advantages and disadvantages of mounting technology

A variety of roofing materials present in the modern market makes it possible to select products that meet the requirements of the developer. Slate and roofing felt gradually lost their popularity. They were replaced by other, more durable and reliable materials: decking, metal, soft roofing and so on. But more recently, the term “Andulin Roof” is increasingly heard on the market. What it is, what material it is assembled from, what the building technology is - all in this article.

advantages and disadvantages of mounting technology

The roof of a private house, covered with andulin

What is andulin

It is often called a euroslate, because it is pure outwardly, it resembles the usual asbestos slate. That is, it is a profiled sheet whose profiles are waves. But Andulin is made from completely different materials:

  • basis - fibers cellulose ;

  • impregnation - distilled bitumen ;

  • additives: pigments , resin, mineral substances .

The technological process is based on the formation of a ready-mix from a ribbon by pressing and drying sheets of euro-slate. They are standard sizes. Namely:

  • length - 2 m ;

  • width - 0 , 95 m ;

  • profile height - 36 mm ;

  • sheet thickness - 3 mm ;

  • the weight of one panel is 6 kg .

Standardization of dimensions allows you to accurately calculate the required amount of roofing material to cover a certain area of ​​the roof slope. That is, the calculation can be carried out so accurately to ensure the minimization of waste when fitting the installation of andulin.

advantages and disadvantages of mounting technology

Dimensions of Andulin Panel

Pay attention to the low weight of the product. This makes it possible not to build a powerful truss system. And this is another reason to save a little. And other technical characteristics of the Andulin roof:

  • 100% moisture resistance ;

  • operating temperature : from -25С to + 75С;

  • under the action of solar rays practically does not burn ;

  • neutrality to various chemically active substances ;

  • biological stability is not the highest, that is, on the Andulin roof can mosses and mold appear, but such a problem is easy to handle;

  • good sound insulation material qualities , under such a roof in on still e you can hear rain or hail on the roof;

  • andulin does not rust , does not rot ;

  • the manufacturer gives a guarantee o to 15 years , although experts assure that a period with proper installation can be doubled;

  • it is environmentally friendly material , consisting almost of organic compounds;

  • the color variety leaves much to be desired, because the manufacturer offers today only six kinds of shades ;

advantages and disadvantages of mounting technology

Multicolored Euro-Encryption - Andulin
  • at subzero temperatures andulin becomes brittle , therefore it is not recommended to walk on this type of roof in winter to avoid unpleasant circumstances ;

  • unfortunately, andulin is a material that supports burning , and this is probably the biggest minus;

  • reasonable price , which is in optimal ratio with the quality of the material.

Two types of andulin roof

In addition to the euro-slate, there is a tile made of the same material on the market. It does not differ from andulin in production technology, technical and operational characteristics. The only difference is in size, where the length is 1 m, and the width is 35 cm.

Its manufacturers began to produce as a cheap alternative to ceramic tiles. It is clear that the installation of an Andulin roof tile is associated with a high consumption of sheathing elements and fasteners. Hence the complexity and higher cost of installation work. In addition, the consumption per square meter at the tile is also more, but less waste during fitting.

advantages and disadvantages of mounting technology

The house rabbit covered with andulin tiles
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Features of installation of andulin

In principle, installation of an andulin roof is identical to that of a standard asbestos slate roof. That is, it is placed on a discharged crate sheets overlapped in one wave in the transverse direction and overlapped with an offset of 10-20 cm in the longitudinal.The last parameter depends on the angle of inclination of the roof:

  • If the angle of inclination of the roof is 10-15 °, then the longitudinal overlap should be 20 cm. In this case, the elements of the batten are laid with pitch in 45 cm.

  • If the tilt angle is between 15-30 °, then overlap is 17 cm, sheathing step 60 cm.

  • If the slope of the roof exceeds 30 ° then overlap can reduce to the minimum.

It is very rare for an andulin to be laid on roofs with slopes less than 10 °. If such a situation has arisen, then under the roofing material it is necessary to lay a continuous crate, and the longitudinal overlap of the panels should be increased to 25 cm.

advantages and disadvantages of mounting technology

Rules for laying andulin on the roof

And other installation requirements for andulin:

  • Laying is best done at a temperature not lower than -5C .

  • Layout of roofing material is carried out in staggered order . That is, the first row begins with a whole leaf, the second with half, the third with a whole and so on. The main task is to the joints of adjacent andulin panels in different horizontal rows do not match . In this way, two problems are solved at once: uniform distribution of loads on the roof covering from the side of snow cover, tightness of the joints of individual sheets.

  • You can cut andulin sheets with a standard hacksaw for metal or saw. To make the cutting process as convenient and high-quality as possible, the cutting line is covered with technical oil .

advantages and disadvantages of mounting technology

You can cut andulin with a regular saw
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As regards installation directly, andulin, like all roofing materials, can be laid on cold or insulated roofs. In the first case, it is just laying on the crate. In the second, it is the formation of a heat-insulating cake, on top of which the sheets of roofing material are also mounted. Briefly, as is done:

  • According to the roof system the roof is laid with strips vapor barrier film . Installation is carried out, starting from the eaves up to the ridge. Strips vapor barrier stack overlap , equal to 10-15 cm. Attach them to the rafter legs. The joints of the strips glue with adhesive tape .

  • On the side of the attic room, put insulation so that it fits tightly into intergroup space .

  • If the heat-insulating material is hygroscopic , then it is additionally closed from the attic by a waterproofing membrane . If non-hygroscopic , then the protection should not be installed.

  • Next, on top of the truss system mount a counter-lattice , which will form a ventilated gap.

  • And the sheathing elements are stuffed over the contrabriquettes.

  • And now it is possible to carry out installation of andulin .

advantages and disadvantages of mounting technology

Laying and fixing andulin panels on the roof of the house
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The procedure for attaching anduline

As already mentioned, the installation of an andulin roof is almost the same as the installation of asbestos slate. The process starts from the corner of the eaves, better from the leeward side. The first sheet expose exactly overhang. It is better if you stretch a horizontal thread along the rail, which will be a guideline in the process of laying the first row of roofing material. But even in this case, it is optimal to check each panel after installation for its parallelism to the edge of the roof slope.

For the attachment of andulin, only roofing nails with a wide cap are used, which are driven into the upper wave of the material. The number of nails used to mount one panel varies from 10 to 20 pieces. This range is dictated by the slope of the roof slope. The steeper the roof, the more fasteners need to be hammered into the roofing sheets.

advantages and disadvantages of mounting technology

How to correctly hammer roofing nails into andulin

As for the final design of the roof, manufacturers today offer a whole set of additional elements. And this horse, pediment strips, endovy, cornice strips and more. That is, there is no need to do something on their own, figuring out how to close open areas of the roof structure. Dobornye elements are made so that after their installation to guarantee full tightness of the closed sections.

The video shows how to properly install an Andulin roof:

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Conclusion on the topic

The Andulin Roof is considered to be a modern roofing coating. No wonder its popularity is growing from year to year. But it should be noted that fakes appeared on the market, which only reduce the reputation of the main manufacturer. And he does not give permission for the production of andulin. The company produces all the products only in factories installed in different countries. Therefore, when choosing a material, you need to be careful not to run into counterfeit.

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