is it possible to use mat capital for construction

Improving the living conditions for your family sooner or later becomes a vital necessity and usually the solution is to build a private house. But the cost of new housing is quite high. For this, it is possible to save money for a lifetime. Fortunately, there are faster opportunities to finance in this case. The fact is that the state provides assistance for the acquisition of new housing. One of its types is the opportunity to build a new home for the mother's capital.

is it possible to use mat capital for construction

Legally, maternity capital can be used to buy real estate

However, money is provided on strictly defined conditions and it should be understood exactly how you can take advantage of such funding when building a house.

What is maternity capital?

There is a federal program providing for the allocation of funds to the mother who gave birth to her second child. This measure also applies if there has been an adoption. In 2018, the amount of maternity capital is 453,000 rubles.

This money is not paid into the hands, the family disposes of it with the permission of the Pension Fund. The latter makes the final decision, but the initiative of payment can belong only to owners of capital. Money is transferred directly to the seller.

It should be noted that in addition to this program, in many regions of the country there are options for the provision of tangible capital, which represent additional assistance. They either provide additional financial resources or expand the list of permitted ways to use the money provided.

is it possible to use mat capital for construction

Maternal capital is not cash, but a certificate for which you can purchase certain goods and services

Which house is better to buy at maternity capital

The amount of assistance provided by the state in the form of maternity capital is large enough, but usually it is still not enough to fully cover the cost of new housing. Therefore, both the financial affordability of buying a new home and the quality and durability of the acquired home are important.

All these criteria are met at home from a bar. In addition, this construction technology has the following advantages:

  • Affordable price . A house built from this material is significantly cheaper than other construction options.

  • Possibility of relatively quick construction . A team of professionals is able to build such a house in a period of one to three weeks.

  • Sustainable construction . This circumstance is important for the health of those who will live in this house for many decades. At the same time, such a house will have a beneficial effect not only on residents, but also on the environment.

  • If the walls are made of timber, then often there is no need for interior finishing work . Often enough a small amount of decoration - usually a bathroom and a kitchen.

is it possible to use mat capital for construction

An example of how you can build a house for a turnkey maternity capital from a bar
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  • Good thermal insulation . In the winter cold in the house is well kept warm, in the summer - for a long time keeps cool.

  • Reduced requirements for the foundation . The house of the timber is one of the easiest buildings, which means it does not need a powerful, and therefore, an expensive foundation.

There are also disadvantages:

  • There is an increased fire hazard due to the use of wood for walling. In order to solve this problem, special impregnations are applied to the wooden parts, which are able to protect against fire.

  • The destructive effect of moisture and the possibility of rotting wooden parts. To avoid this risk, the walls are sheathed with siding. Additionally, on the roof make high-quality drain.

It can be concluded that a house from a bar is a profitable option for acquiring using parent capital.

How to get the rights to "parent capital"

These funds are allowed to be used only for financing in the following cases:

  1. Improving the living conditions for the family as a whole and for the child.

  2. Pay for children's education.

  3. Payment for increase in mother’s pension.

As can be seen, the answer to the question: whether it is possible to use the maternity capital for the construction of a house corresponds to the first of the indicated directions.

is it possible to use mat capital for construction

Using maternity capital to improve living conditions: the most important thing here is the exception

It should be noted that in the process of building a house costs may have a different character. Not in all cases for payment you can use it.

In addition, the final decision is not made by the owner of the parent capital, but by the Pension Fund, which is obliged to ensure that the rights of the child are not violated when moving to a new home. This, in particular, means:

  • the quality of housing in the new house will not be lower than the former;

  • the amount of living space that will fall on one a person will be no less than at the previous place of residence.

If the Pension Fund agrees to pay, the money in the required amount will be transferred to the building contractor.

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All options for applying mat capital for the construction of a house from a bar

Capital can only be paid when it comes to building a house or renovating it. The last statement is required to clarify. One of the requirements is that the increase in living space should not be less than the rate per person in the area. If houses are being built under the parent capital in the Moscow region, then its value is 18 square meters. m.

is it possible to use mat capital for construction

Social norm of housing in Moscow
Reconstruction means significant changes in the building, which are aimed at increasing the living space. This may be the completion of rooms, attic or another floor.

Building a house for maternity capital: the subtleties of the process

It should be noted that the house to be built has certain requirements :

  1. Each site is subject to territorial zoning. It is important that the land where construction is carried out is a residential area.

  2. All necessary communications must be connected to the house. In some cases, the absence of a centralized gas supply, sewerage or water supply is permissible.

  3. The building must be capital with a solid foundation and bearing walls.

  4. The performance of the house structure is important. The safety, performance and durability of the engineering structures of a private house, as well as the safety of the people living here, must be ensured.

A house cannot have more than three floors and must be located on the territory of the Russian Federation.

You cannot buy land for a house or pay a rent out of this money.

is it possible to use mat capital for construction

Not all purchases can use maternity capital

Procedure and list of documents

apply for financial means it is necessary to prepare a package of documents .

  1. The contract that was entered into with the construction contractor.

  2. Details for the payment of the amount.

  3. A statement expressing a desire to make a payment of maternity capital to pay for the services of a construction company.

  4. Documents that give the legal right to build on this plot of land. This may be, for example, the right of ownership, use or a lease agreement entered into.

  5. Permission to conduct construction, which was issued by local authorities.

  6. Marriage certificate, if the husband is involved in the business (the mother’s capital belongs to the wife).

  7. Certificate that certifies the right to use the parent capital.

  8. A document that confirms the identity of the owner of the parent capital.

  9. Obligation, which indicates that the house will be decorated as a common property after construction.

This set of papers is submitted to the Pension Fund in order for the construction contractor to receive payment from the parent capital.

Clearly about using maternity capital for building a house, see the video:

It is allowed to apply for payment only if the child at whose birth the maternity capital was issued turned 3 of the year. If a loan was taken, then you can take the capital as soon as it was granted.

The money goes to the construction company’s account within one to two months.

What if you don’t give out money without a reason

In some cases, payment can be refused and if you don’t solve the problem, you will only have to pay for the construction of a house from your pocket. There are a great many different nuances, but they have only two solutions:

  • The failure occurred for a specifically specified and justified reason - for example, the documents were incorrectly filed, there are no data and so on.In this case, it remains to determine the cause of the refusal as precisely as possible and correct the indicated shortcomings.

  • If, according to the applicant, the refusal is unlawful and in fact there are no reasons for this, then there are only two ways: contact the parent institution of the Pension Fund, and if that does not help, try to defend their rights in court. In any case, you should try to get a refusal in writing.

What changes have occurred in the legislation on maternity capital, see the following video:

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It is quite possible to build a turnkey house with maternal capital. Depending on whether you are ready to spend additional funds, the house may be small or large, but in any case it will be your own housing. If you want to get a house for the minimum price, then look for projects of houses from timber or similar technology, but the main thing in this matter is to find a responsible and competent construction company.

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