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Initially, this style may seem too simple, dry and primitive. But it is worth looking at it, as its true essence is shown - lightness, special expressiveness, desire for comfort, mixed with practicality. The minimalist style is gaining popularity around the world. More and more country houses and interiors, decorated using minimalist techniques, appear, and this does not affect the quality of the design - both the buildings and the interiors attract with their unsurpassed elegance and tranquility. The style creates a calm atmosphere, sheltering from the outside world, saturated with events and information.

projects, design ideas of modern interiors, photos of stylish solutions

The project of the house in the style of minimalism with the second light and the pool

The history of the origin of the style

The sources of minimalism can be it is certain that avant-garde trends that have emerged and rapidly gained strength in the 1920s and 30s of the last century are constructivism and functionalism. New time required new ideas. The frilly decorativeness and embellishment are gone; their place was taken by forms and techniques based on brevity and functionality.

The modern exterior and interior of minimalism finally took shape in the post-war era, in the 50-60s of the last century, when the revolutionary-minded youth struggled with the consumer and hoarding society. As a result, a trend emerged that covered all areas of art. Simplicity and conciseness entrenched both in architecture and in interior design.

projects, design ideas of modern interiors, photos of stylish solutions

A sample of modern minimalism in the design of a studio room

Signs of style in architecture and interior

Unlike other areas, the emphasis here is shifted from aesthetics to functionality. The minimalist architecture and exterior are described by the following features:

  • The design is based on a combination of vertical and horizontal lines ; there are practically no diagonal and curved silhouettes. The classic roof in the style of minimalism - a flat, allowing to arrange a viewing platform or a terrace for rest.

  • Materials are used like natural (wood and stone), and artificial , including those that successfully imitate natural texture. It is not forbidden to combine expensive and budgetary materials - not cost, but functionality and suitability in this particular project comes to the fore.

projects, design ideas of modern interiors, photos of stylish solutions

Strict geometry is a basic characteristic of the style
  • Minimalist houses look naturally in any landscape, because in the design of the natural color palette is used. The priority is white and black, as well as all sorts of shades of gray and brown. The strict range is allowed to be diluted with beige, green, purple colors; No screaming, “acidic” shades are allowed. Usually, two contrasting shades and two additional shades are taken as a basis, helping to set accents.

In the interior design of a country house, the rules of the exterior are used; There are also a number of additional postulates:

  • The basis of the style is freedom . It is expressed in the openness and spaciousness of the premises, not cluttered with objects. The feeling of air is created through the use of multi-level lighting, glass and mirror surfaces.

  • Laconic and unobtrusive, graphic color range . Monochrome (gray or white) walls are welcome. The design does not see abstract drawings, cells or floral ornaments.

projects, design ideas of modern interiors, photos of stylish solutions

A recognizable feature of minimalism is the graphic quality of the palette
  • Decoration materials simple, natural , often with a rough untreated surface. Concrete, glass, brick, metal, wood are welcome; you can often find plaster.

Minimalism-style cottage projects

A modern minimalist house can be easily distinguished from other buildings due to the combination of simple volumetric solutions in the design - cubes and parallelepipeds, as well as trapezoid and spherical sections. In the implemented projects, there are other signs of architectural minimalism, among which are:

  • Solidity . The house creates a persistent feeling of a whole, even if it consists of several (usually two or three) blocks. The feeling does not spoil the presence of an open terrace, often encircling the building, of various levels and niches. Asymmetry is also characteristic of the design.

projects, design ideas of modern interiors, photos of stylish solutions

A typical minimalist house-style project
  • Floors . The most common single-storey projects, as the most economical. Such houses retain their functionality and space; however, they minimize the cost of design and engineering communications.Two- and three-storey projects are distinguished by non-standard architectural solutions (from the second floor you can go out to a large terrace, to a winter garden or to the pool).

  • Selection of materials . Projects of houses in the style of minimalism often use foam and gas-concrete blocks. They significantly increase the speed of construction and at the same time give the structure the necessary rigor and rigidity given by the project. Often the material for the construction is brick and frame construction (with a steel base). Concrete is also in demand - many women are built in a monolithic way.

About the features of minimalism in the following video:

  • Significant glazing area . This technique helps to visually expand the living space and fill it with sunlight. To create the effect of perspective and depth, not only panoramic windows (sometimes with tinting), but also glass partitions are widely used. The shape of the window openings is always rectangular; the style does not allow the use of shaped parts, arched structures and stained glass inserts.

  • Smooth walls . Unlike extremely technological functionalism, minimalism emphasizes the creation of a holistic image. Therefore, the suture joints are carefully masked, the walls are aligned, any convex decorative parts are not allowed.

  • Facade decoration . The background of the facade walls often serves as concrete. For its decoration use plaster, natural and decorative stone, composite panels, plank (front board), clinker tiles.

projects, design ideas of modern interiors, photos of stylish solutions

Using tempered glass in the decoration of a terrace fence for a house project in the style of minimalism
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  • Difference from hi-tech . Styles are often confused because of the similarity of the exterior in many ways. Both directions use the correct geometric shapes, discreet colors and a large glass area. The difference lies in the use of materials. The exterior of high-tech projects are basic concrete, glass and steel. The design of minimalism is not so categorical and allows for a combination of two or three facade finishing materials, due to which it looks more elegant.

About Scandinavian minimalism in the following video:

Types of minimalism in suburban architecture

Initially homogeneous The style became cosmopolitan, and in different countries gradually began to acquire features of the local color. Today, there are several generally accepted areas:

  • Soft-minimal . Minimalistic space seemed cold to many and unsuitable for a comfortable life. This is how soft minimalism appeared, softening excessive sterility and eclecticism. The effect is achieved through the use of a warm color palette, natural textures and light accents. The country house looks more attractive due to its lining with plaster, wood and stone. The exterior is dominated by sand, cream and beige shades, diluted with deep brown and gray tones.

projects, design ideas of modern interiors, photos of stylish solutions

Design of the house in the style of soft minimalism
  • Eco -minimalism . In the construction and decoration of such houses, priority is given exclusively to natural materials, stone and wood. Acceptable add-ons are glass, plaster and ceramics. The roof in such projects finds new application: a green lawn settles on it, flowers are planted, and there is often a place for solar panels. To make the building fit well into the surrounding landscape, the walls are given various shades of green and brown.

  • Scandinavian minimalism . Such projects use a large amount of natural wood in Northern Europe. Panoramic glazing is widely used; thanks to modern technology, heat losses through large windows are minimized. The inner space is often combined according to the studio principle - in the north they try to use the sunlight to the maximum.

About the nuances of minimalism in the following video:

  • Japanese minimalism . Creating a project requires the designer to have an excellent taste and sense of proportion in using the contrasting black and white gamut in the facade decoration. Graphically verified house has a rectangular volume. Zoning of premises is carried out with the help of wooden, bamboo and glass partitions. Often used a soft, diffused illumination of walls, wall niches and openings. A characteristic feature of the Japanese style is a different level of the floor in different parts of the house.

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Interior Design: Basic Principles

Unlike other ways to design a house, minimalism rarely allows for a mixture of styles. The interior of a country house in the style of minimalism is based on the same simple and expressive techniques as the exterior. The following principles are taken as a basis:

  • Freedom . The design of such housing is impossible to imagine without empty spaces. However, the space is carefully thought out and organized, so the rooms do not look abandoned. The style is characterized by open spaces with high ceilings.

projects, design ideas of modern interiors, photos of stylish solutions

The main goal is free space
  • Texture . The interior design uses wood, artificial and natural stone, chrome steel, ceramics and glass. For selection use brickwork, uneven plaster, metal with decorative patina.

  • Light . Thoughtful lighting plays an important role as it participates in the zoning of premises and helps to place accents. Light emphasizes architectural details and single out individual objects (vase, painting or sculpture). To create diffused light using central and point sources, halogen or neon lamps.

  • Color . Classic minimalism is white, black and intermediate gray tones that create a graphic effect in the room. Also considered acceptable are all shades of natural wood, ocher and clay, beige and khaki. Modern interpretation of the style allows you to use other bright colors as accents, for example, in the decoration of walls with colored plaster or tiles. The bathroom in the basic colors of minimalism creates a feeling of freshness and sophistication, even without additional accessories.

About the bathroom in a minimalist style in the following video:

  • Furniture . Rooms are furnished in a simple form, but elegant furniture. Cabinet furniture is smooth front surfaces without a hint of decorative details. For upholstery of sofas and chairs, choose natural leather or dense monochromatic fabric. A suitable option would be multifunctional furniture: beds with drawers, tables, cabinets, modular upholstered furniture.

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Interior Details

Simple, understandable forms of decor in a minimalist style give a sense of calm and stability. The design of the basic elements of rooms have the characteristic features:

  • Ceiling . It should be tall, bright and solid; gray, sand and beige shades are preferred. If the area of ​​the room allows, stretch multi-level ceilings are installed, which can carry the additional function of zoning. The ceilings are complex in shape, complemented by point and hidden lighting.

projects, design ideas of modern interiors, photos of stylish solutions

The use of diverse lighting in the interior of the living room
  • Gender . For him choose high-quality materials of natural shades, without a pattern and pattern; in different rooms coating may be different. To maintain the style of use of porcelain tiles (preferably large), carpet, linoleum, self-leveling floor. The parquet board is laid in a straight or deck manner.

  • Walls . Walls should not attract attention; they are made monochrome and monolithic. However, the selection (zoning) using wood panels, clinker or masonry. The walls or niches are distinguished by glass, tile or ground cement.

  • Decor . Excludes the use of catchy textiles; bright cushions, bowls and numerous photos on the mantelpiece can hopelessly spoil the style decision. Windows remain open, or are equipped with roller blinds, blinds or translucent fabric curtains.

projects, design ideas of modern interiors, photos of stylish solutions

Accessories are selected in the basic range of style

Among other ways to design a modern interior, a minimalist style valued for clear and precise approach. The design of each room of a country house has its own nuances:

  • Living room . It often represents a single space with a kitchen and dining room. To the room did not look loaded, use the built-in furniture. The laconic facade of the built-in wardrobe, devoid of decor and handles, best meets the requirements of style. Upholstered furniture (armchairs and sofas) should have a simple rectangular or square shape, without frivolous bends and bent legs. The panoramic window and the view from it can become a major part of the interior of the living room.

projects, design ideas of modern interiors, photos of stylish solutions

The living room in the style of minimalism
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  • Bedroom . Here, nothing should distract from a good rest.Therefore, built-in wardrobes, in which it is convenient to store the necessary things, are of great importance. The center of the composition is a bed of simple shape, comfortable and low. Ate minimalist color scheme seems insufficient to create comfort, it is diluted with additional colors - beige, ivory, purple, terracotta. The walls in the bedroom are decorated with paint, textured plaster, polished wood panels or plain wallpaper.

projects, design ideas of modern interiors, photos of stylish solutions

Eco-minimalist bedroom
  • Kitchen . The kitchen in this house is a perfectionist paradise. In an ideal kitchen in a minimalist style, only flat surfaces are visible, which is especially appropriate in spacious combined rooms. All parts in the working area are hidden in numerous cabinets, kitchen appliances are preferably built-in. A good solution would be to purchase a table with a glass top; Chairs with a chrome metal frame will look harmonious. For the design of the kitchen choose tricolor or monochrome (for example, completely white) solution. Such a design will not lose relevance for many years.

projects, design ideas of modern interiors, photos of stylish solutions

Kitchen as part of a combined space
  • Bathroom . A spacious bathroom allows you to sustain the style in the best way. For its design choose a bright color scheme (which additionally increases the room visually) with a few bright accents. Preference is given not to rounded, but to rectangular shapes; this applies to both the cabinets and the bathtub, as well as the washbasin and mirror. A good solution would be suspension equipment, visually increasing the volume.

projects, design ideas of modern interiors, photos of stylish solutions

Minimalist bathroom with Japanese notes

Interior design in the style of Japanese minimalism

Japanese national traditions evoke a steady interest among European designers. Eastern culture with its simple forms creates a sense of security and therefore is so in demand in the modern technogenic world. For the interior design of a country house in the Japanese style, use the following basic principles:

  • Try to use only natural materials .

  • Choose three (less often four) colors , making the interior look restrained, if not ascetic.

  • Characteristic for Japanese homes Shoji partitions are installed only in truly spacious rooms.

  • Zones of the space not only with the help of illumination, but also the level and color of the floor.

projects, design ideas of modern interiors, photos of stylish solutions

Minimalism in Japanese
  • Choose furniture with strict geometric shapes , use a lot of built-in wardrobes with sliding doors.

  • Accessories are concise and few . This may be graphics in simple frames, unglazed ceramics, lamps with shades of rice paper.

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Minimalism in the interior is an opportunity not only to decorate a country house in an original way, but also to emphasize a well-defined attitude. A style that cuts off all unnecessary will suit nature lovers and people who strive for orderliness in life and thoughts. Despite the seeming simplicity of design, the design of such a home will always be a model of style and practicality.

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