to buy a house of wood concrete, prices for wood concrete

Houses of arbolitovyh blocks in Russia are built infrequently, but every year their number grows. For the period of its existence, arbolit was characterized mainly from the good side. It combines the best qualities of concrete and wood. So, from concrete he got high strength, and from wood - low conductivity of heat and the ability to "breathe" walls.

What is arbolit?

It is interesting that when choosing a material for construction, the majority of Russians do not pay attention to arbolit blocks, preferring a more familiar tree or brick. However, back in the 60s of the last century, arbolit was a popular raw material and was used for the construction of housing throughout the USSR.

Arbolite blocks are lightweight cubic wall panels consisting of a mixture of wood chips and concrete.

This is how arbolite blocks look like, a photo diagram with the components:

to buy a house of wood concrete, prices for wood concrete

The composition of an arbolit block.

The total composition of the mixture is as follows:

  • Wood chips (its composition is 80%). This is usually medium-sized chips up to two and a half centimeters in length and a centimeter in width. It is the size of the wood component that affects the strength of the material. The wood species at the same time does not affect the internal characteristics of the finished raw materials, however, the particularities of the production technology of the blocks (volume and composition of chemical additives, the ratio of water and cement in the solution) depend on the wood species.
  • Cement is used as a binder component.
  • Chemical additives. The main purpose of additives is to achieve the desired indicators of concrete hardening. The fact is that due to the organic nature of the chips (the presence of sucrose in it), the process of hardening of the concrete in the composition of the raw material is disturbed, and chemistry should neutralize this phenomenon.
  • Water for cement mortar.
Often, producers of wood concrete can break production technology in order to increase production profitability. For example, to use sawdust instead of wood chips after cutting trees (this is especially true for sawmills or woodworking enterprises, for which the production of wood concrete blocks is an additional activity). This adversely affects the quality of the material, therefore, it is necessary to purchase blocks only in verified companies and when purchasing it is necessary to check the availability of certificates for products.

to buy a house of wood concrete, prices for wood concrete

Construction of a house made of wood concrete.

Pros and cons of wood concrete blocks

Unfortunately, today humanity has not yet invented the perfect building material. Arbolite blocks are no exception. That is why the possibility of using wood concrete for the construction of a country house must be determined in advance, given the large number of nuances (the location of the construction site, the size of the dwelling, and much more).

Advantages of wood concrete

Wood concrete, as a building material, has the following advantages:

  • low thermal conductivity;
  • environmental safety;
  • light weight;
  • high bio-resistance against microorganisms;
  • not burnable due to fire resistance;
  • good strength ;
  • good soundproofing;
  • easy processing;
  • indoor humidity control.

Disadvantages of wood concrete blocks

For all its advantages, it has arbolit and disadvantages:

  1. Strong moisture absorption: up to 80% of air.
  2. The need for additional finishing of the facade, due to low moisture resistance.
  3. Different thickness of blocks, because of this, specialists in the work use cement solution with sand to eliminate irregularities.

to buy a house of wood concrete, prices for wood concrete

House of wood concrete with finishing

How to choose quality blocks for future construction

To buy quality material, when choosing wood concrete, it is necessary to pay attention to the following indicators:

  • The price must be no lower than the market, otherwise it should be alerted.
  • Certificate of Quality. The material must be certified under the law.
  • Uniformity of material. When inspecting a block, its constituent components should not be noticeable.
  • Block shape. Arbolit should be of the same shape, and not much different from each other in shape.
  • Color. The natural color of the arbolite blocks is gray, if they were of a different color when they were made, errors were made.
  • Slivers of a tree consisting of must not exceed the size or be less than that specified in the standard.
  • Appearance. Outside the block must be tight and not have a void between chips

All these selection criteria are important, because the slightest violations of production technology lead to poor-quality material, and as a result a house made of arbolit blocks also does not may be of high quality.

to buy a house of wood concrete, prices for wood concrete

Arbolit allows you to build houses for a variety of projects.

Technology of building a house of wood concrete

Building a house of wood concrete is not very difficult, the main thing is to adhere to the basic construction rules in the process of work.

Before starting construction, it is necessary to design everything on paper. Today it is not difficult to find a company that will execute the project. In addition, construction companies are usually involved in the design, in which case it is possible to order the construction of a turnkey wood concrete house in one place - from design to full finishing.

The first stage is the construction of the foundation. Under arbolitovy blocks the base can be any type. Most often, professionals apply the strip foundation. When laying the foundation, the most important thing to remember is the high moisture permeability of the wood concrete, and it is good to waterproof the base.

The second stage is the construction of walls. It can be started after complete drying of the poured foundation. The construction of the walls is a very important process, because they must be smooth and durable. Provided that the production of wood concrete allows some deviations in the size of the blocks, the builders after each row of material use special equipment to check the flatness of the wall and timely eliminate the deficiencies.

The third stage is - the construction of the roof is usually carried out according to the general construction rules. For roofing, you can use slate, metal tile and other roofing materials.

The fourth stage is the completion of construction. At this stage, carried out external and internal decoration, the house is connected to utilities.

Prices for wood concrete houses

Construction of houses from wood concrete blocks is carried out by specialized construction firms. Each of them has its own price list, in which the cost must be indicated, both for each individual work and the price for a turnkey wood concrete house.

The house prices of turnkey wood concrete panels depend on the style of the future house, the number of floors, the availability of additional services (design, interior and exterior), which are determined at the conclusion of the contract with the construction company.

If a decision is made to build an independent construction site, you need to know that the price of wood concrete blocks for construction depends on their size. Calculated per cubic meter, the average price is about 4 thousand rubles.

At the exhibition of houses "Low-Rise Country" the designs of houses made of wood concrete are presented. Here you can not only learn about the possibilities of this building material, but also in reality see what constitutes a ready-made wood concrete house. In addition, at the exhibition you can meet with representatives of construction companies and find the answer to many of your questions about the construction of a country house.

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