor the mounting screws.

An improperly installed (strongly or crookedly twisted) screw when installing a professional sheet on a fence can deform the metal and cause corrosion.

A joint is overlapped through a wave and is fixed by roofing screws or rivets (preferably steel, not aluminum).

The process of attaching a professional sheet to the fence is clearly shown on the video:

How much will the fence cost: installation cost

The total cost of the fencing of a professional sheet consists of the total cost of materials, services for their delivery and installation of the structure.

The price of a corrugated sheet is shaped by its thickness, the nature of the coating and the profile height. Shipping cost is determined by the distance to the construction site. The price of installation works varies depending on the terrain and project characteristics.

The main value affecting the final amount is the height of the fence, which determines the size of the column and the depth of its foundation in the ground, as well as the amount of log (crossbars). You can calculate the required number of sheets by dividing the full length of the fence by the work sheet. Self-tapping screws are bought at the rate of the number of sheets of corrugated sheet. 9-10 screws are taken per sheet.

On average, the following rates can be found on the market:

  • Profiled sheeting with metal pillars 1.5 m high - from 1000 rubles. per meter, 2 or more meters high (on three lags) - from 1200 rubles. per meter

  • A fence made of corrugated flooring with brick pillars, respectively, between 1400 and 1700 rubles. per meter

Examples of beautiful fences from a professional sheet on a video:

A metal fence made of sheeting is concise and a popular way of enclosing a private plot of land. It is in demand due to low cash and labor costs; for its construction will be enough basic building skills.


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