design features, advantages and disadvantages

Today, the article will look at topics - types of mansard roofs. We will tell you how this roofing structure differs from others, and why it received such a name. What elements of the roof is being constructed, what materials are used for this. And also we will designate the basic operations of the installation process concerning the construction of the roof of a particular variety. Understand the information provided, you will feel confident when talking with representatives of the contracting company and architects who have been entrusted with the creation of a project for a house with a mansard and its construction.

design features, advantages and disadvantages

Classic Attic Roof

What is a Mansard Roof

First of all, you must indicate that the attic of a private house - This is a room located under the roof. That is, its space is not divided by the overlap of the room and the attic. It turns out the total space that is fenced from the street only the roof.

So, any roofing construction that corresponds to this structural filling can be considered as mansard.

Varieties of mansard roofs

Probably, it is necessary to indicate that a mansard room can be arranged under any roofing structure. And this is regardless of its shape and size. Therefore, any design of roofs can be used as mansard. Therefore, we consider them separately.

Shed roof

Purely structurally, this is a ramp that rests with its edges on the walls of a house erected at different heights. It is the difference in height that determines the angle of inclination of the slope. The construction itself is two Mauerlat bars located on different walls, on which the truss legs rest. If the house is built from logs or logs, then the upper crown of the building is used as a mauerlat.

design features, advantages and disadvantages

A single-sided steep roof of the attic type

A single-sided roof is not the best option, although the simplest and low-cost. Much will depend on the angle of inclination. For example, the top photo shows a version with a very steep roof. Under it, the inner space of the attic is narrowed to the lower edge of the system. And in many cases it is difficult to use. And although designers offer different options, but the solution to the problem can be expensive.

Therefore, if the decision was made to construct a mansard roof in one ramp, then it is first necessary to consider the efficiency of the use of mansard space. The photo below shows how to build a shed roof correctly so that there is a lot of space under it that would be enough to use the room to the fullest extent.

design features, advantages and disadvantages

Attic under a single-sided roof

The construction of a single-sided roof of the attic type is quite simple. This requires only a few rafters, which are laid on the walls with a pitch of 1.0-1.2 m. Between them, a heat-insulating cake made of insulation, steam and waterproofing layers is laid. If you properly conduct the insulation of the roof, then it is a guarantee of reducing heat loss to a minimum. And this is not only comfortable living conditions in the attic, but also significant savings in energy consumption, spent on heating the house.


Another traditional type, the construction of which is not a big deal and a significant expense. These are two slopes, joined by the upper edges on the ridge. The lower edges of the truss system rests on the power plate.

This option is better than the previous one, if only for one reason - the ability to maximize the space under the roof. Especially if you extend the walls of the house at least half the second floor. And already on them install the roofing structure itself.

design features, advantages and disadvantages

A gable mansard roof

But not all houses with an attic are built according to the type of building in the photo above. Often, architects offer classic designs. That is, the roof truss system rests against the walls, built to the top level of the first floor. And here we will have to face the same problems as with a steep lean-to roof, in the places of its joint with the overlapping of the structure. Narrow areas difficult to exploit. Therefore, designers are more often offered to install storage places there. But even this option sometimes does not save.

We must pay tribute to the classics of the genre, preference is increasingly given to it. That is, the appearance of the building for many is preferable to the operation of the full space of the attic room. The photo below shows a house with an attic under a classic gable roof. Pay attention to how you can create openings: window and door. Special attention to the gable, where more often and install windows. But if you approach the solution of the original appearance of a gable roof, then you can organize a covered balcony next to it. This is where the pediment will play its role, where the entrance door is settled.

design features, advantages and disadvantages

The classic gable roof for the attic

We add that the two-roof attic roofs can be symmetrical and asymmetric. The latter option is found on the expanses of Russia infrequently. But such roof models are very attractive in terms of organizing the space under them. Especially if the sloping slope was erected on the wall of the second floor. The floor roofing structure is obtained almost full-fledged room with a large comfortable volume.


This variety is one of the most beautiful roofs of houses with attic. It is primarily ergonomic, fits well with landscape design of any type. At the same time, the construction itself, although difficult in construction, has a large space under it. Especially in this regard, it is necessary to note the half-hip version.

design features, advantages and disadvantages

Hip roofing of a house with an attic
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Dormer windows are usually installed on such roofs. For many designs, this is the only option to arrange daylight in the attic. Although today is becoming increasingly popular type of window openings, sliding type. They are convenient because it is purely constructive window, but if you open it, you get a kind of balcony.

In the video you can see the attic under the gambrel roof:

Gently roofs, of course, look more presentable than everyone else. In these designs there is an opportunity to experiment. For example, to organize a small balcony, as a recreation area. Or make an open terrace. There are a lot of options, the main thing is to form correctly the conceived in terms of aesthetic appearance, plus the functionality of the additional part. That is, the balcony should not be just an element of architecture. It must become a fully-fledged exploited zone.

design features, advantages and disadvantages

Semi-low mansard roof with a balcony


It is probably difficult to say about the popularity of this type of roofing structure. The roof itself is complex in construction. It requires a large amount of building material, their waste is significant. Especially roofing. But this roof has one big plus - with its tongs it divides the room into several zones, which can be organized for different purposes. And although it is also easy to do with other roofs, it is simpler in this respect.

At the same time, it is necessary to add that each zone will have its own opening in the form of a door or window. So, it will not be necessary to install dormer windows, which are expensive.

design features, advantages and disadvantages

Multicolored roof of a private house with attic


This is another hipped roof with an attic. It consists of four identical slopes with the shape of an isosceles triangle. There are such varieties of roofing rarely. It's all about the complexity of the organization of the space under it. On all sides, the slopes form zones at the ceiling that are practically impossible to use. That is, under such a roof there is little useful area.

But, as practice shows, if there is an opportunity to use the roofing space under the dwelling, then even under the tent roof it is organized. After all, the main thing is to carry out the insulation of the roof structure and create conditions for living. One of them is natural light. In the photo below just such an attic is shown. Pay attention to how well the balcony fits into the architecture of the house, which mainly performs the functions of a window opening.

design features, advantages and disadvantages

Hip roof above the attic
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Dome and arched

Along with the mansard gambrel roof, the dome one of the most original. But it is also one of the most difficult in the building, because the rafter legs are not solid timber in the form of a board or a bar. It is an element assembled from several pieces and parts that forms a rounded roof structure. Therefore, the master carefully choose the material itself for quality, and then also carefully connect it to the rafter.

It should be noted that the category of domed roofs can be attributed to arched. Of course, they differ from each other in shape. But according to the method of making rafters they are the same. Often in private housing construction for the construction of roofs of this type use metal rafters from a steel corner. This is a simpler version of making truss legs, but it is more costly, plus the mass of the roof itself increases, which requires strengthening the walls and the foundation of the house.

It should be added that arched mansard roofs create more space under them than dome ones. But the latter look more presentable and unusual.

design features, advantages and disadvantages

Domed roof of a house with an attic


So, having understood all types of attic roofs of private houses, go to the classic model - broken. It is called the most often attic. There are four stingrays, arranged in pairs against each other. The upper slopes are steep, the lower slopes. It is the border between them that determines the useful area of ​​the room. Therefore, the higher the boundary is located, the greater the useful volume.

The video, which tells about the phased technology of building a mansard roof (broken), will help you understand the roofing structure of this type:

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Conclusion on the topic

So, we told you about all the roofs that are built above the attic space. There are very simple constructive solutions in them, there are quite complex ones. Each of the models has certain advantages, but there are some disadvantages in them. What to choose, you can advise a professional architect. But one thing is certain, that the main selection criterion is the shape and size of the house. And also your financial capabilities. With small investments, the attic is organized under single-sided structures. If the budget allows, then you can build a multi-tip option.


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