The price in Moscow for garden tents awnings 3x3 meters

If you want to install a tent on your site for protection from the sun, precipitation, insects or wind, but you know nothing about this product, then this article will be very useful to you. In it you will learn about how the tent 3x3 is arranged, what types and forms are used, materials and frames used, prices for the product. Below are useful tips on choosing and installing a cover, which will allow you to relax, work or meet guests in the fresh air.

The price in Moscow for garden tents awnings 3x3 meters

Simple protection from the sun and insects

Purpose and benefits of the tent

The design of the tent is quite simple and is used as temporary shelter for outdoor recreation. The product has a light and durable frame, which is covered with a cloth. Low weight and simple design allows you to quickly install or move the cover to a new location.

An additional element may be a mosquito net or a film that is used as a window. In some models, doors are made, various partitions. The design of the tent allows in very hot weather to clean the walls and leave only the roof / mosquito net.

It is very beneficial to install such a mobile gazebo in your area for various reasons:

  • simplicity delivery, assembly, installation;

  • favorable price and durability;

  • protection from the sun, rain, insects;

  • does not require constant thorough care;

  • a large selection of colors, sizes, shapes;

  • large mobility and functionality;

  • does not take a lot of space during storage.

The price in Moscow for garden tents awnings 3x3 meters

Protection against wind and precipitation

Depending on the size of the product, you can install furniture for meals inside and rest. In large models, they often set up sun beds, swings, equip play areas for children, sandboxes, inflatable pools, and so on. Manufacturers offer a huge range of covers for various purposes. Experts will help you choose the best version of products depending on its immediate purpose on your site.

Types of tents

Awnings 3x3 and other sizes can be very different. For example, there are open models that have only a frame (4 legs and crossbars on top / bottom) and a cover on top (made of thick waterproof fabric or plastic).

Models of the closed type additionally have walls made of woven materials, they can make open windows / doors of high-strength oilcloth / fabric. The walls can turn away or roll down to the corners. Rocking models that have a canopy and mosquito net are very popular. However, many people cannot be accommodated in such a tent and it is impossible to shelter from rain or wind in it.

The price in Moscow for garden tents awnings 3x3 meters

Aesthetically and beautifully

Types of frameworks for the tent

Durability, durability and weight of the structure completely depends on the materials which are used for the frame. A good option is considered to be metal pipes of small diameter, covered with protective paint or special materials from the negative influence of moisture.

However, experts recommend choosing a frame made of aluminum, since it does not rust at all. The steel base reduces the overall cost of the product, however this material is heavier and corrosion may form on it. In this case, preference should be given to tubes coated with enamel paint.

The price in Moscow for garden tents awnings 3x3 meters

Tent frame - decoration of the site

The wooden frame can last for a long time only if it is treated with paintwork material , but do not forget that you will need to carry out such processing at least once every few years. Otherwise, the frame will become unusable quickly.

The cost of such a product is less than metal, and with proper care it can last for about the same. Another option - fiberglass. The material is resistant to damage, very light, has a small price and can last for a very long time.

The price in Moscow for garden tents awnings 3x3 meters

The square shape of the tent
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Forms of tents

In the market you can find tents-pavilions of different shapes - round, square, rectangular, triangular. In this matter, everything depends entirely on the number of angles, but it is the quadrilateral that is the most common.

This option is considered the most convenient to install on the site, but if you want to add originality, then look at models with a large number of corners. In addition, rounded models are preferable due to the fact that they have more supports, and they are better able to resist the gusts of wind due to its shape.

The price in Moscow for garden tents awnings 3x3 meters

Hexagonal tent

Also, the tent can differ in the design of the walls, which in practice is very important. To increase the internal space, it is better to choose models with straight walls. Sloping walls can significantly reduce free space inside. But it is precisely inclined walls that can withstand large gusts of wind, which make the entire structure as stable as possible.

In addition, all awnings have a sloping roof, which makes it easy to drain rainwater and not accumulate it. Also, some product models may have air vents that are used to remove smoke, for example, from a brazier installed inside. Sometimes over the entrance is an additional canopy on the racks.

The price in Moscow for garden tents awnings 3x3 meters

Comfortable outdoor recreation

Tips for choosing a canopy

In order to choose a suitable canopy it is necessary to think carefully in advance its dimensions. For example, if you plan to install a table and chairs under a square canopy, then it is quite enough to buy a 3x3 garden tent. To install additional furniture or items better to install rectangular options.

Particular attention should be paid to the site for the installation of a canopy. Depending on the shape and size, the point on the territory is visually determined. In this case, the surface of the site must be necessarily level, in order to avoid difficulties during the installation of the tent or during its use.

Define the purpose and functions of the cover - protection from precipitation, wind and insects, or only from the sun in hot weather. Depending on the decision made, it will be necessary to select the appropriate type of construction, as well as the materials of the walls and roof. On the packaging itself, manufacturers provide information on the characteristics of the product, its uses, and tips on how to use and maintain it.

The price in Moscow for garden tents awnings 3x3 meters

Enduring material for outdoor recreation
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Materials for the tent

The product's roof is made of an opaque material; for walls, an insect net, an opaque material or with inserts of durable film for windows and doors can be used. Only special high-strength fabrics are used that do not allow moisture and wind to pass through, and are not affected by ultraviolet radiation. This makes the tent reliable and durable protection in bad weather.

For a transparent variation, a fine-mesh net is used that protects against insects and the sun. This option is cheaper, however, can not be used to protect against precipitation, but well saved from the sun. For the combined options used inserts of fabric and mesh. This allows you to protect yourself from the sun, rain and insects. It has a good appearance and can be a decoration of the site.

There are also models completely made of PVC that provide the highest level of protection. The walls of such a tent can rise, and the roof can be translucent. Such solutions provide at the same time a high level of protection from the sun and precipitation.

The price in Moscow for garden tents awnings 3x3 meters

A simple option to protect against precipitation, wind and sun

Cost of the product

The price of the tent depends on various factors - configuration, materials, dimensions. If you choose garden pavilions tents with increased strength and complexity of the configuration, then the cost of such a product can be much higher. The most economical are small models made of transparent materials.

One of the most expensive are awnings with additional equipment, for example, partitions, nets, windows and so on. When installing large tents, a more solid construction using tarpaulin, PVC and special fabrics is required. Such structures are mainly produced only on order.

The price in Moscow for garden tents awnings 3x3 meters

Tent with walls on both sides

One of the most popular models for summer cottages and outdoor activities are small awnings, sizes which is 3x3 meters. Often they are used for trading. The cost of such a product is on average 2-4 thousand rubles. When used for the walls of mosquito nets, the price of the product can grow by several thousand rubles.

You can purchase a model of a tent that will be closed only on both sides with a durable fabric with windows - the cost of this option is 6-9 thousand rubles. A fully enclosed awning with a doorway will cost about 12-15 thousand rubles. Models with double walls (mosquito net / fabric) are among the most expensive - 25-30 thousand rubles.


The life of the tent is affected by the materials used, the configuration of the product and its location. The designated area must be flat, dry and dense, loose soil is not suitable.If the soil is loose and constantly wet, then a mound of rubble and sand is made, only after that it will be possible to collect a 3x3 tent tent.

In the video you can see the assembly and installation of the tent:

The process of assembling the whole structure is quite simple. The chosen place should be sunny, which allows to extend the life of the canopy. In the shade on the fabric and the frame may appear mold, rot, rust. The skeleton is initially assembled - the tubes are inserted into special fasteners or twisted.

After that, the fabric is stretched on the roof and walls, the fastening takes place with the help of loops. Mounting and installation type is determined in advance. Pegs and extensions are used to fix the frame in the ground, which are buried in the soil.

The price in Moscow for garden tents awnings 3x3 meters

Business tent option
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If you want to create a comfortable place to rest on the plot, then you should buy a 3x3 awning. It will be a good protection from the sun, wind and rain. With it, you can equip the sandbox or children's play area in the fresh air. Due to the compact size of the assembled, light weight, you can take a canopy with you to rest on the nature. The low price of the product allows you to purchase such a design for various purposes. To ensure maximum comfort and protection from the weather and insects, you can buy models with a mosquito net, door and window openings.


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