Selection of a construction company in the suburban real estate market

When buying any property, the company-seller must be chosen carefully. Remember, in the market of new buildings clients are protected by an agreement on shared construction, while in the market for country construction there is practically no such legal regulation.

A country house is most often not the only living space. Its acquisition can be attributed to luxury. And if there are legal difficulties, even the court can decide the issue is not in your favor. You can only secure yourself when buying a home by rechecking and carefully figuring out all the nuances and aspects of a future deal.

Selection of a construction company in the suburban real estate market

Only a thorough preliminary check will help you avoid fraud

Does the developer have a website

First of all, you need collect all information about the developer. A developer is a person whom you must trust, and his reputation and financial viability should not cause you to doubt.

It is better to start with an official acquaintance, namely, by studying the site. At an honest company, all necessary documents are freely available. The site should also have all the necessary information about the buildings.

The site is currently the face of the company. It is through him that the first acquaintance with the client most often occurs, and therefore a serious organization interested in having a first impression about it is positive will not skimp on traffic and programmers. Everything should work well and quickly, the design should not interfere with the perception of information. If the overall impression of the site as a “knee-work”, and the pages load slowly and hang all the time, then you should consider the interest of the site owners in their own positive image.

Selection of a construction company in the suburban real estate market

A quality website with contacts and scans of all documents that a potential client may be interested in is a modern company

"Transparency "available information

After the first impression, you can proceed to a more thorough acquaintance: the study of information in specialized media and forums. But it is worth remembering about unfair competition, when one project "muddies" competitors.

All should be interested in general. Andrei Kazakov, director of sales at GOOD WOOD, is convinced that the choice is to stop at transparent companies: “All processes should be clear, and all those responsible for them should actively communicate with customers. For example, we have posted absolutely all employees on the site. Customers have the opportunity to write both a manager and an ordinary employee if necessary. " The expert also believes that when evaluating a company, it is necessary to take into account its experience: the number of projects built and under construction. And, of course, you should look at all the houses built live, as the photos can diverge from reality, and if you can talk to people who live in ready-made projects.

Selection of a construction company in the suburban real estate market

It is best to talk live to those who already live in houses built by

Sergey Tsyhamenko, President of the Builders' Association for Technology The CIP advises not to neglect the legal expertise and find out the financial viability of the company: “You can order an electronic statement of the legal entity on the tax service website. This will allow the buyer to check whether such a company is registered at all, as well as to get an idea of ​​the construction company. depending on where the object is located, you can see what cases are going on for this legal entity. This will allow you to track the history of the construction company. And the presence or absence of bankruptcy cases will tell you if the developer has financial difficulties. "

Checking the authority

After the general impression about the developer has taken shape, review all the project documentation. Remember that the sale of suburban real estate rarely occurs according to the Federal Law №214, which increases the risk of double sales and reduces the responsibility of the developer. Therefore, the authority for construction, namely the construction and permits, must be checked carefully and thoughtfully. The documents must contain information about the object, construction time, as well as the price and payment procedure. The study should begin with investment contracts with all participants involved in implementation, including with local authorities.

Selection of a construction company in the suburban real estate market

All clauses of the contract must be carefully studied - if you have questions, be sure to clarify the points at issue

If you buy land with your house , then check not only the land papers, but also documents about the company that builds, about the right to build, as well as communications contracts. Be interested in who and what you conclude, find out the deadlines for the fulfillment of obligations.In addition, the contracts must contain all the fines and compensation that you will receive if the deadlines are disrupted or the work is not completed in full. It is useful to ask and the general plan of the territory.

Sergey Tsygamenko pays special attention to the purchase of houses by proxy. In this case, the risk of being deceived is higher than when buying from the owner. That is why talk with the principal personally, call the notary office and check the fact of issuing a power of attorney and a list of actions for which it was issued. If possible, meet with the owner, or at least call up with him.

Obviously about the choice of the construction company, see the video:

The final touch is indirect evidence of the reliability of the IC

More often than not, the picture of a good developer develops if we don’t see any negative information about him, and all the documentation doesn’t seem doubtful. However, market experts point out that there are facts that themselves speak about the reliability of the company. For example, this may indicate the composition of financial partners - banks that provide loans to the developer. If there are state-owned banks, then this is an indicator that the project will be completed by 100%.

And Sergey Tsygamenko believes that her company’s membership in various construction associations, the lack of complaints, and, most importantly, the presence of a demonstration house, speaks in favor of the company.

Selection of a construction company in the suburban real estate market

High-quality construction is the coordinated work of many specialists

So, we have listed the most necessary criteria that should guide the purchase of a country house so that this pleasant event is not darkened by anything. In this matter, you should not follow the rule, who does not risk, he does not drink champagne. Remember - it is important to measure out seven times.


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