5 ideas for the backyard.

Homeowners often spend a lot of time and money on the transformation and decoration of the interiors of their country house. However, it should be noted: the space that occupies the front and back yard, also requires your attention and harbors a lot of opportunities for home gardening. Let's learn more about them!

A cozy backyard, as it was commonly called at all times, or "patio" - the newfangled name of recent years - implies not only a soft, green lawn, which you'll neatly cut in the morning on Saturdays.

In fact, a well-maintained courtyard will give much more joy than you can expect. And he can add to the cost of your plot, if you suddenly want to sell it.

Of course, you can especially not be wise and sow the territory adjacent to the house with pretty lawn grass, but in this case it will be more like “gardening” rather than landscaping your yard. Do not be in a hurry to become disheartened: in aggregate, all the necessary manipulations should take about a week on average. And this is not so much, agree? Today we offer you a few ideas for landscape planning, which will help not only to bring your backyard in order, but also to make it a great place for both relaxing alone and receiving guests. Let's go!

Campfire site

5 ideas for the backyard.

Call this place as you please: "hearth", "fireplace" or "fire place "- the essence of this will not change. People from time immemorial liked to gather near an open flame. Then you and the comfort and warmth, and dinner in a pleasant company. Perhaps all the listed points are important to you? Let's see what is the main goal in the construction of the dacha you pursue.

The fact is that the assortment of "near-almanga" paraphernalia is currently sufficiently wide, starting with short-lived barbecues from the nearest hypermarket and ending with designer (or "custom", as they are called today) solutions. Which of them will suit you?

Probably, if you are a rare guest even at your own dacha and have never cooked anything on the coals of a sausage harder, it’s really not worth getting a good fireplace with a spit and weather protection. On the contrary, the sophisticated cook option, assembled on two bricks from the neighbor's garage, also will not bring any satisfaction.

"Living" hedge

5 ideas for the backyard.

Calm and relaxing in a secluded setting in nature are valued not only by the "stars" and other representatives of the bohemian world . The fast-growing perennial plants will help you create an atmosphere of privacy, hide from prying eyes, and just add excitement to what is happening: shrubs, climbing trees. The option of a “living” hedge will especially appeal to those who for some reason do not want to install a full-fledged fence between the plots. One of the most popular plants of similar purpose is boxwood and loach (Field Convolvulus).

The dining area

5 ideas for the backyard.

In the summer, nothing so pleases the summer resident like lunch in the fresh air. And, no matter whether you are sitting on an open terrace at a table made of bog oak, or on a bench that hastily is made of improvised materials: the fact is important. Therefore, you can make a surface that will serve you as a cutting area and worktop from anything, by placing large stones or a concrete structure at its base.

Elements of water design

5 ideas for the backyard.

Water and everything connected with it, usually cause only positive emotions. Not for nothing they say that you can endlessly look at fire and water, is not it? The sound of water soothes, and its appearance adds a note of serenity to the atmosphere. Remember the Japanese gardens? You can try to recreate something similar on your site by providing places for everything, including a small pond, a backwater, or a waterfall. This is not very difficult, so you can do everything on your own, giving yourself the pleasure of the construction process itself. We recommend surrounding the water structures themselves with flowers and small plants - for greater comfort.

It is necessary to emphasize

5 ideas for the backyard.

And it’s not a question of a visa application form, but of a landscape disguise that will help hide the flaws and profitable to emphasize all the advantages of your yard. So what, in fact, may look unattractive and "callous eyes"? For example, the external structural elements of the air conditioner, the transformer shield, tank, tank or the remnants of the old farm building. How to proceed? You can try to hide all this "splendor" behind a fence made of a picket fence, such as it used to be in the village of a grandmother. Again, nothing prevents to decorate such a fence with perennial climbers to create additional volume, well, aesthetics, by itself. For the same purpose, fit in potted plants.

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