projects and interiors of country wooden houses, design, photo

They started talking about the loft as a style in the 50s of the last century, and it was born a decade earlier, in industrial areas of American cities. The name of this style, in translation meaning "loft", appeared after the owners of industrial enterprises began to take production beyond the city limits, and to rent empty buildings. The first potential unsuitable for housing spaces appreciated the bohemian stratum of New York. Very little time has passed, and relatively cheap, spacious, with high ceilings and good lighting, the premises of the former factories were at the height of fashion.

The style did not linger in the former industrial workshops and workshops. He spread first to urban apartments, and then to the country cottages, becoming a new word in private housing. Today's production space also inspires architects and designers in the attic style, while loft-style houses delight their owners with elegant and stylish furnishings.

projects and interiors of country wooden houses, design, photo

Modern interior loft

Loft-style country houses: exterior

Oddly enough, in the homeland of the loft you can hardly find city apartments decorated in this style. For Americans, a loft is a characteristic of real estate (a former industrial workshop, warehouse, printing house), which now houses apartments, a restaurant, or an art gallery. In Europe, they approached the style creatively, developed and extended it to private houses and apartments in ordinary residential buildings. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to acquire an abandoned workshop; the atmosphere of style is easy to reproduce in any living space. External features of the loft house are:

  • Form . It seems that the house was assembled from the designer - in the architecture clear geometric shapes and straight lines prevail. The building is decorated, as a rule, a flat roof.

  • Windows . The windows are reminiscent of the factory origin of the style. They are designed large (preferably, panoramic, to the floor) to allow the maximum amount of sunlight to pass through. It is good if there is a wide window sill and a trellised window frame characteristic of industrial glazing.

projects and interiors of country wooden houses, design, photo

Classic industrial style windows
  • Architectural elements . Loft-style house designs often include spacious terraces, garages, balconies, and lounge areas. They often significantly protrude outside the facade and resemble the rational forms of factory structures.

  • Materials . Simple materials are suitable for facade decoration: stone, brick, wood. Concrete, metal and glass are indispensable components of the loft style. It is quite acceptable to use imitations of natural materials, but it is better if they have an “aged” look.

  • Details . What they usually try to do is unnoticeable - the communications and ventilation systems are allowed (and even encouraged) to flaunt. Metal "factory" stairs to the second or attic floor will be an excellent solution that emphasizes the image and saves living space.

projects and interiors of country wooden houses, design, photo

A modern project for a loft country cottage

Projects for loft country houses

Construction companies create a variety of industrial-style projects for customers, whose priority is a concise design, no fuss and the ability to breathe deeply. Country house loft-style custom-made often includes a variety of styles, from minimalism to country. Often the old building becomes the loft, which is rebuilt, restored and turned into at the same time a spectacular and comfortable accommodation. During construction, techniques are used that emphasize the industrial trend in housing design:

  • Materials . Foam and aerocrete are often used to build and rebuild - an economical way to enhance style. Indispensable attributes are aged wood and concrete. The metal surface should have a matte appearance, without a bright metallic luster, better - with visible patina or rust marks.

projects and interiors of country wooden houses, design, photo

The distinctive features of the loft in the old mansion
  • Color . The basis for the colors will be the color palette of the industrial premises: white and black, as well as shades of gray, blue, brown, red, khaki. Bright accents are allowed, but only in the form of small fragments.

  • Details . Panoramic windows, metal structures, corner bay windows and massive sliding doors will transform a traditional rural house with a gable roof and a chimney. In exterior trim, vertical siding looks good, emphasizing the simplicity of design.

Country houses in the loft style: interior

The concept of the classic (original) design of the loft is the absence of interior walls and partitions; the living area (with the exception of the bedroom, bathroom and utility rooms) is a large common space. Loft-style decoration in a wooden house should be planned at the project design stage; in the finished housing, difficulties may arise with the dismantling of interior partitions (if they are involved in ensuring the rigidity of the structure).

projects and interiors of country wooden houses, design, photo

The attic is an ideal place for an interior loft

Walls and interior partitions

Industrial-style walls serve as a model practicality and simplicity. For finishing use rough plaster with the subsequent coloring by water emulsion paint of cold shades. In the design of the selected wall (one or a maximum of two, so as not to overload the room) use certain techniques:

  • Brick wall (old or modern), you can not plaster .

  • Concrete walls you can also not finish , it is allowed to coat walls of foam and gas blocks with rough, rough surfaces, plaster.

  • Imitation of wall surface . Decorative panels with the effect of natural stone, concrete or brick are used.

  • Wallpapers do not use . An exception may be wallpaper with imitation of a worn surface or brickwork.

projects and interiors of country wooden houses, design, photo

The absence of interior partitions is an important feature of the style

Such a combination of wall materials and textures allows zoning large premises, which, ideally, should be viewed from the threshold. If space dividers are necessary, use through racks, a bar, furniture or, in extreme cases, glass partitions. The modern style, which is often called neo-loft, does not allow the unification of all rooms. You are free to combine the living room, dining room and kitchen, separating the study (library). Large areas can be zoned using screens or floor material.

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Floor and ceiling

The following materials are chosen for the loft-style floor:

  • Concrete . Plain, polished or mosaic.

  • Tree . Wooden floor covered with transparent varnish or parquet.

  • Laminate with wood imitation.

  • Ceramic tile . Suitable for kitchen and bathroom.

projects and interiors of country wooden houses, design, photo

The wooden floor complements and softens the industrial look of the room

It is convenient to divide the space with an open layout using flooring - in the living room used parquet deck installation, and in the kitchen area laid tile. In addition to tiles, it is permissible to use linoleum with the effect of wood or porcelain stoneware of gray shades (under natural stone). For plinths choose the same color as for the walls, they must merge. To revive the interior and give it a contrast, carpets can choose bright, with a large pattern. Perfectly fit a lint-free carpet, with scuffs and graffiti.

Ceilings (at least 3 m high) are designed to complement the impression of style with open communications. You can often see beams on them, electrical wiring, pipes of the ventilation system. As an acceptable option, the loft-style ceiling is sheathed with wooden planks or plastered in light colors.

About the interior features in the loft style in the following video:


  • Form . The loft will appear more clearly if the windows have an arched (rounded top) shape, stained glass inserts and hinged doors.

  • Frame . The place of a double-glazed window is taken by a wooden or aluminum aged frame, which should merge with the wall.

  • Design . As large as possible, like factory windows, they try not to close the curtains; In extreme cases, choose light natural fabrics. Curtains can be successfully replaced with blinds of various kinds.

  • Options . Big dormer-windows or light wells increasing natural lighting will look stylish.

projects and interiors of country wooden houses, design, photo

Blinds on the windows perfectly complement the loft-style cottage
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To create an industrial style, a living area of ​​100 m 2 is needed. In such a spacious room, furniture should not be installed against walls; between objects and walls leave space for aisles.The features of the furniture in the interior of the loft include:

  • Choice . Furniture should attract attention, but not clutter up the room. Simple and functional items are selected so that, if desired, they can be moved or folded, freeing up space.

  • View . Instead of traditional cabinets use open double-sided racks, niches in the walls or boxes on wheels, which can be removed under the stairs.

About building a loft-style house in the following video:

  • Combining . The combination of modern items with vintage, worn (or artificially aged) things is welcomed. Particularly well looked real industrial furniture of past eras - chairs, tables and shelves.

  • Material . Monophonic fabrics are suitable for upholstery: thick jacquard, tapestry, velor. Actively apply the skin, leather, suede.

projects and interiors of country wooden houses, design, photo

Loft can look romantic and airy

Decor and household appliances

Because industrial style is steeply mixed with minimalism, there can not be many decor items; design options are:

  • Graffiti on one of the walls.

  • Old posters and newspapers enclosed in simple wooden or metal frames.

  • Street signs .

  • Paintings, photographs and sculpture . Loft has emerged as a place for art galleries and exhibitions, so several modern art objects will not damage suburban housing. The big picture can be simply leaned against the wall.

projects and interiors of country wooden houses, design, photo

Kitchen wall decoration
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A prerequisite for a home project is a loft - a large number of modern household appliances and electronics; the more it is, the better. It should be noticeable, brightly decorated, with stainless or chrome steel parts, glass surfaces and LEDs. You can safely decorate the studio:

  • Stylish music center and a large plasma TV.

  • Fireplace . Both a traditional fireplace and an ultra modern hanging or drop-shaped loft fireplace will suit.

  • Household appliances . Equipping the kitchen with a stove and a stainless steel refrigerator can make it look like a restaurant block. So that the monochrome setting does not look boring, it is diluted with accents: a coffee maker and a food processor. A bright refrigerator, olive, black or orange will also fit into the style.

projects and interiors of country wooden houses, design, photo

Household appliances can be a central element of the design


Lighting concept also borrowed from industrial interiors. General lighting is combined with point (directional) lighting of functional areas. To embody the loft style are used:

  • Many modern ergonomic light sources .

  • Massive chandeliers . They play the role of a central element of lighting in the living area or in the kitchen; choose chandeliers from metal and glass.

  • Street lights and industrial lamps .

  • Suspended lamps with height adjustment.

  • Floor lamps . Well zoned space; fit large, adjustable items and / or non-standard, in the form of a spotlight.

  • LED backlighting . Adds volume and is well suited for a small room.

projects and interiors of country wooden houses, design, photo

Lighting in the interior of the project in the loft-style

Features of the rooms

Designing a country house, it is important not to forget that the style has a “severe” industrial past, therefore certain requirements are imposed on each room and on each residential zone. The thoughtful negligence of coarse factory stylistics requires the painstaking work of the designer.


If the hallway is separated from the common space, then it is usually small in size. The main thing that needs to be done at its registration is to unload as much as possible, leaving the most necessary items. For finishing use light tone. The hallway is well lit, install mirrors; wardrobes are hidden in niches or hidden.

projects and interiors of country wooden houses, design, photo

Concrete floor and gray-blue siding hallway
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Living room

The living area is located next to the main entrance; in its design use the following techniques:

  • Wall decoration . The classic choice is untreated concrete, bare brickwork (on one of the walls), rough plaster. The use of decorative plaster allows you to get the effect of patina, rusty metal or shabby walls.

  • Gender .The best choice would be the floor of the monolithic concrete or wood flooring, which is pleasant for bare feet.

  • Furniture and household appliances . Be sure to have a comfortable sofa, armchairs and a coffee table. Upholstery can be leather, suede or cashmere, neutral (gray, beige or white) shades. Against the background of brickwork, a red or blue sofa looks no less impressive. The decoration of the living room will be a home cinema, a plasma-screen TV and a professional audio system.

projects and interiors of country wooden houses, design, photo

Bohemian style of living area
  • Design . If the ceilings are high enough, make a second light and / or mezzanine floor, which is convenient to equip the bedroom. The staircase to the mezzanine can be wooden or metal (stainless steel, with a decking as steps).


The kitchen is conveniently located next to the living area. An elegant way to divide the two zones will be a bar with a base made of a metal frame and a table top made of natural (often intentionally aged) wood. Other hallmarks of the loft kitchen are:

  • Household appliances . Refrigerator, stove, hood choose large, massive. They are complemented by stylish built-in appliances, dishes and small appliances are displayed on a spacious desktop. Here you can also place an old unit, a coffee maker or a gray hair mixer of the last century.

projects and interiors of country wooden houses, design, photo

Spacious kitchen-dining area in a country house in the loft style
  • Walls and floor . For facing the walls of the kitchen using decorative and clinker tiles for bricks, mosaic (monochrome or mix). Tiles of large size will help highlight the kitchen area. Communications do not hide, and highlight in color.

  • Furniture . Comfortable, functional, stylized as industrial designs. Color can be any, material - wood, glass, plastic, chrome-plated metal.


In general, the design of the bedroom repeats the design of the living room - spaciousness, minimum of furniture, a wardrobe for the simplest form, which should not be done in the whole wall. The emphasis of the room is on a brick or concrete wall, near which is placed the head of the bed. The accent wall can also be made of wood by placing works of art on it. The nuances of the situation can be:

  • Gender . The best solution is a wooden floor.

  • Bed . Fit in the style of a low bed of light wood, simple in shape. Linen choose monophonic, from flax, satin or cotton.

  • Decor . Suitable photos in simple frames, graffiti, mirrors, a large fan on the ceiling.

projects and interiors of country wooden houses, design, photo

Thanks to the spaciousness and contrast of colors, the bedroom has the classic image of a loft
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In the design of the bathroom, several basic techniques are used:

  • For the floors and walls, select mosaic tiles of the same tone.

  • For the storage of towels and necessary things leave a wooden bedside table wall-to-wall with a built-in sink. For small things you can make niches in the walls .

  • Above the sink, a round or square mirror is hung without a frame or in a simple metal frame.

  • Bath is selected modern or old , from cast iron; looks good shower .

projects and interiors of country wooden houses, design, photo

Bathroom decorated according to all the rules of the style

Differences of the loft style from other modern directions

Modern trends in architecture and design of country houses allow (and even welcome) a mixture of styles, eclecticism. But if you want to get a home in an uncluttered industrial style, you should avoid some obvious tricks belonging to other modern trends. Loft should be distinguished from the style:

  • High-tech . At first glance, there is a lot in common - the same open bearing structures and communications, chrome lamps, asceticism in the choice of color. But if the loft transforms the past, then the hi-tech is directed to the future and the interior of the kitchen is not like a workshop or workshop, but a cabin of a spacecraft. High-tech demonstrates more sophistication, gloss and craving for high technology.

projects and interiors of country wooden houses, design, photo

Loft in a wooden house
  • Constructivism and minimalism . Styles, inextricably linked with the Russian avant-garde of the 20s of the last century. They are also accustomed to combining several zones in one room (studio apartment). Furniture and decor acquires the most simplified forms, beauty becomes utilitarian. There is often an experiment with a form, but there is no decoration and decoration.

  • Neo-rutalism . It looks like a loft.Neo-rutalism also arose in the middle of the last century, and the space is also organized with the help of spacious rooms and exposed communications. The business card of the style is deliberate carelessness, a combination of functional details with interior excesses that you will never see in the interior of a loft. For example, in a room with concrete or brick walls and rusty pipes, a multi-tiered chandelier with crystal pendants, a luxurious sofa, and numerous trinkets on the shelves are doing quite well.

projects and interiors of country wooden houses, design, photo

The living room corner is a loft
  • Modern . Spacious rooms, panoramic (or just large) windows, modern appliances and - no open pipelines, electrical wiring and deliberately coarse wall finishes. All sorts of materials, fabrics and color combinations to the taste of the owners give rise to a great variety of style decisions of modern European style.

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Interest in this method of designing a country house and interior, like a loft, is growing every year. Industrial style, slightly rude, but practical and comfortable, suitable for those who appreciate a free life and a creative approach to solving problems.


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