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Wooden houses (timber and logs), despite all their advantages, need periodic repair - this applies to even the most durable buildings built according to all the rules. More than half of the wooden houses in the private sector were inherited from previous generations, and have a solid experience of use. But even if the age of the house has passed for fifty years, it is still a living area, a valuable resource.

Sentimental feelings and the situation in the real estate market do not allow putting up such a structure (often having a non-representative form) for sale. Yes, and to the proceeds from the sale of the old house is hardly possible without additional financial investments to build a new house. Demolishing a dilapidated house and building a new one in its place is an option, for various reasons, not suitable for every family. The next logical step is the reconstruction of the house.

projects, prices in Moscow, photo

Buyers for such a house will not be found soon

When reconstruction is needed

On the need for reconstruction (full or partial ) indicate the following features:

  • Foundation. The base cracks or begins to collapse (and water that regularly gets into the cracks will destroy it completely in a couple of years). If the foundation sinks, a caulk can fall out (compaction) or the seams between the rims begin to open, gaps are formed. The porch can change its position, the entrance doors begin to rub the floor, windows open with difficulty. All these signs suggest that the house has an angle of inclination, which can only be straightened by an overhaul.
  • Wood condition. The appearance of a wooden wall does not always indicate the magnitude of the problem. It is important to assess the condition of not only the upper layers of the logs (beam), but also their internal parts.
  • Roof. Almost always, in old houses, roofing is a source of problems - leakage and dampness in residential areas. Rafters and floor beams rot and are damaged by fungus or insects.
  • Walls. The lower rims often rot, the rest of the wood becomes a breeding ground for mold and wood beetle.

projects, prices in Moscow, photo

Lower crowns need to be replaced

Reconstruction: where to start

Any owner of the old wooden at home it wants to figure out what is more profitable - to repair an existing building or build a new one. Deciding whether they need a renovation of an old house is based on several factors:

  • Finances. Although building a new house is more expensive than a recovery operation, a major amount will also be required for an overhaul.
  • Time. It is important to understand by what time it is necessary to complete all the work (before the beginning of the autumn rains)
  • The technical condition of the house. An important parameter defining the previous clauses. For the analysis it is necessary to involve a professional.

A competent specialist will determine not only the deterioration of the building (which can be done by the owners); he will find out:

  • the reliability of the supporting structures and the need to replace them;
  • the condition of the walls, floor, roof and truss system;
  • the quality of engineering communications.

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The rafter system became unusable

A professional builder will help assess the amount of work; will the reconstruction be complete, partial or meaningless (when it is worth thinking about building a new dwelling). In any case, the final decision is made based on his opinion.

Preparing for reconstruction: problem areas

When inspecting the house, it may be necessary: ​​

  • to replace the foundation (partially or completely) or strengthen it (repair cracks, reinforce the basement part);
  • to replace defective logs (bars) of the lower row (lower crown);
  • to replace fragments of walls;
  • to restore the roof with replacement of the rafters and roof;
  • partially repair or completely alter the floor;
  • partially or completely replace the communications (pipes, wiring);
  • install a drainage system;
  • replace l windows and doors.

projects, prices in Moscow, photo

Longitudinal cracks in the wall of the old house

As a rule, during the renovation:

  • wooden elements of the house are impregnated with protective structures (antiseptic and fire retardant);
  • walls are insulated (on the inside), floor, roof;
  • the outer surface of walls is restored (ground, ground, impregnated with antiseptic and varnished or painted).
This is important! Very often, during reconstruction works, unforeseen problems arise. For example, when replacing the floor rotted pipes are found, when replacing the roof - the absence of insulation. No one can foresee this until the finishing plating is removed, so you need to be prepared for unforeseen expenses.

Reconstruction: stages

Many owners of old wooden houses do not even know how to change their housing. Construction companies engaged in repair and reconstruction, have accumulated extensive experience working with the most dilapidated and neglected buildings. When the reconstruction of a village house is discussed, the project changes its shape more than once.

projects, prices in Moscow, photo

House expansion project (organization of extension)

With any development, restoration of the house goes through several stages:

On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of reconstruction and reconstruction of houses. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Project and budget, procurement of materials and preparatory work

During the assessment of the state of the house, the specialists carry out the necessary measurements. After the design documentation is made, in which the following is presented:

  • state and defects of structural elements;
  • work plan (calculations and estimates);
  • work deadlines;
  • 3D-model of the house (a visual way to see the change in the facade, internal redevelopment and style of finishing works).

projects, prices in Moscow, photo

When reconstructing a house with an increase in the area, the wishes of the owners are in priority

When preparing the technical task, the opinion of the owners is taken into account. Homeowners can decide:

  • to increase the area of ​​the house or make redevelopment;
  • to build an extension (under the garage, veranda) or terrace;
  • to arrange an attic;
  • equip a lavatory, conduct water or sewage;
  • add comfort and install a stove or fireplace;
  • carry out decorative façade cladding (siding, clapboard, bar imitation, block house);
  • to additionally warm the house;
  • to carry out landscape design of the yard.

The company is engaged in the preparation of permits for relevant organizations and provides the owners of the house a detailed budget, including:

  • selection of materials and calculation of their quantity and cost (determined by measurements);
  • transportation costs;
  • cost of repairs;
  • unforeseen expenses.

projects, prices in Moscow, photo

For significant completion, the material is purchased with a margin of

Materials are purchased in a volume that is 5-10% larger than calculated. During the preparatory work, the elements of the building that require rework or replacement (roof, walls and internal partitions) are dismantled.


Reconstruction of an old wooden house begins with a foundation. The foundation is one of the most frequent problems of old buildings, because at one time it was done as economically as possible and with technological disabilities (under the weight of the structure, such a structure is deeply immersed in the ground). Most often under the wooden houses "with experience" there is a tape or column foundation, often located above the level of freezing. To assess the scope of work, inspect the outer part of the foundation, if necessary, dig out and the recessed part. Sometimes the foundation is missing, and the plinth is laid on the ground.

The strip foundation is reinforced or poured into a new foundation. To do this, lift the box with jacks, dismantling the floor and facing. For a columnar base, the best solution would be to install additional piles capable of redistributing the weight of the structure.

projects, prices in Moscow, photo

The box at home is lifted to gain access to the foundation
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Crowns and walls

Half a century ago, when building houses, few people thought about adhering to building rules and set up a reliable waterproofing between the foundation and walls. The lower rims of wooden dwellings freely saturated with moisture, rot and gradually fell into disrepair.

Replacement of crowns is carried out simultaneously with the reconstruction of the foundation, with the box hanging. Logs or bars, prepared for replacement, are treated with an antiseptic; between the new crowns and the base is equipped with waterproofing. When restoring walls, elements around the windows most often need replacing. Also from the moisture penetrating through the roof and accumulating in the insulation, often suffer from the upper crowns.

About partial replacement of the foundation in the following video:


Roof repair work takes two ways:

  • Roof reconstruction. A complete rework is carried out if the owners want to increase the area of ​​the house by planning an extension or a warmed attic.
  • Revision. The elements of the roofing system are examined, destroyed (with traces of rot) are replaced. The most common place of flow is the chimney.

Old slate is replaced with a suitable modern material (which is mainly determined by its weight), heat and waterproofing of the attic is carried out.

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Grinding the outer wall

Exterior finish

The owners of the wooden house can go two ways:

  • Wall surface restoration. To emphasize the natural beauty of wood, do not use modern veneering materials. The walls are put in order with a brush or grinder with a special nozzle. The surface cleaned of dirt and perennial layers is impregnated with antiseptic and fire retardant. The use of varnish or paint will manifest the structure of the tree, even out the shades of old and new fragments and additionally protect the surface.
  • Finishing work. The wooden facade finish (often with insulation) serves as an additional protection for the walls, helps to keep warm and at the same time unrecognizably transforms the house. Among the popular finishing materials stands siding, plaster, block house, PVC panels. The walls can be revetted with bricks, clinker panels, ceramic granite tiles.

projects, prices in Moscow, photo

Facing a wooden house with clinker panels
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Floor, windows and doors, ceiling

A floor in a wooden house (especially if it is built directly on the ground) is a very vulnerable structure. Depending on the state, the following operations are carried out:

  • Repair. If the boards and logs are in satisfactory condition (less than 30% are affected), change the damaged parts of the flooring, carry out hydro- and thermal insulation.
  • Replaced. Old wooden flooring is dismantled (if the foundation was repaired, the floor has already been disassembled), lags are changed. Then lay a waterproofing film, a layer of insulation (for example, basalt wool); logs cover with vapor barrier film. Upward spread board. Sometimes a cement screed is made under the finishing floor.

Worn out window and door systems change to new ones; They can be wooden or metal-plastic. Ceiling repair is a must if beams are deformed; New wooden floors are usually installed.

About the reconstruction of a wooden house in the following video:

Engineering systems and interior decoration

In old wooden houses it needs to be modernized most systems. Specialists should be invited to replace or install communications (water, gas, sewage, ventilation). Skilled craftsmen will make competent wiring (designed for modern loads and safe) and install an economical heating system.

At the final stage the kitchen and the bathroom are settled down; finishes are carried out on which the interior style will depend.

projects, prices in Moscow, photo

Electrical wiring requires a professional approach

Renovation: issue price

Even if the old house has deteriorated physically and mentally , having ceased to arrange the owners, it is not in a hurry to demolish. Modern technologies offered by construction companies will help to breathe a second life into your favorite home, with which many memories are connected.

Many owners of old wooden buildings are frightened by domestic inconvenience, the duration of work and innumerable material costs. This happens if the reconstruction of the village house is done by hand - the process can drag on for years. Ordering the reconstruction and restructuring of the professionals, the owners save time, money and nerves.

Having many years of experience in repairing wooden houses, experts will offer several options for reconstruction, and then rebuild and improve the house, turning it into a beautiful and comfortable accommodation. The exact price of reconstruction is determined at the stage of drawing up a project and depends on:

  • building condition;
  • the need for certain types of work and their scope;
  • materials prices and costs works;
  • season.

projects, prices in Moscow, photo

Repairing an old wooden house with restructuring will allow the owners to stay comfortably

Prices for some services and works (Moscow Region ):

  • Departure for the evaluation of the object (includes consultation and measurements) - from 4 thousand rubles.
  • Dismantling the old foundation - from 2 thousand rubles. per pm (linear meter).
  • Filling of the new foundation - from 8 thousand rubles. per pm (work and materials).
  • Reconstruction of the foundation - from 10 thousand rubles. for pm
  • Exterior finish of the foundation (plastering, lining) - from 1.6-1.8 thousand rubles. per pm (with materials).
  • Installation of engineering communications - from 3.5 thousand rubles. for m 2 .

The cost of the material is included in the following types of work:

  • Increase in the living space of the house - from 5.3-5.5 thousand rubles. for m 2 .
  • Extension of the veranda - 2.7-3 thousand rubles. for m 2
  • Roof reconstruction - from 6.4-6.8 thousand rubles. for m 2 .
  • Installation of the chimney - from 6.5-6.7 thousand rubles.
  • Exterior finish of the house - from 4 thousand rubles. for m 2 .
  • Interior decoration of the house - from 9.2-9.5 thousand rubles. for m 2 .

About turning the old house into a new one in the following video:

An order in a building campaign is beneficial for many reasons:

  • Hosts receive a comprehensive solution to several problems.
  • Reconstruction is carried out by performers of high qualification, according to the proven technology.
  • Owners are given a plan (with deadlines) and a budget.
  • A guarantee is issued for all construction work and materials (for 3-5 years).
  • Many firms offer the option of phased payment.

projects, prices in Moscow, photo

Two lives of one house
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After 30-40 years of operation, any wooden house requires, if not reconstruction, then thorough repair. Even if it seems to the owners of the old building that demolition will be the best solution to the problem, advice from a person with a lot of practical experience will be useful. In practice, it may turn out that strong wood is under the sloppy and dark top layer, and the reconstruction will take much less time and money than building a new house.


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