Video of the free seminar from the company BanPan

September 16, the company Mobilstroy XXI (Banpan) held a seminar at the exhibition on the peculiarities of the construction of stone houses.

The speaker from the company was the head of the analytical department of the company Sultanbaev Vyacheslav. Velux was the business development manager Katerina Pavlova.

For those who could not attend the seminar, do not worry, we provide you with a video of the seminar!


1:25 Pillar foundation
2:10 Screw piles
3:20 Strip foundation
5:27 Pile foundation foundation
8:20 Monolithic plate
11:08 Basement
Bearing walls:
15:55 Foam and aerated concrete
20:28 Slag stone
21:20 Brick
26:20 Thermoblock
31:58 Monolith brick
33:18 Reinforced concrete panels BENPAN
44:18 Roof installation
1:01:30 Interior decoration
1:11:30 Mansard VELUX windows

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Video of the free seminar from the company BanPan

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