ArshinStroy won in the nomination "The Best Wooden House 2015"

Visitors to the Low-Rise Country exhibition have long paid attention to an unusual two-story designer house with large panoramic windows from ArshinStroy. This project called "Eclectic" took part in the contest "The Best Wooden House 2015", which was conducted by the construction portal FORUMHOUSE (informational Internet partner of the Low-Rise Country) and the Russian Union of Builders.

ArshinStroy won in the nomination

The "Eclectic" project, made of round and "wild" logs, was appreciated and became the winner of the competition in the nomination "For loyalty to traditions". We congratulate ArshinStroy with a victory and wish further prosperity and new technological and design solutions in wooden housing construction.

ArshinStroy won in the nomination

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ArshinStroy won in the nomination

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