Loft country house design - the basic principles of creating a country house interior

Anyone who views the proposed material and studies the published video can learn what a loft design is. The article reveals the history of the creation of the direction, describes the principles of its creation, gives practical advice, allowing to put into practice the main provisions of the style.

Loft country house design - the basic principles of creating a country house interior

Cozy living room in loft style

History and modern style concept

Choose Loft as a stylistic trend specialists recommend to those who want to live in an atmosphere of space and light, who dream of creating a strict, tough environment, but do not want to use bored modern or minimalism for this. The "Loft" style has incorporated the rigor of the areas in which industrial activity is carried out. It appeared as a forced occurrence, but very quickly became a popular trend.

After the end of World War II, many Western countries began to transfer production lines from the centers of cities to their suburbs. As a result, the mayor's office faced a big problem: the buildings built on the territory of the designated facilities became empty and gradually collapse. Real estate prices rose steadily. We decided to take advantage of this fact: the workshops were divided into studios and offered to everyone who wanted to buy residential premises with minimal interior decoration for relatively modest money. They had a lot of space and plenty of natural light. They were immediately chosen by artists, adapting plots for creative studios.

Loft country house design - the basic principles of creating a country house interior

Housing in an abandoned factory

As urban bohemians were often assembled in them, industrial buildings quickly became very popular. People really liked the idea. And soon the urban elite began to settle in industrial districts.

Today, Loft-style interiors are not only equipped in old industrial premises, buildings in this concept are being built from scratch. Outwardly, they look like factory shops, inside authenticity is also preserved. Translated from English, the word "loft" means "loft". That is why the implementation of style involves the creation of deliberate rudeness, which has an artistic faceting.

Loft country house design - the basic principles of creating a country house interior

Art studio in the elevator

Materials for interior decoration

The modern loft interior is based on the following principles:

  • there is almost no internal finishing ;

  • all communications are visible;

  • walls are not plastered, are decorated with brick or putty, the texture of which, after drying, resembles the texture of concrete.

  • floor plank , you can use any finishing coating that allows you to simulate a tree;

  • windows are always large , they let in a lot of natural light, it is the main feature of the style;

  • window openings never do not close with curtains, occasionally blinds are hung up for protection from prying eyes;

  • in the interior finish palette black colors , gray shades, copper paints and ocher dominate, beige, sandy and brown motifs are well suited to them in a couple;

  • all residential area d - one space , zoned using contrasting colors or varied finish materials;

  • free space due to the absence of rigid partitions that create clear functional limits;

  • atypically high ceilings ;

  • an unusual approach to choosing decorative accessories;

  • moderation in the use of furnishings.

Loft country house design - the basic principles of creating a country house interior

A successful example of the implementation of the principles of loft style in one particular interior

Despite the external simplicity, create a design interior in the style of "Loft" is not easy. It is difficult to combine a rough finish with elements of home comfort, to make a comfortable living space for a typical family out of the working atmosphere and industrial surroundings. But if everything is properly thought out at the design stage, it will be possible to realize any, even the wildest ideas.

Nuances of drawing up a project

It is easiest to build one-story frame houses in industrial style. This option has many advantages. A framework from steel and reinforced concrete - an ideal basis. Valid for the designated purpose of the use of the tree. This option will save time and money and give the future building a special expressiveness.

During the construction phase of such a structure and its operation, you can change the configuration of the rooms if necessary: ‚Äč‚Äčleave one large room, make two rooms of it, attach additional units to the main house. They will fit perfectly into the overall stylistic concept. The flexibility to expand living space is another advantage of style choices.

Loft country house design - the basic principles of creating a country house interior

The project of one-story linear construction
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A long, elongated one-story building occupying the largest line of the site is an excellent option for building a country house for those who do not like stairs. The absence of a second floor makes the project estimate cheaper, and a large amount of space is obtained for housing. It begins with a living room hallway. From it, corridors lead to the bedrooms, the kitchen, and the bathrooms.

Country Loft-style cottages suggest a large amount of free space with very high ceilings, with huge full-length windows through which you can observe how the surrounding landscape changes depending on the time of year.

Loft country house design - the basic principles of creating a country house interior

Panoramic windows on the facades of a country house in the loft style

The modern style of the Loft house has a rough but brutal finish, simple but very respectable form. How it is created, you can tell by the example of creating the interior of different rooms.

Living room

In any house, it is the central room, a place that serves as a center for uniting the family and receiving guests. To create an authentic atmosphere, you need to brick two walls out of four, cover the other two with wooden panels or sheets of drywall and simply paint them white. Along the largest place to put a sofa upholstered in leather, on the contrary to organize a television group. Between them to put a transforming table, which, in the case of the arrival of guests, will quickly turn into a large dining room.

Many private homes have fireplaces. They, too, will succeed in fitting into the interior in a loft style, if the portal is trimmed with natural or artificial black stone. In order for the overall decor to look complete, experts recommend hanging bright posters on the walls, or canvases with graffiti. Throw a carpet on the floor, the design of which resembles the addition of geometric shapes.

Loft country house design - the basic principles of creating a country house interior

Designing a fireplace in the living room in the loft style

Special attention should be paid to lighting. It is created using spotlights that emit soft diffused light. Central chandeliers in the living room should not be. The devices are installed in such a way as to highlight one functional area, so two or even three different light scenarios can be used in one interior.

It is desirable for the designated purposes to choose models of light devices, the design of which corresponds to the style. These can be separately seated bulbs on a single metal pipe, spots, whose body resembles black metal boxes, lamps, the ceiling of which is created from a plexus of wire.

Loft country house design - the basic principles of creating a country house interior

Loft-style living room lighting
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It is not to say that the living room loft should be very simple and brutal. Any interior in the first place - living space. Textiles can give it a special comfort. And let the window curtains not be hung on the windows, but you can throw a knitted blanket on the sofa, pillows in pillowcases made of plain sateen and cotton, made in contrasting muted shades. Woolen capes on chairs, long pile carpets are allowed.

The most successful examples of proper design are presented in the video:

To create a stylized interior, you should not overload it, you should not focus on fine details . Things in the room should not be much. Each used loft-style object works to create this direction, improves the chosen style and creates a feeling of home life.

Loft country house design - the basic principles of creating a country house interior

Bright posters on the background of brick walls


This room should turn out to be quieter after renovation than living room, so for the walls it is better to use decorative plaster, which will create the effect of old rubbing. For the floor, choose a gray smoky laminate (according to the texture, the topcoat should imitate concrete).

The central element of the interior is the bed. On the created neutral background, a model that has an unusual headboard will look great. From two sides, it is traditionally possible to install thumbs. They should be made in the simplest forms. If the floor space allows, experts advise to put in a free corner a rocking chair and a large mirror on high legs in a metal frame.

Loft country house design - the basic principles of creating a country house interior

Bed as the main subject of urban interior

It is advisable to use as additional decorative elements:

  • bed cover of dark color for the bed;

  • carpet on the floor with a pattern on the subject of geometry;

  • modular paintings on the walls with a modern image;

  • a strict floor lamp created with metal pipes.

When the whole picture comes together, you get a strict, but very beautiful interior.


The combination of metal and household appliances looks most organically in the designated space. For such surfaces is best suited brick background. The color of her can be different: traditionally ocher, or white, gray or red. If the combination of a kitchen and a living room is provided, the loft style will manifest itself in all its glory. In this case, the design of the zones should be different. Both spaces are combined by using the same decorative elements, or similar lighting details.

Loft country house design - the basic principles of creating a country house interior

The kitchen of their metal against the background of brickwork
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The loft-style kitchen should be equipped with the latest technology. In such an interior pots with homemade flowers will look out of place. But if you want some lively greenery, you need to hang open shelves on any wall. And then put on them black plastic boxes with spicy herbs. Furniture is selected as a single set.

Some useful tips

Furniture in a small area cannot be placed in the center. This technique helps to zone the space, but in a small room it visually reduces the freedom of movement. And this is unacceptable in the loft.

Since this style direction implies dividing the total space into separate zones, the use of central lighting is unacceptable. Each corner should use a separate light script. To do this, it is advisable to purchase lamps of various shapes, sizes, designs.

Loft country house design - the basic principles of creating a country house interior

A characteristic combination of lamps of different shapes

In the video you can see an overview of the apartment in the loft style:

Brick walls must be emphasized, hang bright posters with pictures of beautiful sunsets, road signs, and abstract drawings on them. To decorate the lower space in addition with large floor vases.

If there is no desire to see brickwork inside the house, it can be replaced with decorative plaster with the effect of "under concrete".

If you throw a rectangular carpet on the floor, it will visually increase the space of a small room.

If you wish to add a touch of exclusive to the interior, you need to purchase unusual furniture (for example, a coffee table consisting of several identical elements, one set on top of the other).

An example of how to implement the described ideas on your personal plot clearly demonstrates the following video:

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Generalization on the topic

The Loft style was created for those who like urbanization, for those who consider themselves to be part of the life of the metropolis, and even leaving the country do not want to part with this topic. The loft successfully combines the simplest, at first glance, ideas and complex forms that help to properly organize an open space.


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