The cost of building a frame house per square meter under the key, the price of the assembly in Moscow per m2

Frame houses are the basis of low-rise housing around the world, they are especially popular in the Scandinavian countries, Germany, Japan, USA. Such constructions are valued for low construction costs (compared to houses made of stone or wood), plus, they are distinguished by high energy efficiency during operation - they are not inferior to houses from profiled timber and show themselves excellently in difficult climatic conditions.

When building a frame house is considered, the price per m², work and deadlines are the issues that interest the future homeowners most. Among the various solutions to the housing problem, frame houses differ in the speed of construction. Having made a decision to build in the spring, the owners will be able to spend the whole summer in the country, caring for the lawn and inviting friends for a barbecue.

The cost of building a frame house per square meter under the key, the price of the assembly in Moscow per m2

Construction of houses using frame technology is one of the most promising in suburban construction

Features and subtleties of preparation for construction

The technology of frame construction does not impose restrictions on the size and number of floors. Buildings of 3–4 floors are common, and in some countries higher ones up to 7 floors and structures are legally permitted. In any case, to start construction, you need a project.

Project selection

Documentation development is carried out with the help of specialized computer programs, and therefore does not take a lot of time. Perhaps the customer has his own architectural project, otherwise you can use the catalog of ready-made options, which has any reputable company.

The sample is taken as a basis for the layout that the customer likes. The specialist coordinates with the client the parameters of the structure (size, area, number of floors, the presence of an attic, the need for a balcony). The thickness of the walls is also coordinated, dimensions are put down, the number and arrangement of rooms is determined, materials for decoration are selected.

The data are processed by the program, the output is the finished drawings and calculations (the number of profiles, insulation, finishing). At this stage, the cost of turnkey construction (or installation of a frame without finishing) is determined and entered into the estimate. The construction contract is concluded after drawing up the project documentation.

The cost of building a frame house per square meter under the key, the price of the assembly in Moscow per m2

The frame house, which is based on the typical project

How much will cost the project of the frame house

Changes, introduced into a typical project, increase its cost, as they spend extra time. Individual design of a house of 100 m² with balconies and bay windows can take much longer (and cost much more expensive) than the revision of a typical project of 200 m².

The cost of ready-made typical projects offered on the Internet starts from 5-11 thousand rubles. (houses up to 50 m²), 7-14 thousand rubles. (houses 50-100 m²), 8-15 thousand rubles. (houses 100-150 m²), from 15 thousand rubles. (houses from 200 m²). The right move is to order a project from a company that will build your home; documentation in most cases will be developed free of charge.

Construction time

Construction of a turnkey frame house (together with design and manufacture at the plant) takes 1.5-2 months. This includes laying the foundation, mounting communications and finishing. Timing of assembly of the frame depends on the characteristics of the project. Assembly of the hozblok, bath, garage or change houses can be completed in half a day. Installation of a medium complexity construction will take from 1 to 3 weeks.

What influences the formation of the price of the skeleton

The final amount is determined by several parameters:

  • The architectural part. Consists of planning, working drawings and calculations. It is influenced by the area of ​​the building, the complexity of the design, the number of floors.
  • The cost of construction work. The work of the construction crew, the operation of equipment and special equipment are paid.
  • Accessibility of communications.

The cost of building a frame house per square meter under the key, the price of the assembly in Moscow per m2

House by Finnish technology; The price is affected by the complexity of the project.

Construction materials costs are an important part of the costs that you can try to reduce. Choosing plywood and clapboard, many prefer materials of domestic production, as cheaper. Choosing a roof covering, materials for hydro and vapor insulation, they stop on the products of foreign firms. On average, the distribution of finances is as follows:

  • 30% of the cost. Lumber - the basis of frame construction. For the construction of the frame, ceilings, internal partitions, rafters, high-quality wood is needed.
  • 15%. Frame houses are famous for excellent thermal insulation; This money will be spent on insulation.
  • 25-30%. Roofing.
  • 20-25%. Finishing (external and internal).

The average cost of turnkey installation

The cost of building a frame house per m² (single storey, in the Moscow region); turnkey is:

  • Economy . 7.5-15 thousand rubles. The frame is erected and sheathed (without internal communications). Mounted roof, windows, doors.
  • Basic. 15-30 thousand rubles. Medium level materials, the cost includes the work of specialists.
  • Premium. 30-50 thousand rubles. The package is identical to that used by Scandinavian and Canadian developers.

This is 1.3 times cheaper when compared with houses made of lumber, 1.7 times less with housing made of foam concrete, 2.2 times with buildings made of brick.

The cost of building a frame house per square meter under the key, the price of the assembly in Moscow per m2

Details of the construction of a frame house
On our website you can familiarize yourself with the most popular projects of frame houses from construction companies represented at the exhibition houses "Low-rise Country".

What is included in the list of works during the construction of a turnkey frame house

The technology of the basic option (from 12-14 thousand rubles / m²) includes the steps:

  • Installation of the foundation of the pile-screw or tape (including warming and waterproofing).
  • Assembly of the frame. Eco-version is possible.
  • Construction of the roof system and roof (includes steam, hydro and thermal insulation).
  • Warming (walls and interfloor partitions).
  • Exterior and interior are a matter of taste. Applied lining, block house, plaster, siding, facing bricks and other suitable materials. Inside the wall paint or glue wallpaper.
  • Installation of ventilation.
  • Summing up communications.
  • Installation of energy-saving windows, doors, gutters and curtain rods.

Many companies offer improved equipment (from 25-30 thousand rubles / m²). If the project provides, the basement, garage, an attic is arranged.

The cost of building a frame house per square meter under the key, the price of the assembly in Moscow per m2

The frame is assembled on a prepared foundation
On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of designing frame houses. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

How much does an assembly of a frame house cost (calculation based on the average wage)

The calculation of the cost of installation performed by the workers is based on the average profile salary in the region. It also takes into account the number of people employed at the construction site, and the time spent on installation.

Let the average builder's salary be 35 thousand rubles. / month (for December 2017, Moscow). A team of 5 people spends on assembly 2 months. Multiplying these three numbers, we get the amount of 35,000 * 5 * 2 = 350 thousand rubles.

When choosing a team it is useful to compare the rates of several teams, sometimes they differ significantly. The cost of work on the frame house is also influenced by objective factors:

  • generator rental, if electricity is not supplied to the site;
  • tool rental (some teams call for a separate appointment);
  • food and housing for workers.

We order a house, we produce it at the factory, we assemble it as in Ikea - about this, see the following video:

Cost of construction ( pitfalls of calculation per square meter)

Formally, how much a frame house costs can be determined based on the area of ​​the structure; in this case, the area and the rate for 1 m² set by the brigade or the executing company is multiplied.

The cost of building a frame house per square meter under the key, the price of the assembly in Moscow per m2

Installation of the roof
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Before calculating the cost of your home, it is useful to ask what area the construction team uses in the calculations. Often, it is not the total area (specified in the project), but the working area (of all the surfaces of the frame).

So, if the brigade’s rates indicate 1300 rubles. / m² installation, the customer can happily calculate that the assembly will cost 130 thousand rubles. (with an area of ​​100 m). In fact, the construction of only one external wall (3x3 m, surface area 3 * 3 = 9 m²) will cost 9 * 1300 = 11,700 rubles. The same operation should be done with the rest of the walls (including the interior) and floors.

The cost of installing the truss system and the roof is calculated separately, as well as subsequent operations, including plating, insulation and finishing. In some cases, the cost of assembly work may be higher than the cost of materials.

From what is the cost of a frame house of 126m2, see the following video:

Options for calculating the cost of installation of the skeleton skeleton (brigade salary)

In practice, there are other options for calculating the cost of work:

  • Based on the cost of materials. In this case, the amount spent on the purchase of materials is multiplied by a factor of 1-1.2. If the materials spent 1 million rubles. , the work will cost another 1-1.2 million.
  • Hourly pay. Requires customer control.
  • According to the price. A team performs work at a predetermined fixed price. For each type of work there are 2-3 rates, depending on the area of ​​the house constructions are graded up to 100 m, 100-200 m, from 200 m).
  • According to the tariff. The construction cost is calculated based on the cost of 1 m² of construction and type of work. So, if the installation of a timber frame is 1200-1300 rubles. / m², the complete assembly (including insulation, insulation and lining) will cost 12-13 thousand rubles. / m²

The cost of building a frame house per square meter under the key, the price of the assembly in Moscow per m2

Wall insulation is an important stage of the technological process

Assembly: unaccounted moments increasing the budget

The cost of work on the construction of a frame house increases due to additional costs caused by:

  • Remoteness of the object. With the increase in the distance to the city, the transportation costs of transporting materials increase. The brigade will have to be transported on a rented vehicle or organize a shed for her.
  • Project features. Additional architectural elements (stairs, balconies, terraces) increase installation time and are paid additionally.
  • Construction technology. It may be necessary to rent special equipment, erect scaffolding, install additional communications and engineering systems.
  • Inaccurate estimates. If there is not enough material and consumables, they have to be re-purchased, and therefore overpay.
  • Force Majeure. Sometimes you have to pay for a simple construction team (due to material delay).

Assembling a frame house: how they try to reduce costs

Since the cost of installation payment is half (and sometimes more) of the total amount of expenses, it is logical to save on payment for work that they try to do it in several ways:

The cost of building a frame house per square meter under the key, the price of the assembly in Moscow per m2

Interior trim with clapboard
  • Design by yourself. Without attracting an architect and an engineer, you can save up to 10% of the total amount. The method is good, but will work only if you have a technical background education.
  • Assembly by own strength. On specialized sites, you can gather any information - from how to deliver the material and pour the foundation, to the insulation of walls and the arrangement of the roof. But this can be compared with the shooting of a machine gun - everyone knows how to do it, but a competent machine gunner is rare even in the army. As a result, if there is little experience, at best all deadlines will fail, and at worst, you will have to re-purchase the material and as a result you will still have to pay professionals. .. Only first for dismantling the old, and then for building a new one.
  • Hiring inexperienced builders. Such a team costs less, but needs quality control and empathetic guidance. The method is applicable, if you have a responsible friend, who understands the specifics and wants to earn a foreman. But if he is unable to keep track of everyone at once, then mistakes are inevitable, and deadlines with this approach usually have to be moved several times.

Is a wooden house for 15 days a reality or a hoax? The process of installing a house, see the following video:

  • Illegal builders. Payment is much lower, and risks are much higher. The desire to quickly complete the installation and find a new customer leads to a violation of technology. Unfair assembly will certainly affect the performance of the house, energy efficiency will have to forget.
  • Savings on technology. In the manufacture of wooden structures are treated with moisture and fire-resistant composition, antiseptic, preserving the properties of 5-7 years. From this option, you can refuse and use the released money where needed. .. And after the introduction, periodically remember that you live on a powder keg.
  • Shares and offers of construction companies. One of the few ways to save without consequences is that such offers may be beneficial, but they should happen on time.
  • Conclusion: in the overwhelming majority of cases, by saving money here and now, you almost inevitably lose much more - nerves and time in the near future, plus a high probability of redoing work in a somewhat distant place. It seems reasonable to contact a professional construction company (preferably with recommendations); 4-5 people are enough to build a frame house and it’s better not to save on their qualifications.

    The cost of building a frame house per square meter under the key, the price of the assembly in Moscow per m2

    Frame dwelling in the Scandinavian style
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    Having decided to build a frame house, the future owner seeks to choose the best option at the best price. Home furnishing is limited only by the amount that the customer is ready to allocate for the project, materials and construction technology.It doesn’t matter whether it is a typical project or an individually designed elite cottage, houses built using frame technology cope with all the challenges of mid-latitudes - winds, bitter cold and autumn dampness.


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