turnkey price, cheap to buy a gazebo with a barbecue for giving in Moscow

Today we will tell you what kind of gazebo to order with a barbecue and a turnkey barbecue can be ordered. Our advice will help to understand the variety of the proposed designs. This will give you the necessary knowledge to communicate with the employees of construction companies and you can get exactly what you need and pay as much money for the arrangement of the gazebo as it really costs.

turnkey price, cheap to buy a gazebo with a barbecue for giving in Moscow

Relaxing in the gazebo near the hearth where the meat is cooked is comfortable and practical.

What is the

If you needed a gazebo, turnkey construction is the simplest solution. This will relieve a lot of troubles in finding and delivering materials, workers, choosing the best project. All this for a reasonable price will be taken over by the company specializing in the construction of turnkey arbors.

In this case, you will quickly become the owner of a barbecue gazebo and inexpensively, if compared with independent construction, will avoid all organizational problems. Typical design for rest and eating includes:

  • oven barbecue or barbecue;

  • arbor summer or winter performance;

  • oven for cooking;

  • place for cooking;

  • table , chairs or benches for people;

  • lockers and shelves for dishes and kitchen utensils (optional).

turnkey price, cheap to buy a gazebo with a barbecue for giving in Moscow

The interior of the gazebo can be very diverse, it can even turn on the TV

What are

When the decision was made to order the construction of arbors with a turnkey barbecue, the projects and prices for them are so diverse and varied that without proper theoretical training it will be difficult to understand them. First, depending on the seasonality of use, they can be divided into summer and season gazebos. Secondly, they can differ in the material from which they are constructed:

  • the most expensive brick (with or without glazing);

  • wooden (with or without glazing);

  • the cheapest metal (for the smallest and simplest structures).

If a wooden arbor with a turnkey brazier is selected, the price in Moscow for it will be the wood building material used. The range of materials is wide - from the usual timber and board to materials from valuable sorts of wood that have undergone deep processing. The cost of pavilions made of wood is less than similar brick. It will take from 100 to 1500 thousand rubles to pay for them. For brick porches the price range is from 200 to 2000 thousand rubles.

turnkey price, cheap to buy a gazebo with a barbecue for giving in Moscow

Glazing of double-glazed windows will allow you to enjoy comfort during the autumn and winter during bad weather
On our website you can familiarize yourself with the most popular arbor and other "small forms" - from construction companies represented at the exhibition "Low-Rise Country".

The advantages and weaknesses of wooden arbors

Regarding the brick construction, the construction of a standard wooden arbor for giving is inexpensive. With a brazier or barbecue, a wood pavilion will have less weight. Therefore, its installation does not require a massive foundation, and this significantly reduces the cost of construction. In addition, if necessary, a wooden arbor can be disassembled and moved to a new location.

The main advantages of wooden structures are:

  • optimal thermal conductivity , environmental safety and good hygienic parameters of natural material;

  • optimal humidity level inside the arbor due to the processes of absorption and evaporation of moisture by the wood fibers;

  • harmonious appearance arbors with a dacha space

  • wide possibilities for design structures;

  • long periods of operation;

  • special positive power engineering a and a pleasant aroma of natural wood.

turnkey price, cheap to buy a gazebo with a barbecue for giving in Moscow

A high-quality wooden veranda with a stove is the maximum closeness to nature
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The main weakness of wooden structures is the flammability of wood. But the risk of fire can be reduced to almost zero, if the construction comply with all standards of fire safety (including special impregnation of the material). Also, for a tree arbor to serve for a long time, it needs regular care.

The cost of wooden structures, depending on the type of construction, is:

  • from 100 to 500 thousand rubles. for typical arbors;

  • from 200 to 400 thousand rubles. for grill houses;

  • from 250 to 400 thousand rubles. for summer kitchens ;

  • from 500 thousand rubles.for products non-standard forms

turnkey price, cheap to buy a gazebo with a barbecue for giving in Moscow

When operating the veranda with a firebox, one should not forget about the fire risks and its consequences

Advantages and weaknesses of brick arbors

A brick arbor is usually built in the resting place that is planned to be used for decades. The large weight of the brick and its price certainly increase the cost of building an arbor for cooking. For it, a massive and reliable foundation is needed; without it, there is a high probability of subsidence and deformation of the structure. In addition, the cost of the gazebo increases due to the longer period of its construction (labor costs) compared with a wooden veranda. However, for this money the consumer gets the following benefits :

  • fire safety ;

  • frost resistance ;

  • high strength ;

  • wide possibilities for design of the interior and exterior;

  • not susceptible to rotting;

  • prolonged preserving the original appearance;

  • minimum care for the veranda.

turnkey price, cheap to buy a gazebo with a barbecue for giving in Moscow

A stone porch with a barbecue stove and barbecue is practically the second home in the country
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The cost of standard products made of brick and stone is 200-600 thousand rubles. , the price for the original construction of a large area starts from 500 thousand rubles and can reach up to 2 million rubles or more.

Advantages and weaknesses of metal arbors

These are the simplest designs. Depending on the version, they can provide almost all the functionality (in terms of cooking meat, fish or poultry). The average price for them is from 10 to 40 thousand rubles, so almost any summer resident can buy metal structures that have ready-made barbeques for a gazebo. For this price, the consumer will receive a design that includes (part optional):

  • metal frame ;

  • roof (the most practical is a curved shape);

  • barbecue , oven, barbecue oven;

  • tabletops (usually from one to four);

  • cover for the brazier , grill grill, skewer, set of skewers;

  • poker and a scoop for coal;

  • a chopper ;

  • hooks and shelves for storing kitchen utensils, etc.

turnkey price, cheap to buy a gazebo with a barbecue for giving in Moscow

The metal construction with barbecue is the most economical option from all species of arbors

For arbors made of metal does not require the foundation of the equipment, and only the presence of a flat rigid surface. As a rule, they are all collapsible, so their delivery will be inexpensive. Small gazebos can be brought to the site in the trunk of a car. Installing it does not take much time and does not require special skills and knowledge, simply follow the instructions (if the gazebo is factory-made). If necessary, the design is easy to disassemble and transport to a new place.

The only drawback of a metal veranda compared to wooden and stone is of course less comfort. A metal product is rather a purely functional facility for cooking food than a place for a comfortable rest next to a barbecue or barbecue.

turnkey price, cheap to buy a gazebo with a barbecue for giving in Moscow

Even a metal structure can harmoniously fit into the surrounding nature
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Architectural features of wooden and stone arbors

Arbors may have a different shape. The simplest verandas have a square or rectangular shape (tetrahedral). The roofs of such gazebos are pitched and consist of one (sloping roof), two or four ramps. You can also purchase a ready-made gazebo with a hexagon (hexagon) or octahedral shape (octagon) with a sloping roof that has the appropriate number of ramps. Roof surfaces may be located on one or several levels. In the latter case, additional natural ventilation is provided inside the veranda.

In hexagonal and octahedral constructions, the working area for cooking (and therefore the chimney) is located in the center of the veranda or at one of the points of the conditional circle, and the benches and tables along its perimeter. In rectangular buildings, a cooking zone and a zone for accommodating people usually adjoin one another and conditionally divide the arbor into 2 parts.

turnkey price, cheap to buy a gazebo with a barbecue for giving in Moscow

Hexagonal and octahedral gazebos provide ample opportunities for the design of their interior.

Considering the operating period, structures can be fully open (summer version ), have full or partial glazing (all-season version).You can meet the combined versions of arbors, when it is closed completely, but its design provides a completely open area (a kind of summer cafe).

The floor at the verandahs can be made of concrete, wood, lined with artificial or natural stone. A prerequisite for the construction of porches with a stove, barbecue or barbecue is to protect the surrounding cooking places of surfaces and structures from fire due to precipitated coal, high temperatures, burning ash. Usually this is ensured by the use of non-combustible materials, protective shields, and a properly equipped smoke removal system. In addition, in case of fire, fire extinguishing equipment (fire extinguishers, a box with sand, buckets for water, axes, hooks, shovels, hooks, etc.) is placed in the vicinity of the fire.

turnkey price, cheap to buy a gazebo with a barbecue for giving in Moscow

The time-tested means of primary fire extinguishing can help to prevent a fire.

Examples of arbors with barbecue and barbecue in the video clip: 1>

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Grand total

If you need to create a functional place for roasting meat, equipped with everything you need, you can buy a metal arbor. To do this, just go to the site of a specialized online store or come to a stationary outlet. Installation and delivery of metal products can be done independently. If a more fundamental construction made of wood or brick is required, then it is better to entrust the solution of this task to professionals.


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