Gas stove to give a balloon: how to choose the perfect option

The operation of a gas stove for a dacha not equipped with central gas supply is based on interaction with a liquefied gas. The nozzles of individual models allow the device to work efficiently with both liquefied and natural gas, but most often they get a stove for liquefied fuel to give.

Gas stove to give a balloon: how to choose the perfect option

Gas stoves for a cylinder

Guide to choosing a stove for giving

The functionality of a stove model most often relates to its cost, therefore, to avoid unnecessary expenses, you should consider what advantages are important in a particular case before buying.

How to determine the degree of load on the stove

First you need to determine how much and in what volume the stove or hob will be used. For example, if one or two people go to the dacha, there is a high probability that in this case 4 burners will not be useful, even if jams and pickles are prepared here. If, in reality, you have to cook dinners and dinners from several dishes, you will not be able to save money on the stove, your nerves are more expensive, and it is better to take a full-fledged four-unit.

Gas stove to give a balloon: how to choose the perfect option

2 burners - the best option for giving

You need to decide if you need an oven at the dacha. This is a very important question, considering which other possibilities need to be taken into account, based on the situation: if, arriving at the dacha once a month, the owners only dream of kebabs that are cooked at the weekend, and the oven is not going to do anything, then the oven will not is needed. This will save a third of the amount. For lovers of baking, even in the country you need a stove with an oven, so that it is tasty and comfortable. Devices for working with two types of gas are accompanied by additional hoses and adapters, which can be installed independently according to the instructions.

Additional features of models

It is worth thinking about the presence of auto-ignition: piezo-ignition is really a handy thing, it works in any conditions, the electric one is also convenient and, in general, necessary. A gas stove for a dacha for bottled gas can be equipped with various modern devices and in no way inferior to a stationary stove, from the additional options most often chosen:

  • gas control;
  • steam cleaning and lights for the oven;
  • grill mode;
  • timer;
  • you can adjust the height of the appliance.

Gas stove to give a balloon: how to choose the perfect option

Modern built-in model

Embedded models with stylish, elegant contemporary design or retro models of gas cooktops suitable for villas for bottled gas, also available for sale in a large assortment.

Tips for choosing, or what to look for when buying a stove to the cottage

In addition to a pleasant appearance or low cost, you need to imagine the capabilities of the device, its equipment and some features that are not always immediately noticeable . Positive feedback from housewives most often deservedly receive gas stoves "Gorenie" and "Hephaestus", a large selection of models of these brands can meet the needs of the most ambitious customers.

Gas stove to give a balloon: how to choose the perfect option

The choice of stove depends on the needs of the buyer
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Advantages of modern models

Special attention after a general choice of the desired model should be paid to other points. Important for many hosts are:

  • the choice of material for the surface of the device;
  • the choice of material for the manufacture of the grid of the slab;
  • the shape of the panel and the placement of the burners on it;
  • Installation methods of the plate, frame or legs for support.

Among the advantages of devices it is worth noting the possible small size - saving space in the country can be a pressing issue, in addition, it is preferable to choose a plate with a stainless steel surface, such a device will last much longer than an enameled surface, and retain presentable look. At the price of the stove with such a coating are superior options enameled. Immediately it should be said about the grates on the burners - heavy cast-iron grates will be comfortable, they do not burn as much as the steel ones.

Gas stove to give a balloon: how to choose the perfect option

The stainless steel plate will keep its presentation longer

When choosing, you can pay attention to the location of the burners on the panel - the placement of the burners will be optimal on a certain elevation, on metal tides. In this case, the fact that it accidentally splashes out or “runs away” from the pan will not leak into the stove under the burner.

Some differences have the legs of the desktop structures, the best option is the legs made of durable hard rubber with a screw thread, used to fix the panel and adjust the height of its location.Such legs will ensure no slip due to good adhesion to any surface, but at the same time they do not stick to the hob itself due to its high resistance to heat.

Gas stove to give a balloon: how to choose the perfect option

It is worth paying attention to the legs of the structure

Low-cost models of gas stoves for giving

Interesting versions of gas stoves for bottoms for bottled gas can become panels devoid of ovens, which are located on a raised platform on metal frames. As a rule, these models belong to an inexpensive price segment, are made of lightweight materials, are quite portable and easy to manage. The metal frame forms several shelves under the hob, respectively, the stove is conveniently located, under it you can functionally use the space - for example, place there dishes, cutlery, kitchen appliances.

Gas stove to give a balloon: how to choose the perfect option


Small stoves

You can conveniently place kitchen utensils

Compact-looking models are not always convenient in operation, small burners and the lack of an edge around them does not allow to put wide pans. The size of the burners must be considered when selecting the model of the future kitchen assistant.

Small models of stoves will not only save space in the country kitchen, but can also please young housewives, young couples who go on holiday. In the absence of the need to cook a lot and plentifully, you can do with a portable modern appliance that provides comfort and safety in the kitchen.

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Gas stove to give a balloon: how to choose the perfect option

Portable model with a special case

The maximum compact plates for a cylinder can be considered single- and double-burner models placed on a regular table. These devices are portable, their big plus is their weight. Mechanical regulators, the absence of auto-ignition and many comfortable options are completely compensated by the low cost of products, their durability and high ability to transport. After cooling, such a stove can be easily removed into the bag and taken home from the dacha to the next visit.

Advantages of gas stoves for giving

Basically, when cooking at a dacha, it is not possible to connect a gas pipeline from the city highway and, accordingly, the stove will be placed independently. Given this fact, you should carefully read the instructions for the device, weigh all its pros and cons. Cooking on electric burners will be much more expensive, it will always be cheaper to buy a cylinder of liquefied gas, its volume can vary from 5 liters. Knowing the approximate gas consumption at the dacha, one can calculate, before leaving, how many cylinders are needed for proper cooking, and take the right amount of cylinders with us when going to the dacha.

Portable gas stoves for giving under a balloon are very convenient for use in tourist multi-day hikes, on outdoor recreation, on picnics and halts. The simplicity of managing them does not cause difficulties to others, the devices do not require special preparation and are easily cleaned from traces of burnt food. For tiles used in traveling, portable collet cartridges with gas are used; they are to be replaced as they are used up.

Gas stove to give a balloon: how to choose the perfect option

A stove with a can

Cooking in the "field conditions" usually involves cooking simple hearty and nutritious dishes.

Connection of the stove and its operation rate

The conditions for the safe operation of a gas stove for questioning for bottled gas should always be taken as seriously as possible, no matter what generation the stove would be. Both the most simple and fully advanced models can cause a lot of trouble if improperly installed or broken.

Using LPG cylinders, you can use a gearbox. This device will allow you to adjust the pressure of the gas supplied to the stove. Taking into account the weather conditions, it is possible to install a portable hob outside, it is necessary to control the presence of fire in the burners, to protect the flame from extinction during gusts of wind, to take into account that in sunny weather the flame is almost not noticeable. The instructions attached to the device, indicate the possible nuances of operation, these recommendations must be strictly followed. When installing the cylinder, the distance between it and the plate should be more than half a meter. The process of connecting to the cylinder must be carried out by a gas specialist - a person who in practice is familiar with all the features of connection technology.

More information about installing and connecting the plate is in this video:

Conditions for starting the plate in action

To connect the cylinder to the stove requires:

  • plate and cylinder with liquefied gas;
  • hose or copper piping;
  • reducer for adjusting the gas head;
  • fixing hose clamps.

The cylinder can be installed no closer than 1 meter away from the heat and water supply lines of the house.

Connecting the hose to the gas stove, you need to remember to install the clamp, which is a sealing gasket. The reducer joins to other end of a hose and carefully is fixed by means of a collar. It is possible to determine the presence of tightness at the points of connection of the hose by a method that is popular among the people - wet the fastening with a thick solution of soap, soap suds and see if the bubbles are coming out of the connections. Special care should be taken when replacing a gas cylinder, because there are usually gas residues in the hose. They need to be burned with the plate turned on, shutting off the cylinder valve, and only then turn off the plate.

Gas stove to give a balloon: how to choose the perfect option

When replacing a cylinder, observe safety precautions
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The characteristics of gas stoves for cylinders are always indicated in the description of these devices. Based on the above data, you can choose the most appropriate option, taking into account personal preferences.


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