How much money is needed to build a cottage

Many modern residents of megalopolises dream of their own country house or summer cottage. Someone wants to spend the weekend at a cozy cottage with their own garden or garden, someone - to move to the house for good. There are a large number of different construction options for the dacha, where you can make a universal type of construction or save if necessary. Armed with the information from this article, you will be able to plan a budget and find out price guidelines for construction.

How much money is needed to build a cottage

Preliminary cost calculation is the first step in building a house

What factors influence the cost of construction

In the last years more and more, you can see protracted, in which no one will ever live, despite the fact that people have invested in them a large amount of labor and money. That is why the first thing that is required is a well-thought-out project. Once you have a clear idea of ​​a country house, you can contact a specialist. The project of a small cottage (from 6 to 10 acres) will cost about 10,000 - 12,000 rubles without regard to landscape design. If you want something extraordinary, exclusive, with the selection of landscape style, plants, decorative elements, the project will cost an average of 2000 per square meter. In order to save money, you can do without a project only if you have design and construction skills.

How much money is needed to build a cottage

The project will cost from 10 thousand rubles

The following factors also affect the cost of construction:

  1. Location of the dacha (if the settlement is located in a remote place, communication can be quite difficult and expensive).
  2. Basic purpose (is it planned to rest only in the warm season or also in the cold, if the house is suitable for permanent residence).
  3. Soil and terrain of the site (so, for example, with unstable soil it will be necessary to strengthen the foundation).
  4. The main material - the most wear-resistant and durable are stone and brick, which are quite expensive. The best option for the suburban area - wood.
  5. Land plot form - planning and design directly depend on it.
  6. Architectural, design solutions - for example, a fireplace, a barbecue area, or decorative windows also increase costs.

How much money is needed to build a cottage

Complex architectural forms will increase the cost of building

Main expenses and where you can save

After the project is ready, you can proceed to detailed calculations. At the same time it is necessary to take into account not only the cost of building materials, but also additional expenses. Basic costs:

  1. For building materials - price + shipping cost (keep in mind that prices may increase during the repair season in the fall and spring).
  2. To pay for the work crew.
  3. For transportation - the cost of delivery of equipment, tools to the place of construction.
  4. For additional services - the protection of building materials, the organization of a building site, and facilities for the brigade.

How much money is needed to build a cottage

The choice of building materials significantly influences the cost of

Most of the costs can be reduced by saving on workers' pay and building do it yourself But keep in mind that this method is not suitable for everyone and, moreover, will delay the time of construction. You can also save on materials, for example, by replacing bricks with more affordable foam concrete blocks. So, the price of a box of a country house made of brick will be about two million rubles, and you will have to pay about a million for a similar box of foam concrete blocks. Also a budget option are houses made of polystyrene foam.

You can get acquainted with popular projects of houses made of brick and foam blocks from companies represented at the exhibition Low-rise country on our website.

Approximate construction costs

To estimate the cost of building a particular house, consider the average prices on the current market.


A plot in the Moscow region of 10 acres will cost an average of 800,000 rubles, taking into account the communications package. You can find cheaper options, but with a big difference with the specified amount it is better to check everything very carefully when buying.

How much money is needed to build a cottage

10 hectare plot plan


A project with landscape design will cost 20,000 rubles, more a simple option - from 12,000. Ignoring order of the project is not worth it. If you want to save, it is better to dwell on the model one.

Preparatory work

Preparatory work will cost at least 70 000 r. These will include:

  • clearing a site,
  • garbage collection,
  • installation of a temporary trailer in which materials will be stored.

How much money is needed to build a cottage

You can rent a temporary container

If you plan to invite a team to work, you need to take care also of installing utility room for its placement.

The foundation, the box, the roof, the internal communications

The foundation, the box made of brick will cost from 60 000 r. per square meter, taking into account construction work. A bit cheaper will be the cost of a house of timber and foam concrete. The price of the roof, as a rule, costs 20-30% of the value of the whole house.

Finishing work

The price for exterior finish starts from 6,000 rubles per square meter. Interior decoration, taking into account the simplest design, will cost from 17,000 rubles.

How much money is needed to build a cottage

Among the wide range of materials for finishing you can always find promotional offers


Summing up, we can say that the cost of a brick country house with a size of 10 by 10 m can be from 2 million rubles and above. As for the time, it may take 4 to 6 months to build a brick house or a foam block house, taking into account the internal and external decoration. It may take about a year to build a house from a bar, as this material requires shrinkage.

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