Projects of two-storey houses 7 by 9, layouts 7x9, prices for construction in Moscow, photos

Projects of compact country houses and cottages are in steady demand. Such buildings are comfortable enough for an average-sized family - each of the residents can get their own room. Small house is especially valuable if the land is small or inconvenient in shape. In this case, choosing a project of house 7 by 9, two-storey or with an attic, you get the opportunity not only to get a full-fledged housing, but also to save maximum space for other useful things (garden, gazebos or baths).

Projects of two-storey houses 7 by 9, layouts 7x9, prices for construction in Moscow, photos

A small building area is an important advantage

The advantages and disadvantages of two-story houses

Compact two-story houses have a number of undeniable Benefits:

  • Finance Savings . A small area of ​​the house means a small basement area, which, however, must be strong enough to withstand two floors. If you are determined to build a brick house, you may not be able to save on the foundation. But, if you choose a log or frame house and abandon the basement room, the savings are real.

  • Area Savings . Obvious benefits for a small plot of land. A two-storey project of a 7x9 house can have a living area from 90 to 126 m 2 (depending on the project features). The construction of such a cottage will free up additional space, which will allow to decorate the site with a gazebo or treat yourself to a bath.

  • Presentable appearance . A two-story building has much more opportunities to look solid than a house with one floor. The image plays both height and architectural possibilities - the design of the facade, the shape of the roof, balconies and bay windows.

Projects of two-storey houses 7 by 9, layouts 7x9, prices for construction in Moscow, photos

A compact house of vulture panels in an elegant European style
  • Flexible planning . Even a modest two-storey cottage has significant potential in the division of internal space. As a rule, on the first floor the family spends most of the day, the second floor is intended for recreation.

  • Effective design . An additional bonus (which sometimes becomes the main argument when choosing a two-story house) is the opportunity to have a living room with a second light. This design (when there are no ceilings in the room) creates the effect of spaciousness and looks very stylish.

  • Emotional comfort . Life on the second floor is felt by many as more comfortable, especially if the house is surrounded by a picturesque landscape.

There are two-storey housing and disadvantages associated with the design features:

  • Complex communications . Additional financial costs will require the organization of wiring heating, water supply and sanitation. You will also need an elaborate system of ventilation and electrical wiring.

  • Ladder . Even a modest-sized staircase will require 4-5 m 2 on each floor. And taking into account the hall in front of it (another 4-5 m 2 on each floor), the area occupied by this necessary device can reach up to 18-20 m 2 .

Projects of two-storey houses 7 by 9, layouts 7x9, prices for construction in Moscow, photos

Using the space under the stairs - a test of creativity for the hosts

In addition, the stairs absorb a considerable amount part of the useful area (sometimes up to 20%!), it is a potential source of risk for the youngest and oldest family members. On the other hand, the space occupied by the stairs is not completely lost - under it you can arrange a pantry or a spacious wardrobe.

  • Balcony . Who has not dreamed of drinking a cup of coffee (or tea) on the balcony, enjoying the surrounding views and the singing of birds! In fact, everything is much more prosaic. Few people want to endlessly warp a tray between the first (where the kitchen is usually located) and the second floor. Especially if a cozy terrace adjoins the kitchen, and the living room has a fireplace. A balcony can significantly increase the cost of building a house, which does not affect its benefit - in most cases it is practically not used.

Variety of projects

Country house 7 by 9, two-storey, half-mansard or mansard, in most cases provided for year-round living. For construction, any construction technology is used, but mostly cottages are made of such materials:

  • Brick . Brick walls are a good option, but it requires a solid foundation and is more expensive than other materials.

Projects of two-storey houses 7 by 9, layouts 7x9, prices for construction in Moscow, photos

What is the approximate layout of a two-story cottage for an average family
  • Gas and foam blocks . You can get a budget and high-quality housing, not inferior to the comfort of brick and wooden buildings.

  • Tree . More often projects from a usual (planed) or profiled bar are offered.Houses from glued timber have higher operational characteristics, but they are more expensive.

  • Frame Structures . They allow you to save on the foundation (because they have a small weight). Technological and often undervalued option.

When choosing a 7x9 house, particular attention should be paid to the construction of the second floor, on which the final size of the useful area depends (sometimes important). Constructive top floor is chosen from the following options:

  • Full second floor . In such a house, the areas of the first and second floors coincide, and under the roof there is a cold attic. The building has a maximum usable area.

  • Semi-loft . In this project, the external walls on the second floor are reduced, and the ceiling has a significant slope. The design of the premises imposes certain restrictions - the ceiling slope makes it difficult to place furniture and move people.

Projects of two-storey houses 7 by 9, layouts 7x9, prices for construction in Moscow, photos

Differences in the construction of two-story houses
  • Attic . The walls of the premises of the second floor are shifted inside the structure. The ceiling has a quite acceptable small slope, but in general the second floor has a minimum usable area. Despite the reduction in living space, many agree to put up with restrictions that are somewhat offset by the original appearance of the attic space.

On our site you can familiarize yourself with the most popular projects of two-storey houses from construction companies represented at the exhibition “Low-Rise Country”.

Features of the layout

Despite the small area, the layout of the house 7 by 9 allows you to include all the necessary for a comfortable living space and an extension (garage, terrace or veranda). Projects are complemented by a porch, bay windows or a balcony, as well as a high-grade fireplace.

A two-storey house measuring 7x9 is suitable for four people (usually two adults and two children). Depending on the design of the second floor, the building may have a different layout.

Projects of two-storey houses 7 by 9, layouts 7x9, prices for construction in Moscow, photos

A variant of the layout of the first floor

House with an attic

The project area is approximately 90-100 m 2 . In a rationally executed floor-by-floor planning, the rooms are divided as follows:

  • On the first floor . Here they plan a place for a hallway (often located near a wardrobe or pantry), a boiler room and a bathroom. The living room is often combined into a common space with a kitchen and dining room. The area of ​​the first floor can be slightly increased by means of a bay window.

  • On the top floor . There are three bedrooms and a small hall in front of the stairs. If you reduce the size of the bedrooms, you can allocate space for a modest study.

House with a semi-loft

The area of ​​the house can reach 100-120 m 2 . The floor layout of the premises is distributed as follows:

  • First floor . The area is divided into an entrance hall, bathroom, dressing room, kitchen, boiler room and living room. Place a dining room can take a bedroom or office.

  • Top floor . There are two or three bedrooms, a bathroom. The hall near the stairs may have a balcony.

Projects of two-storey houses 7 by 9, layouts 7x9, prices for construction in Moscow, photos

The attic opens up new possibilities for the interior design of the bedroom

Two-storey house

Residential the area reaches 126-132 m 2 , on which such premises are distributed:

  • On the first floor . The space is divided into an entrance hall, a hall in front of the stairs, a small bathroom (the bath is replaced by a shower), a kitchen and a spacious living room.

  • On the second floor . It provides three or four bedrooms, surrounding hall, bathroom. The living area of ​​the house can be supplemented by a two-story bay window.

On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of building houses. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Designing small-sized two-story houses

Comparing a relatively dimensional one-story house 9 to 9, a two-story project of a 7x7 house is economically most justified if the number of corridors and halls is minimized. When choosing a project you should pay attention to the total area of ​​useless square meters. There are options in which the total area of ​​such premises can reach 30% of the total living area, which is completely unacceptable. Construction companies offer a variety of projects of country houses with the possibility of their implementation.

Projects of two-storey houses 7 by 9, layouts 7x9, prices for construction in Moscow, photos

A variant of the layout of the second floor

Projects can be of two types:

  • Typical . Such projects are convenient in that they are adapted to the region of construction (they take into account climatic conditions and soil parameters).The customer can make changes (minor ones are free, significant ones are paid additionally). If you order not only the project, but also the construction of a house, the project is usually cost free.

  • Original . You can order the project in the original design style or with a non-standard layout, and it will be designed from scratch.

About I-beam frame house:

As a result, the customer receives a full package of project documentation, which consists of several sections:

  • Architectural . A set of architectural and construction drawings with exact dimensions.

  • Constructive . Includes a detailed description and characteristics of the elements of the building - the foundation, roof, floors.

  • Engineering . It contains a plan for water supply, heating and drainage systems, a ventilation plan, electrical wiring.

Projects of two-storey houses 7 by 9, layouts 7x9, prices for construction in Moscow, photos

A project with a bay window allows you to increase the usable area
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Planning of two-storey houses for non-standard plots

A house project intended for placement on a narrow plot has its own characteristics: 14>

  • A single wall is made without windows - this allows you to position the building close to the border of the land plot (taking into account sanitary norms). The place is chosen in such a way that the front facade faces the more illuminated part of the site.

  • Space along the length of the shadow (back) side plan under technical rooms (kitchen, pantry, bathroom, boiler room ). Along the walls with good lighting arrange the living room and bedroom.

  • Design of two-storey houses

    House 7x9 project with an excellent layout can be made in any style. The most sought-after areas are: classic European-style buildings and more daring hi-tech houses in the architectural sense. Popular projects without architectural excesses, aesthetically restrained. So that such a house does not look primitive and boring, it is decorated with a terrace or a veranda, the facade is decorated using various finishing materials.

    Projects of two-storey houses 7 by 9, layouts 7x9, prices for construction in Moscow, photos

    Cottage in modern style with double light

    Construction of small two-story houses

    The main advantage of attic houses is more low cost, when compared with buildings on two full floors. On the other hand, in a two-story dwelling, the usable space on the second floor is not limited to the roof structure, which provides its advantages: full-sized rooms for which you can install large windows and the use of a loft.

    For developers who have opted for a two-story house measuring 7x9, the best option for construction will be to contact a construction company with considerable experience. The company's specialists will be able to offer comprehensive services for the construction of the house. The advantages of working with professionals:

    • Possibility of choosing a finished (with revision if necessary) project or ordering an original layout .

    • Contract and execution of all permits documents .

    • Transparent estimate for all types of work and building materials.

    • Organized process . Deliveries of materials pass according to the plan, and construction goes without idle time.

    Prefab houses. What is a double volume frame?

    • Possibility to save . Many organizations work without intermediaries with suppliers of materials and have their own production (especially for lumber).

    • Quality performance of work without prepayment (payment after the fact is stage by stage).

    • Warranty on quality of work (and sometimes on some building materials).

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    Prices for two-storey houses 7x9

    Prices for some typical two-storey buildings in the Moscow region are:

    • A house from a bar (normal or profiled) . Up to 100 m 2 - 720-950 thousand rubles. ; from 100 m 2 - 1,280-1,400 million rubles. The price does not include the foundation; it is calculated individually and can be tape, slab or pile-screw.

    • House from turnkey glued lumber . Up to 100 m 2 - 2,150-3,350 million rubles. ; from 100 m 2 - 3,260-4,870 million rubles.

    • House of foam or gas blocks . Up to 100 m 2 - 0.750-0. 950 million rubles. ; from 100 m 2 - 1,340-1,890 million rubles.

    • Frame house . Up to 100 m 2 - 0.950-1. 550 million rubles. ; from 100 m 2 - 1,130-1,990 million rubles.Frame housing is a leader in terms of construction; over time, it can be expanded by adding a dwelling or utility room.

    Projects of two-storey houses 7 by 9, layouts 7x9, prices for construction in Moscow, photos

    Model 7x9 of aerated concrete in modern style

    Construction companies are willing to meet the customer, advising him and allowing you to make changes or additions to any of the standard projects, which as a result allows you to get a project of 7x9 house with an excellent layout, suitable for your family. The following variations are allowed:

    • Redevelopment of interior spaces.

    • Supplement . The project can be supplemented with a garage, bay window, terrace or balcony.

    • Design Changes . The customer can choose the thickness of the walls and the shape of the roof (the classical duo-pitch roof can be replaced with a hip or sloping roof).

    • Selection of materials . It is easy to replace the roofing material, exterior and interior.

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    Whatever the final project of a two-storey country house 7 by 9, if it is properly designed and adapted to the conditions of a particular plot, and the construction is entrusted to an experienced foreman, the result will be high-quality, compact and economical house for year-round living.


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