examples of design, options and price of finishing in Moscow, photo

Wooden houses themselves look representative. In terms of heat preservation, they do not need interior decoration. But not everyone likes the yellow-brown monotony in the interior of housing. Fortunately, the construction market offers a lot of materials for interior decoration of the house from a bar - you only need to spend some time studying the issue and you will definitely find the right option for yourself.

examples of design, options and price of finishing in Moscow, photo

House of timber in modern design

Features of wooden houses

Interior decoration of a house of timber is not fundamentally different from a brick or block frame. It is only necessary to take into account several features:

  • full shrinkage of the log house lasts several years;

  • gaps between the bars expand with time;

  • wood requires mandatory protection from moisture.

Because of such nuances, it is impossible to rush to the beginning of the interior decoration, otherwise cracks will go along the walls and ceiling. To avoid trouble, it is necessary in the first year after the construction of the frame to cover the wood with protective varnish.

It is recommended to make the floor a two-layer one consisting of a draft and a main row. And either to leave the ceiling with open beams, or to cover PVC-cloth.

Builders advise to adhere to a certain order when finishing a wooden house:

  1. Laying engineering communications over the sub-floor

  2. Flooring of the main flooring

  3. Processing of a bar (laying of the gaps, putty, applying antiseptic, decorative trimming)

  4. Designing the ceiling (puttingty and varnishing beams, mounting the finish coating)

examples of design, options and price of finishing in Moscow, photo

Plus laminated veneer lumber - it shrinks less than other types of wood

In the new house it is better to leave the original type of timber - environmentally friendly th, natural, smooth. And if the frame has stood for several decades, then it is desirable to close it from the inside with modern finishing materials, since it will be difficult and expensive to return the exterior of the tree.

Types of interior finishing

Glued laminated timber does not need additional lining. It looks perfect even without varnishing. If the walls are made of profiled wood, you have to think about finishing.

Protective wood impregnation is needed in any case. It creates a barrier against fungus, mold, moisture and even fire. May lighten or leave the surface color unchanged.

Low-quality profiled timber can be easily hidden under the panels that imitate natural wood from the wall paneling, block house or siding - so the house inside will not only support the eco-style, but also become warmer.

Creating a modern interior in a wooden cottage is also real. It is easy to sheathe a beam with gypsum or OSB panels, paint it, glue it with wallpaper, and impose it on artificial stone. And inside to hide the wiring.

examples of design, options and price of finishing in Moscow, photo

Imitation of a real timber in the living room

Floor installation

Before you begin finishing work, be sure to consider the design of the house from a bar: interior decoration of the house directly depends on the project. Based on it, the estimated cost is calculated.

In a bona fide construction company there are specialists in 3D interior design, estimators, and experienced installers. They quickly and efficiently fulfill all your wishes, making dreams come true.

Installation begins with a subfloor. Regardless of the selected finishing materials, the surface is first treated with a lag protective impregnation from moisture. Between them fit insulation (mineral wool or foam). Then the substrate is made of chipboard or OSP-plate. And on top of it already lay a finish coating. It can be natural board, linoleum, laminate, parquet or artificial stone.

An extra plus! A double floor will help keep the house warm.

Popular flooring

In a wooden cottage, the floor is often laid with planed pine or spruce boards. It is not demanding to care, for several decades it retains its original appearance. And when it gets dark, you just need to polish the top layer and re-cover it with a protective compound.

examples of design, options and price of finishing in Moscow, photo

Grooved board without varnish

On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer a house finishing and insulation service. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

The only contraindication is a floor heating device. This is a fire hazard and inappropriate, because most of the energy will be spent on warming up the tree.

Laminate and parquet are good for heat. These covers are similar in appearance to the wooden floor, only with a more interesting pattern. From the parquet slats, you can create an original pattern. And the laminate is strong enough, it is not pressed from the heels and legs of furniture. Simulates different types of wood, metal and stone.

examples of design, options and price of finishing in Moscow, photo

Laminate flooring with imitation of a stone in a wooden house

An artificial stone on the floor improves the interior. It is best to lay this material in the bathroom, hall or kitchen. To prevent the feet from freezing, a heating system is needed. The main advantage of the stone floor is its durability and unique pattern. With such a floor design requires plaster and stone on the walls and ceiling.

examples of design, options and price of finishing in Moscow, photo

The artificial stone on the floor looks luxurious

Linoleum is the most cost-effective imitation of wood. Its service life is not more than 10 years, so more often it is laid as a temporary coating.

Wall finishing

At first, wooden walls are impregnated with antiseptic, and then treated with varnish, paint, mastic or oil. Choose a solution based on the expected effect. If the surface needs a tinted matte, then mastic or acrylic paint is suitable. For an elegant gloss bar covered with oil or varnish. The texture of wood from such solutions does not change, but the moisture is not terrible in the coming years. The wax-based mastic has a porous structure that allows air to pass through, and the oil gives a beautiful golden sheen.

When the impregnation has dried, the finishing of the house from the profiled beam from the inside begins. For lining need wooden crate. In between the slats stack steam and heat insulation sheets. The boards themselves at the edges are nailed to the slats. And connected to each other by means of grooves. It is possible to have lining vertically, horizontally or diagonally. If you combine these methods, you get a unique pattern.

examples of design, options and price of finishing in Moscow, photo

Wall paneling is ideal in a wooden house

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Lining is made from different wood species (spruce, pine, aspen, linden, alder). This affects the shades, heat resistance and durability. You should also consider the material class:

  • C-class low-quality (with gaps, dark spots and knots);

  • B-class of average quality ( bitches come across);

  • A-class of high quality (there are knots, but they look aesthetic);

  • extra-class (ideal material without defects ).

Lining has a popular variation called block house. Planed board, the outside of which imitates a bar or log. Side mounting in the form of a groove securely connects the parts together. They are laid horizontally, starting from the bottom up. Made from softwood. Ideal for decorating walls from low-grade profiled beam. Does not require additional protection.

examples of design, options and price of finishing in Moscow, photo

A block house cannot be distinguished from a rounded log from a distance.

Another finishing material that builders like to use to finish a wooden house from Bruce - drywall. It is versatile, inexpensive and easy to install. Fastens on aluminum or wooden profiles that are easily screwed to the beam. In the free space you can lay insulation and hide the wiring. The sheets themselves are mounted with self-tapping screws. Then plaster and apply a topcoat. For example, wallpaper, self-adhesive paper, ceramics or paint. Plasterboards create niches, arches, shelves in the wall, if there is such a need. The design thickness of 10 cm, so in a small room is better not to use this material. But as a partition - perfect.

examples of design, options and price of finishing in Moscow, photo

The unusual arch from plasterboard

Siding and plastic lining are also actively used in finishing works. These materials are cheaper than natural wood, and the texture is very similar to it.

Siding panels are mounted horizontally. Coloring and texture can be chosen to your taste: wood, brick, metal or stone.

Plastic paneling (PVC panel) with a standard width of up to 10 cm, and inside it consists of cells. Air voids improve thermal insulation in the house. The vinyl surface does not require varnishing, is not afraid of moisture and sun, and its colors are amazing - from the monotonous white to bright floral bouquets. Plastic lining is mounted on a metal frame. This material is suitable for the corridor, bathroom and living room. You can sheathe the room completely or only the basement part.

examples of design, options and price of finishing in Moscow, photo

Bathroom cladding with PVC panels

The artificial stone is made of ethereal resins and natural crumbs. It looks like a real one, but it is cheaper and lighter in weight. By texture and color it is identical to marble, crushed stone, brick, shell rock, granite, etc. It is fixed on a special glue to the crate. It goes well with chalet-style plaster. Installation is better to entrust professionals, then the tiles will be glued without gaps and hold on for a long time. Decorative stone is suitable for accentuation in the bedroom, living room, hallway and kitchen.

examples of design, options and price of finishing in Moscow, photo

Accents in the living room, made with artificial stone

These are the basic materials for finishing the house from a bar inside. They create an interior in the old Russian, classical or modern style. For the ceiling, a stretch fabric will be an excellent solution. Matte film will fit even in the country room. Drywall or wall paneling is also often used in a wooden house.

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Prices in Moscow for interior decoration of the house

What is the budget for the wooden house owner to count on so that the construction company can complete the interior decoration? It all depends on the complexity and volume. On average, the installation team in Moscow for applying the impregnation in a single layer asks for 80 rubles. / sq. m., oil - 100 rubles. / sq. m, varnish or wax - 150 rubles. / sq. m. Painting a log house from the inside will cost 200 rubles. / sq. m. Plus the cost of the solutions themselves.

Installation of an aluminum frame for any finishing panels - 300 rubles. / sq. m. Room plasterboard plasterboard - 300 rubles. / sq. m, vinyl siding or panels without insulation - 600 rubles / sq. m. m, and with insulation - 700 rubles / sq. m. Plus the material itself.

What and how much in the decoration of a wooden house - see the video:

Installing block house panels is a bit cheaper - 450 rub / sq. m without crate and related work.

The cost of sticking to the wall of an artificial stone is at least 1200 rub / sq. m, but this is if the surface is already prepared. The cost of turnkey work at least 10,000 rubles / sq. m.

Laying flooring grooved boards will cost 600 rubles per square meter. m together with lags, parquet without sanding - 600 rub / sq. m, laminate or linoleum - 250 rubles / sq. m.

Ceiling lining clapboard costs from 500 rubles / sq. m. m, plasterboard - 450 rubles / sq. m. And the installation of stretch PVC-cloth will cost from 550 rubles / sq. m. m without material.

See the video for an example of designer finishes for a bar house:

Unusual wood house finishes

Even from the usual materials, you can make the original design of a wooden house inside. As, for example, the ceiling of the wall paneling with carved elements.

examples of design, options and price of finishing in Moscow, photo

Carved ceiling made of clapboard

Or the silhouette of a Japanese tree made of stones on the wall. The base is plastered with the same tiles.

examples of design, options and price of finishing in Moscow, photo

The stone tree on the wall

Parquet in capable hands is a real work of art. No carpet needed.

examples of design, options and price of finishing in Moscow, photo

The unique pattern of parquet

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The wooden house itself creates an atmosphere of comfort and unity with nature, and modern finishing materials help to support it. The main thing is professional and high-quality work on the interior decoration of the house - then the next repair will not be needed soon.


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