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Life in the countryside has many advantages, with the exception of the constant need to travel to the nearest settlement for the purchase of certain goods. It is also necessary to constantly visit the place of work. It is clear that without a car, life outside the city can pose certain difficulties. It’s impossible to leave a car on the street, and building a separate garage is expensive, especially if there is not enough space. The problem is solved by a house from a bar with a garage in the form of a solid building.

turnkey projects, planning, construction, photo

Project of a house from a bar with a garage

Projects of houses and log cabins from a bar with a garage

This type of project has many advantages and features that are important to know. Before building it is necessary to briefly consider the basic principle of construction. It is important to remember that the technological process correctly observed at the beginning of construction will provide a solid and reliable construction that will last for more than a decade.

Before you start building a house, you should choose a project that suits you. It will be useful to know in advance about all the features of each of the plans. To understand for yourself whether a house needs a garage in the form of an extension or not, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of this decision.

turnkey projects, planning, construction, photo

Two-storeyed house from a bar with a garage

The very first stage of consideration of the building plan is to choose the materials used. Houses from a bar do not demand the strong base and specific technologies. An excellent microclimate and a pleasant price houses from a bar with a garage make it the most popular way of building. But you should pay attention to the fact that the cost may depend on the type of timber, and the size of the house or method of construction.

Timber species

The technical process does not stand still, this also applies to wooden buildings. By itself, the beam may differ in design and method of installation. Each version of the log has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Just understand the relevance of a particular type, you can equip comfort for the coming decades.

Rectangular timber

Straight timber is the main variety and is used in almost every construction project of a wooden house. This option is popular, so it is easy to find. Since the manufacture of wooden logs do not require a lot of effort, its cost is relatively low. Such a timber is presented in the form of a rectangular piece of wood, which was amenable only to primary processing with natural drying. This material has its own characteristics that should be considered even before the foundation was laid.

turnkey projects, planning, construction, photo

Rectangular beam

Such a beam is best suited for cheaper projects with a one-story floor plan. Such designs are of the same type, and do not differ in complex configurations. A small area of ​​the building will help save on facade work. The shape of the logs allows you to quickly erect the walls and prepare the house for shrinkage. Smooth sides and precise fit help speed up the extension process. The inner part of the walls is quite simple to warm and block the facing material. Wooden structures are easy to process and can withstand light loads. Hanging a shelf or stand will not be difficult, which is very useful for a garage room.


  1. You can impose a special facing material. This will preserve the positive qualities of the tree and improve the overall appearance of the building.
  2. The material is quite simple to manufacture, which means the price of the product is much less than its counterparts.
  3. Smooth, flat edges fit snugly together, providing increased strength.
  4. Shrinkage of a building takes a minimum amount of time.


  1. The presence of additional cladding markedly raises the price for building a building.
  2. Due to the natural moisture and the lack of secondary processing during production, there is a risk of microbial contamination.
  3. There is a high probability of cracking during the shrinkage process.
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Profiled beam

A great option for replacing an ordinary rectangular beam. The log has special grooves that allow you to organize a solid monolithic structure. Thanks to special spikes, the installation is quick and easy. The cost is higher compared to a conventional rectangular beam, but at the same time, the profiled structure does not require further processing. As a result, we get a lower price, in contrast to the first case with additional lining.

turnkey projects, planning, construction, photo

The profiled beam

The beam has a solid base and simplified assembly. Spikes allow you to build strong walls that can withstand heavy loads.Such a building material is ideal for two-story buildings. The garage occupies a fairly large usable space, so extra rooms will be a big plus. Dense structure and lack of cracks, will not let the smell of exhaust gases. Together with facing material will be ideal option. Profiled timber is also well suited for projects with parking for two cars. Thanks to the strong grip of the beams, the construction will be reliable and not heaped.


  1. Thanks to the slotted design, all the slots and gaps are closed. As a result, the likelihood of drafts is completely excluded, which guarantees better heat retention
  2. The beam is subjected to active drying, which reduces the risk of the formation of microorganisms.
  3. Due to the drying of the rock, shrinkage takes much less time, and the indicators for reducing the height of the house are insignificant.
  4. Industrial production completely eliminates irregularities or defects.


  1. After the construction is completed, there is no possibility to change or supplement the general plan of the building.
  2. Because of its dry structure, the material is highly flammable. It is important not to save on life and health by immediately treating the material with a special non-combustible agent.
  3. It is possible that during cold seasons, the thickness of the timber will not be enough for a comfortable stay. If wintering is planned in such a house, then it is necessary to sheathe the surface with insulation.

Glued laminated

A feature of this material is the base of separately glued parts. Such a timber has good physical properties. The house is practically not subject to shrinkage or exposure to external weather factors. Such material is a quality and practical construction solution. For example, the width of a glued log is comparable in its positive properties to 50 mm of ordinary masonry. But, besides the positive qualities, there are also negative sides.

turnkey projects, planning, construction, photo

Glued laminated timber

Glued laminated timber has a strong structure and a nice appearance. Logs are well suited for both single-storey and two-storey projects with a garage. Just as with the profiled version, glued logs do not require finishing materials. Since the parking room is not residential, high temperature is not needed, and it is not necessary to warm the timber with additional finishing material. Glued material has good thermal insulation properties. The dense structure will withstand most of the mechanical loads and is quite suitable as a base for the walls of an additional workshop.


  1. Good thermal insulation due to the dense composition of each timber.
  2. The material is resistant to the adverse effects of the environment, wood is not subject to cracking.
  3. Continuous drying helps kill almost all microorganisms inside the tree.
  4. A beautifully executed structure of the timber does not require additional processing.


  1. High-quality goods suggest a high price. This material can not be called available.
  2. The manufacturing process is rather complicated, so you can often get a low-quality product from dishonest firms.

In more detail about which timber is better to choose, they will tell in the video:

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    Advantages and disadvantages of houses combined with a garage

    Attaching a garage to a house or constructing a separate building is the choice of the owner himself. Of course, the main criterion in construction is personal preference, but building a house from a bar with a garage is not always based only on desire. The choice of quality housing may depend on the size of the plot, financial opportunities and practical benefits. Each project has its advantages and disadvantages.

    turnkey projects, planning, construction, photo

    The project of a house with a garage and bay window

    The construction of a house combined with a garage is very popular today. This type of construction has a lot of positive aspects, which allow you to save money and simplify life. As with any buildings, this type of structure has certain defects that will have to be addressed.


    1. A lot of space is not required to construct a building. When compared to a separate building, much more working space is saved. The free area can take a flower garden or a playground.
    2. In the combined layout of the building, a passage is made between the house and the annex. This greatly simplifies access to the garage. In rainy or cool weather, you do not need to go outside again. If you equip parking with an automatic gate opening system, you can greatly simplify life.
    3. Materials for construction are being saved, because one wall and part of the foundation are ready.It is much easier and cheaper to conduct electrical wiring and organize the heating system.
    4. Universality of construction. It is not necessary to use the building as a place to park the car. The garage can be converted into a workshop or storage room. It is very convenient when there is a place for large and seasonal things, such as a bicycle, sledges or skis.
    5. The annexe is ideal for a small cellar. Luke will not spoil the aesthetic appearance, and drafts will not cause much damage.

    turnkey projects, planning, construction, photo

    House project with two garages


    1. Because of the unified design Exhaust fumes and odors associated with the operation of a car may enter the house. This problem can be solved by additional ventilation.
    2. Building "close up" increases the risk of a fire in the house. It is especially dangerous to have flammable and combustible materials in the garage. You can sheathe the wall with additional non-combustible material, but it is impossible to completely eliminate the problem.
    3. A large parking space for a car, takes away a significant part of the overall layout, cutting down the housing square. The problem can be solved with the construction of the second floor.

    As you can see, a house from a bar with an attached garage has a lot of positive qualities and only a few drawbacks. Moreover, almost all the flaws can be corrected. But it is important to note that a fairly large amount of money can go to eliminate them. You also need to familiarize yourself with some of the features of such buildings.

    Features of a garage from lumber

    Building a house with a garage is a serious project that requires building skills, experience and knowledge. If you do not take into account many features and nuances, there is a big risk to build low-quality construction. As a result, you will have to spend extra money or measure existing defects for many decades.

    turnkey projects, planning, construction, photo

    Project of a house from glued timber with a garage. jpg

    So, before building, consider the following factors:

    • you need to accurately determine the location of the garage door. It is important that the exit / entrance is affordable and comfortable;
    • when parking a car you need to drive in so that the back of the car is directed to the exit. This will ensure better ventilation during engine warming;
    • still at the design stage, you should consider the presence of a viewing pit or cellar;
    • so that exhausts and combustion products do not get into the house, it is necessary to equip effective ventilation and provide vestibule at the entrance to the house;
    • it is important that the place was with a reserve. If there are two cars in the family, you should increase the useful space;
    • the tree should be treated with a special tool that prevents rotting and possible fire.

    turnkey projects, planning, construction, photo

    Implementing a house project from a bar with a garage
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    The construction of a dwelling is a serious project for which basic knowledge is not enough. For high-quality execution of work for many years need a team of professionals. By asking for help, you can save time and money, since you don’t have to redo anything or fix it. In addition, experts will help you choose quality material from a reliable supplier.

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