Garden wooden arch: production material, features of arrangement

This article contains information about garden arches: their varieties, prices, installation options. Particular attention is paid to the wooden garden arch as the most harmonious and budget version.

Garden wooden arch: production material, features of arrangement

Garden wooden arch

Why arch

The arch is a peculiar structure that represents two overlapped supports. She appeared about two thousand years ago. Such a structure has found its refuge in the garden plots. There are reasons for this, because the arches can be used in the following variations:

  1. Ornament in any place wherever it is placed.

  2. Base of climbing plants.

  3. By the element that shows the boundaries of the landscape.

  4. Support for hanging the lamp.

  5. The frame for a hammock, swing.

  6. Part of gazebos, a fence.

Many more ideas can be advanced on how to apply this construct. Arches in landscape design is a common option that helps to make unique compositions in space. Thanks to them, the territory becomes much more attractive.

The varieties

The arches differ among themselves, first of all, by the shape of the vault. When the word "arch" is usually represented arcuate overlap. It is also made:

  • straight ;

  • as (resembling the roof of a house) ;

  • trapezoidal .

Garden wooden arch: production material, features of arrangement

Arch as an angle

Sometimes the whole structure is given a round or abstract shape. It can be single or look like several repeating identical fragments. A variant of such combined parts is called a pergola. They are whole spans. If the plants are already conveniently located on them, pergolas become excellent defenders from the sun.

Materials used

Another distinctive element of the arches in the garden is the manufacturing material. It can be:


Used often due to durability. Also attracts its strength. Such arches perfectly withstand the load and withstand the winds. For greater stability, the lower part is inserted deep into the soil.

There are openwork forged arches that look very attractive outwardly. However, all metal arches have a flaw associated with the properties of the metal. It corrodes and rust eventually appears. Therefore, it is necessary to remove it, process the surface with a special solution and paint. Another disadvantage of this type of arches is the high cost. The price varies from 5,000 to 36,000 rubles.

Garden wooden arch: production material, features of arrangement

Metal arches are strong and resistant


Natural or artificial stones and bricks are used. Such arches are specific because they look monumental. Although it is a capital construction. Only a good specialist can post it.

Garden wooden arch: production material, features of arrangement

The main thing is that the arch of stone would fit the site in style
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This material produces a lightweight construction that does not require special attention. However, ease turns into a disadvantage under the adverse effects of nature. If a strong wind rises, the arch can not resist under its pressure.

It will not withstand much frost, so for the winter it will have to be cleaned into the room. But for the price it is the most affordable option. For example, the cost of garden arches made of plastic pipes with a height of 2 m and a width of 1 m is within 1000 rubles.

Garden wooden arch: production material, features of arrangement

Plastic arches do not withstand severe frost


This natural eco-friendly material is very popular. Wooden arches for a garden are carried out in different styles: from simple trellised options to difficultly patterned ones.

Lumber is mainly used for their production, but there are products made from rods. By weaving, painterly constructions harmonize with nature. Although any kind of arches made of wood fits into the design and aesthetically pleasing looks.

In comparison with metal, they are cheaper - from 2,000 to 15,000 rubles. The cost may be higher if the design is complicated and large.

Along with a lot of advantages, wood has disadvantages. It will serve less than metal. In order to preserve the external beauty, periodical tinting or varnishing will be required. Also, garden arches made of wood are not always resistant to wind, but this depends on how they are installed.

Garden wooden arch: production material, features of arrangement

The wooden arch should be periodically tinted or varnished
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Features of the arrangement of wooden arches

The erection of wooden structures is different in that it is possible to strengthen the supporting pillars well. Due to this, the whole arch will acquire good resistance to adverse weather conditions. It is necessary to dig poles into the ground, the recommended depth is not less than 70 cm. If the arch is higher than 2 m, then it is desirable that 30% of the length of the post go into the ground.

A layer of rubble is poured at the bottom of the pits prepared for the pillars. Then poles are installed there, their verticality is controlled with a plumb line. The next step is to install the side supports. When this is done, the pits are completely filled with rubble and concrete is poured in there. After it hardens, you can continue to mount the remaining parts of the structure.

Garden wooden arch: production material, features of arrangement

Such a wooden arch in the garden is not terrible even a strong wind

Placement options

There is room for imagination unlimited . The arch can be installed at the entrance of the site, where it will simultaneously be part of the fence. If there is a track on the territory, it may be located on it. But it is necessary to take into account the width, which should not be less than that of the pavement itself.

The ideal option is to make a bench or swing under the arch. Usually such structures are located in secluded corners of the garden. There you can relax, enjoying the peace and privacy. Often the arches are used as an element that serves as a base for plants. Especially gorgeous roses look at them. When they expand, it turns out a magnificent dome of fragrant flowers.

Clematis, honeysuckle, Chinese magnolia vine look no less beautiful. Grapes also feels great on the arches. It's nice to pass when its ripe bunches hang. The arch is a multifunctional structure, so it can be made part of a veranda or balcony. Sometimes boxes fixed for flowers are fixed on the sides. In addition to the decorative function, they give the design additional stability.

Garden wooden arch: production material, features of arrangement

The arch can be part of the fence

From the video you can find out how a wooden arch is made:

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Depending on the purpose of the arch, the parameters of its height, width and depth are selected. There are no specific rules. But if people pass under the arch, it is necessary that its height allows it. Usually the recommended minimum is 2.2 meters. For a simple decoration of the space, you can choose any height.

The width and depth should ensure that the arch functions. If there is a bench under it, then the depth is selected with a reference to it. In any case, you need to think carefully about all the nuances of selection: as the material of manufacture, and size.

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