characteristics, structure, advantages and disadvantages

Metal tile - roofing material, which, after its first appearance on the market, immediately occupied its special niche. And today, his position on sales, he did not surrender. And the thing is that manufacturers did not stop at what has been accomplished. They always offer consumers new products with improved technical and operational characteristics. These new brands include metal tile pural (pural) from the Finnish manufacturer under the name "Rukki". The article will tell about this type of metal tile, how it differs from other types, why it has such a name, and also designate the technology of its installation on the roofs of houses.

characteristics, structure, advantages and disadvantages

Metal tile pural from the Finnish manufacturer

Features of the roofing material

Let's start with the fact that the roof, like foundation, refer to the structures, the quality of which depends on the life of the entire building. Therefore, when choosing a roofing material, it is necessary to very strictly choose materials based on their characteristics and properties. The metal tile makes it possible to organize a fairly reliable roof with a long service life, which will withstand severe loads. At the same time, this roofing material on the market is represented by a huge variety of colors, so choosing something necessary will not be a problem.

It should be noted that the Pural roof on the Russian market has been present for a long time (10 years). The very same material the Finnish company began to produce in 1999. It is based on a steel galvanized sheet with a thickness of 0.45-0.5 mm, covered with pural. The latter is a mixture of polyurethane and polyamide.

It is the polymer layer that increases the service life of the material, which is at least 50 years. It is applied with a layer of 50 microns; this is quite a serious indicator that introduces metal tile into the category of premium products. Figuratively speaking, the Rukki Pural metal tile is a kind of Mercedes in the category of roofing.

characteristics, structure, advantages and disadvantages

Pural from Finland - a reliable polymer coating

And the whole thing is that throughout the entire period of operation the roof covered with metal This type does not lose its original color. It is difficult to scratch it, so pure - the layer is durable and reliable. At the same time, the polymer perfectly protects the steel sheet from the ingress of moisture and water. That is, it can be said that throughout its entire life cycle the metal tile will not be subject to metal corrosion.

So, we found out that the metal tile called "PURAL" is the brainchild of the Finnish company Rukki. But on the market there are several brands of this roofing material, covered with pural. And if the Finns call their products, then, for example, the Belgians produce exactly the same material for the roof only under the name "Quartzite" (QUARZIT). The British also have material Pural, only under the name "Prism" (PRIZMA).

characteristics, structure, advantages and disadvantages

Metal Tile Quartzite from Belgium

Today, one of the Russian companies produces metal tile covered with pural, called PURMAN. That is, there is something to choose on the market, the main thing is to understand that all these roofing materials are made using the same technology using the same polymer composition. But not all manufacturers thickness of the applied polymer layer is so thick. For example, the Swedes produce metal tile "PYR", covered with 41 micron thick pural. It is clear that the performance of this material is much lower.

Advantages and disadvantages of the roof Pural

Let's start with the merits of the material, or rather, add a few more advantages to those already mentioned in the article above.

  • Highest resistance to mechanical stress . Even when formatting, the polymer layer does not twitch deformation, remaining a reliable protective barrier.

  • Pural perfectly resists external loads without losing its protective qualities .

  • Sun rays do not change the composition of the polymer , its chemical structure , therefore for all its life, the metal looks like new.

  • Roofing this type of coating easily resists to all known natural loads .

characteristics, structure, advantages and disadvantages

The metal tile Pural easily transfers all known natural loads
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  • Durability and reliability pural - this is just one side of the coin. This material easily carries a polluted atmosphere in which acid and alkali are present. Therefore, experts recommend covering the roofs of houses in regions where the ecological situation is not the best. Pural perfectly withstands the negative impact of salt , therefore, in coastal areas it will feel the same as in the steppe or forest regions, where the percentage of salt in the air is small.

  • Moisture differences and temperatures to a polymer layer. Roofing material can withstand temperatures in the range from -60С to + 120С.

  • You can mount metal tiles at any time years , regardless of the temperature.

  • This is an eco-friendly material that, with changes in humidity and temperature , does not emit in an atmosphere of harmful substances.

  • A huge variety of colors .

characteristics, structure, advantages and disadvantages

Presentable appearance of the roof

And there are literally three shortcomings that need to be said about:

  • When laying metal on complex roofs , as well as incorrect installation work, a large amount of waste can sometimes form - sometimes 40%.

  • Metal tile - a material based on metal , therefore, with sharp and strong changes in air temperature, condensate will form on the inner surface of the roof covering, which is negative will affect both the roofing material and the roof truss system.

  • There is a so-called indicator of high noise level of such a roof. That is, rain or grad falling on the roof will bang on the metal tile so that noise can be heard inside rooms of the house whose roof structure is covered with pural.

characteristics, structure, advantages and disadvantages

The problem of condensate is solved by roof ventilation
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All the above described advantages of Rukki Pural metal tile provide a multi-layer structure of the material. And the composition is:

  • steel sheet ;

  • zinc layer ;

  • anti-corrosion coating ;

  • primer ;

  • pural ;

  • varnish with high protective properties .

That is, to get to steel, you have to go through several layers of different materials, which themselves can easily cope with various loads, including moisture. It should be noted that the zinc layer along with the polymer performs the basic functions of protecting the metal from corrosion. Therefore, in a metal tile of this brand it is applied with a layer, which is determined by such a range: from 220 to 275 g / m². It is clear that the more zinc, the better. But the price of the finished product also depends on this indicator.

characteristics, structure, advantages and disadvantages

The layered structure of the sheet metal
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It should also be noted that the zinc layer of maximum thickness is not applied to all products. That is why the fork of these indicators was indicated. A zinc coating of 275 g / m² is applied only on steel sheet 0.5 mm thick. And the metal tile from this material belongs to a category of a premium class. That is, the cost of the material corresponds to the quality. For example, in Moscow, the price of the Pural roof is 660 rubles per 1 m² of roofing.

It should be noted that the Finnish manufacturer is trying to keep a decent level of quality of its products, selling it at reasonable prices. And this is first of all consumer confidence, plus, constantly growing demand. It should be noted that the thicker the steel sheet, the more expensive the product. For example, metal tiles from steel sheet with a thickness of 0.4 mm is 25-30% cheaper than with a thickness of 0.5 mm.

characteristics, structure, advantages and disadvantages

The more complex the roof, the more waste of roofing material

Installation rules for metal tiles Rukki Pural

There are no then the special conditions of installation of metal of this brand. The main task of the manufacturer is to strictly consider the installation step of the elements of the roof lathing. All the rest is carried out according to standard technology, where the use of a waterproofing membrane that fits under the roof covering is necessarily taken into account.If the roof is insulated, then carry out the installation and insulation material.

It will not go into the details of the installation process, just recommend watching the video, how the installation of the Finnish tile is carried out, what materials are used for this: 45> It may be interesting! In the article on the following link read about how to buy metal roof tiles and prices for it.

Conclusion - briefly about the main thing

The metal tile with “Pural” coating is produced in Finland, Belgium, England, Sweden and Russia.

The coating is very high quality, multi-layered, relatively inexpensive. The only serious drawback is the noise.

There are no special conditions for installing metal Pural, but it is important to withstand all the technological requirements, so it’s better to entrust the work to professionals.

A little more attention

The rain drumming on the roof is sung by many poets

Write in the comments what do you think - is it acceptable to use even high-quality, but noisy roofing in general, or is it better, let the rain noise remain in the verses of the poets?


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