types of skates and stages of their installation

Since hard roofing materials are used on the roof of the house, it is necessary to solve the problem of sealing joints. When any kind of composition is formed, a small gap appears that needs to be covered qualitatively so that water does not penetrate inside the house. Since the roofing material is not a single covering, but connected to a piece, special skates are made for reliable joining. They are made so as to provide reliable protection against water penetration into the roof. The article will explain how to choose the right material for your roof and make accurate calculations.

types of skates and stages of their installation

The roof ridge is intended for sealing roofing materials

The roof ridge

The roof ridge of the house is a useful element, necessary to create the top of the roof. It combines roofing material and completes the entire "composition".

The roof ridge is designed for several basic functions :

  1. Protection against water after raining or melting snow.

  2. Creating the necessary clearance for ventilation of the space under the roof - so that the coating is dried after the rain.

Immediately these two tasks will be solved if you correctly approach the choice of material. Particular attention should be paid to the shape of a skate.

Skate types

Since there is a wide variety of roofing and mounting methods available, it is obvious that skate models are different.

types of skates and stages of their installation

A variety of roof ridges

The following variations roof ridges are commercially available:

  1. Semicircular . This variety has no ribs. After installation, an air cushion forms on the roof from the inside of the dome, which provides high-quality ventilation of the space under the roof. The ends are equipped with plugs, which create a finished look, also prevents moisture from entering through the cut of the ridge.

  2. Straight is the simplest type in which you do not need to install end caps. The ridge is suitable for different types of roof coatings.

  3. Narrow . This horse plays a role not only protection. It is often purchased as a decorative element that can be put on the gazebo, the roof of a frequent house and similar structures.

  4. Figured or curved . This is the most difficult kind of skate. The peculiar profile provides increase in ventilating properties.

It is important to know that in order to connect straight skates, it is necessary to use T or Y-shaped elements, with the help of which strength and tightness of transitions are achieved.

types of skates and stages of their installation

Additional elements ensure the tightness of the transitions

All types of skates have only the two tasks described above, and the difference between them is exclusively in the ways installation, which are caused by differences in the forms.

Basic elements of the ridge

The ridge for the roof is a system of several parts. The composition may include waterproofing, bars for installation, or sealing parts.

The number of components depends on several factors :

  1. Roof dimensions where the equipment will be installed.

  2. The absence or presence of a ventilation system under the roof space.

  3. Itself roofing material , as well as design features.

The main element (in addition to the body), which is installed on all skates, can be attributed waterproofing layer that protects the roof from water ingress. If the house is located in windy terrain, then manufacturers install sealing elements on the material that will prevent wind from entering the roofing space.

types of skates and stages of their installation

Details that will help solve the problem with sealing roof joints
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Calculation of the length of the ridge

In order to correctly choose the length of the ridge on the roof, it is necessary to determine the number of additional elements as well as all the component parts - the waterproofing system, sealing materials, fasteners. The basis of calculations is the construction plan, which indicates the entire design length of the story, as well as the materials to be used.

It is important to understand that all the data for the calculation is an individual project, which depends on the recommendations of the supplier after studying a particular roof. Counting materials is very simple - you need to build on the length of the entire roof, the number of ridge planks m 5 cm overlap (this nuance is obligatory).

Much more problems arise with the organization of the substrate - ridge bars. They are necessary for proper and even mounting of the slats.When a stable system will be ready for installation, it is necessary to accurately select the roofing material, in order to then choose substrates according to certain profile dimensions.

types of skates and stages of their installation

Ridge bars

The problem may arise from variations in the ridge. It is also problematic to identify some kind of common system for locating the support bars. The fact is that the type of fastening and sealing of the elements requires an individual approach, so in order to accurately calculate all the necessary nuances, it is advisable to mount on a test strip. Thus, it will be possible to make some changes or adjustments to the substrate. It is under this scheme that professionals install roofing and skates.

In order for a roofing ridge to be established without defects, it is necessary to correctly select a construction company for installation of equipment.

Installation steps of the ridge

The ridge should be installed at the moment when the roof covering is fully placed and fixed on the roof. The last row should be completed in such a way that the ventilation gap between the slopes is not very large. A horse is needed to block it.

types of skates and stages of their installation

The ridge is placed on the fixed roofing
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The installation of the ridge consists of the following work steps :

  • The first step is to install a waterproofing material that prevents moisture from getting inside.

  • The distance between the ends is removed using glass wool. Thus, it will be possible to avoid snow "blockages" after precipitation. It is not at all necessary to use glass wool. There are also other options, but they are not as resistant to decay, as well as the price exceeds the above material. If someone is worried about the fact that cotton wool is prickly after being hit on open areas of the body, then this nuance can be forgotten, since modern wool is made using new technologies and manufacturers managed to get rid of "prick". It is important to note that there is no need to fill the space of the ends very tightly, since there is a risk of damaging the ventilation.

types of skates and stages of their installation

Glass wool will help to remove the distance between the ends of
  • If there is a probability of clogging with snow then you will need a seal . The most effective, but at the same time simple option - laying of roofing material. Part of the strip clings to the roof, and the second - to the timber, which sets the height of the structure. Having made these simple actions, it will turn out to create additional protection against penetration of precipitations into the roof. This issue is particularly relevant for residents of regions where blizzards often occur - snow will wash away even into the smallest gaps.

types of skates and stages of their installation

The compactor will protect against the penetration of snow inside the roof
  • Next to the roof is located directly horse . For installation, special roofing screws are used, which have rubberized gaskets, as well as a layer of protection. It is strictly forbidden to use simple nails, as they will make holes in the surface, but they do not seal them. As a result, a weak leakage is formed, which soon "grows" and turns into a full-fledged hole. Of course, in this case, you will have to spend extra money to eliminate the defect. When the first bracket is securely fastened to the roof, you will need to stretch a cord from it (along the line of the entire installation), allowing you to monitor the straight installation of the remaining parts.

  • The remaining corners are put in their places with an overlap of 5 centimeters. It is important to observe the installation direction of the skates - from left to right. But there is a case of reverse installation - the choice should be made depending on the direction of the wind that rages in the region. The situation is individual, and therefore in each case, this issue has to be dealt with in different ways.

  • When all ridge strips take their places, you can take care of installing the end elements , if they are available. They are also designed to create better protection from snow and rain.

From the video you can learn how to properly compact the roof ridge:

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Summing up the information, we can conclude that the installation of the ridge for the roof is complicated by the variety of roof covering materials, as well as by the wide choice of forms of the skates themselves. Therefore, it is so important to choose a reliable construction company for the installation of equipment that works according to the requirements of GOST SNiP, as well as regulatory documents of the house itself.In the preparation of estimates also high-quality company must issue an accurate and fixed amount for the work.

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