what influences the cost of work, prices for services and materials

After the construction of the house is completed, the question of its exterior decoration arises. Which besides the decorative function protects the house from precipitation, wind and temperature changes. The article describes how to sheathe a house with siding - the price of the material and the work. You will learn what the cost depends on and how it will save money, what features of siding installation and whether it is possible to carry out work in the winter.

what influences the cost of work, prices for services and materials

House covering with siding is not only for beauty, with its help the house is insulated and protected from the influence of the external environment

House covering with siding: cost of material and work

The cost of cladding separately includes:

  • price of the materials themselves

  • cost finishing works .

It is better to use long panels (up to 6 meters) for covering the house. One such product covers an area of ​​1.3 square meters.

The required number of panels is calculated separately for each wall. It takes into account its total area and the number of windows and doors. Separately, the cost is considered:

  • fasteners elements;

  • wooden or metal battens .

In general, the cost of one square meter of house siding depends on:

  • areas of the surface with gables;

  • mounting battens;

  • of the cost of the material itself;

  • installation of additional heat insulating material.

The complexity of the installation of the batten and its appearance, as well as the number of fasteners depends on the condition and curvature of the walls.

As for the material itself, two main types are considered the most common for plating: metal and vinyl siding.

The material for the manufacture of metal siding is galvanized steel. Zinc protects the product from corrosion. For prolonged use, the surface should be protected from dents and scratches. The strength of metal siding panels makes it indispensable for finishing the trade pavilions and warehouse premises.

what influences the cost of work, prices for services and materials

Siding under the "tree"
On our site you can familiarize yourself with the most popular designs of houses that use siding during the finishing - from construction companies represented at the exhibition "Low-Rise Country".

Vinyl siding is made from polyvinyl chloride. This material does not corrode, normally tolerates temperature drops. The product has a variety of color shades and textured solutions.

Vinyl is not exposed to chemicals, rotting and has a long service life. The material is available for most families because of its low cost.

The price for the work when covering the house with siding with insulation is shown in the following table:

Type of work

Unit. measurements

Estimated price in rub.

Dismantling of the batten

m. sq.

60. 00

Dismantling siding

m. sq.

100. 00

Installation of a new wooden batten

m. sq.

150. 00

Installation of insulation

m. sq.

85. 00

Installation of the waterproofing layer

m. sq.

50. 00

Price of vinyl siding

m. sq.

from 200. 00

Wall claddings with

m . sq.

from 175. 00

External window slopes


meter from 185. 00 depending on the depth

Installation of window ebb


170. 00

Installation of the drainage system


340. 00

Plinth siding with

m siding q

390. 00

The table shows how much siding costs for covering the house. The price per square meter is approximate, and depends on the manufacturer, type of crates and the complex of works on hydro and thermal insulation.

what influences the cost of work, prices for services and materials

When covering with siding, wall weatherization is not rarely used

Before installation work, all works on the facade must be completed. Unnecessary fasteners must be removed. The surface after treatment with anti-corrosion or anti-fungal agents should be completely dry.

To sheathe a house with siding with insulation, the price for which is indicated above, can be done independently. The only conditions are following the instructions and basic knowledge of construction technology.

On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer exterior decoration and insulation for turnkey houses.Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Features of installing siding

In order to house a house with siding, the price of which is low, served for a long time, it is important to adhere to the correct installation technology. For high-quality and timely installation of the product, the work is best trusted by professionals. They will help you choose the right material for your home and ensure that all the installation steps are performed correctly.

Violation of siding technology can lead to its deterioration and the uselessness of its installation. The material will not be able to fully protect the walls from the influence of precipitation.

Before starting work, make a markup on the surface of the walls according to the drawn up drawings. Having determined the scope of work, they proceed to the preparation of the facade for cladding: they dismantle the drainage system, remove the window frames and other protruding fasteners.

what influences the cost of work, prices for services and materials

Before getting a beautiful result, a whole range of work is carried out.

How to use nails and self-tapping screws with galvanized caps. The panels are cut with a regular small-toothed hacksaw. For processing metal edges and corners using metal shears. Vinyl siding is treated with a construction knife.

On the walls of a one-story house, siding is installed using a stepladder. For higher buildings set scaffolding.

The prices for the work of finishing the siding of a wooden house are affected by the following work:

  • first on the walls sheathing is installed. The main goal is to get a flat surface. The material for its manufacture is a metal profile, wooden beam and edged board.

  • uneven walls can cause the panels to curl. With a smoother surface, the cost of siding for covering the house is reduced (price per 1m2);

  • additional insulate the frame with rolled insulation material.

what influences the cost of work, prices for services and materials

Wall insulation significantly increases the cost of wall siding with
s It can be interesting! In the article on the following link, read about how it is better to insulate a house outside - materials and standards.

When installing, take into account the following rule: a vertical batten is used for horizontal installation of panels and vice versa. It as much as possible simplifies carrying out fixing works.

Fastening the panels is carried out so that they slightly move. Then, with changes in air temperature, they will not swell and break.

The panels themselves are fastened with nails and screws through oblong holes of small size. Fasteners have special caps. They are driven in or screwed in exactly in the middle, which allows the panel to shift and breathe. The gap between the panels is left the size of one centimeter. In winter, this gap is increased to two centimeters.

The type of siding depends on the type of siding. For example, before attaching metal panels, they should be held for some time outdoors - to adapt the product. Begin to fasten the panel with the places with the greatest load. The panels are installed on the wall surface in rows from the bottom up.

About the necessary materials and plating technology in the video:

Wall siding in winter

Some homeowners, by analogy with others building materials do not recommend working with siding in the winter. And they believe that it is better to start work in spring or early autumn. This statement is not entirely true. From the point of view of the quality of installation, there is no significant difference when it is carried out - in the summer or in the winter;

Winter siding has a number of seasonal advantages. Firstly, in the winter prices for finishing materials and construction work are always reduced. Secondly, the majority of highly skilled workers do not have enough orders and are looking for work themselves. And, thirdly, having done the work in the winter, you will have a lot of free time in the summer, which you can devote to relaxing at sea.

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House siding is often one of the most optimal options that combines reasonable price and quality. Siding successfully solves several problems at once: it makes the house attractive and serves as protection against negative environmental influences. But despite the apparent simplicity, the installation of siding has its own pitfalls, to get around that will only help experience with this material. Therefore, the real savings will be entrusting the installation to professionals who will do the job qualitatively at once and will give a guarantee.

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