Online calculator calculating building materials for home construction

Building a house is a responsible and complex process, the nuances of which are known only to professionals. But the cost of building a house is primarily influenced by the number of building materials used and the size of the building, so it is possible to roughly estimate the cost of building on the chosen project using online calculators.

Online calculator calculating building materials for home construction

Using a calculator and a house project, you can present its approximate cost

Types of construction of a house

There are several calculation types and a specific construction calculator are usually created for one of them. To understand what to expect results from the calculations, you need to understand what type of calculation is used:

  • According to the total area of ​​the house. A very approximate method of calculation - you specify the linear dimensions of the building, the estimated number of floors and material for the walls, and the calculator gives the estimated cost.

  • By project type. A more complex method of calculations, which is carried out in several stages - on the basis of architectural, constructive and engineering projects. It shows separately the cost of building a "box", finishing works and the wiring price of utilities. The accuracy of the calculations depends on the number of templates embedded in the calculator.

  • Calculators for foundations. Allow to roughly imagine the amount of building materials (concrete, rebar, formwork boards) that will be required for work. The accuracy of the calculations also depends on the number of templates embedded in the calculator.

Online calculator calculating building materials for home construction

Interface of the online calculator of the foundation
  • Universal calculators that allow you to put into calculations types of floors and the material from which they are made (blocks, bricks, wooden bars or even). In some cases, you can even count the houses designed under the frame technology.

Depending on the calculator and formulas used in the construction calculator, you get a calculation of the cost of building the whole house or part of the work as a result so that you can choose the best option.

In what cases and how is the construction calculator used

In order to properly use the construction online calculator, you must clearly understand for yourself its pros and cons. In this case, first of all it is necessary to focus on the shortcomings:

  • Lack of flexibility. Any calculator makes calculations solely on the basis of its templates and formulas. If you need to calculate data for which the calculator is not provided, then reconfigure it will not work and you will have to do everything manually.

  • Low "transparency" of calculations. Even if the calculator contains exact formulas, then the user has no opportunity to check what exactly and how correctly he considers, since everything is hidden behind user interfaces intended solely for the input of primary data.

Online calculator calculating building materials for home construction

The formulas behind which the calculations are performed are not visible behind the user interface - only the initial data and the result

Despite such significant drawbacks, various construction calculators are still very popular - this is due to these positive points:

  • According to the initial data required by the calculator, you can still imagine the course of calculations and what to look for when choosing a project or communicating with experts who will perform the work.

  • Based on the results given by the calculator, you can compare the cost of work with different materials or compare the prices of houses built using different technologies.

As a result, the main task of a construction calculator is to visually show the user how approximate calculations are made and what is the difference in the value of houses built using various technologies.

At the same time, it is not recommended to use a building materials calculator for the construction of a house for any exact calculations, since it is often not known by what formulas and with what tolerances calculations are made.

What do construction calculators

consider? To carry out the most accurate calculation of basic building materials for the construction of a building, it is necessary to decide in advance on the project of the house to be built. When the configuration of the future cottage is known, this data can be used for an online calculator to calculate the amount of materials needed.

Online calculator calculating building materials for home construction

Example of a finished project of a wooden house

Calculation of materials for the foundation

The share of the foundation accounts for about a third of all costs on construction. Foundation construction is one of the first stages of work and calculations usually begin with it.For calculating the amount of construction materials, it is proposed to select or manually set the following data:

  • foundation type - tape or pile-grillage (it is impossible to calculate the entire pile foundation online, since too many variables must be taken into account);

  • the shape of the foundation is usually rectangular or with additional load-bearing walls;

  • linear dimensions - depending on the accuracy of the calculator;

  • the proportions of the mortar are the concrete grade;

  • the thickness and in some cases the desired length of the boards for formwork;

  • type of reinforcement.

After the calculations, the calculator gives you the volume of the future fill, the number of reinforcement and wire for binding, the cubic volume of boards for formwork strip basement size 5x6 m under a small country house with two rooms.

The strip foundation is a concrete foundation laid along the perimeter of the frame of the house under all its bearing walls and transferring the load from the cottage to the ground.

Online calculator calculating building materials for home construction

Tape foundations
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When calculating the fill volume, the width of the base (for example, 40 cm) is multiplied by its depth (50 cm). The resulting cross-sectional area is multiplied by the length of the walls (3 by 5 m and 2 by 6 m).

The simplest calculation would look like this: 0.4x0.5x ((6x2) + 5x3)) = 0.4x0.5x27 = 5.4 cu. m solution.

But here there is one nuance that must be taken into account - when the sides of 6 m each are filled with concrete, part of the walls volume is 5 m each. If you don’t pay attention to this moment, you can order more concrete than necessary. In fact, the calculation will be this 0.4x0.5x ((6x2) + (4.2x3)) = 0.4x0.5x24.6 = 4.92 cu. m solution.

Online calculator calculating building materials for home construction

Correct calculation of the strip footing volume

As can be seen, even on a small foundation, the difference is palpable - an error by half a cube of solution, and this is 1 , 5-2 thousand rubles ...

Nuances of calculating the consumption of bricks and blocks for walls

Since bricks and building blocks have a rectangular shape, the calculation of building a house is performed with approximately the same initial data, therefore most wall calculators can be used for each of these materials.

To calculate the number of blocks or bricks, the online construction calculator will request the following data:

  • the total length of all the walls of the house (perimeter, m);

  • the area of ​​door and window openings;

  • the thickness of the walls of the building (the thickness can be half the block, as well as 1, 1.5 or 2-2.5 blocks) ;

Online calculator calculating building materials for home construction

Masonry width in 2 bricks
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  • weight and price of one block (kg and rub);

  • thickness of the mortar in the masonry (cm) - usually this indicator is within from 3 to 10 mm;

  • the height of the walls at the corners (cm);

  • the type and size of the future blocks: length, width and height ( mm), and some calculators allow you to take into account the voidness of the blocks, which is used in a number of calculations.

Online calculator calculating building materials for home construction

Parameters of standard blocks
Important! In some calculators, the thickness of the masonry joint not separately indicated. This means that either it is not taken into account at all, or the "format" rule applies, in which the dimensions of a building material unit are increased by 1 cm (by the standard thickness of the seam).

Based on all these indicators, the total area, mass and cost of masonry is calculated. Approximately the cost of building block (brick) walls will be 1/3 of the cost of building the whole house.

The video shows an example of manually calculating the number of bricks:

What is previously calculated when building frame houses

Frame construction calculator Type allows you to pre-calculate the approximate amount of materials before contacting the specialists of the selected construction company.

The following parameters are calculated for budgeting:

  • of the foundation (for the construction of ordinary frame houses a pile foundation is excellent, and in the case of unstable soil or for a heavier cottage - tape or slab);

  • the amount of material needed for insulation - calculated based on local climatic conditions;

  • roof dimensions - there is a significant difference between conventional roof and attic house;

  • engineering network parameters and other communications - all Ex nuances can not provide any calculator;

  • the amount of wind and vapor protection materials;

  • exterior and interior of the future building - depending on selected materials.

For a competent choice of the foundation and type of roof it is necessary to carry out a detailed calculation of the proportion of walls, ceilings and roofing. Depending on the size of the cladding material, the dimensions of the building and the construction of the roof, the builders select a transverse or rack beam for the power structure of the house.

Online calculator calculating building materials for home construction

The frame of the house
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The basis of any frame house is the upper and lower piping, which must also be calculated, both in terms of strength and volume of building materials used. The basis here is usually taken the cross-sectional area of ​​the timber.

Approximate calculation of materials will help produce an online calculator, as presented in the following video:

Calculation of the amount of finishing materials

To calculate the construction of the house, it is important to determine the amount of finishing material for the walls. One of the most widespread materials is various types of lining, on which example it is possible to consider nuances of calculations.

The first parameter that influences the price is the type of lining (wooden or plastic) that determines its dimensions.

Wooden wall paneling is a natural material that is durable and has a long service life. The only drawback of this building material is a high susceptibility to moisture content in the air, because of which it is necessary to include various impregnations, varnishes or paints in the estimate. The sizes of lining vary in the following ranges: length - from 210 cm to 600 cm; width - 8, 10, 11, 12, 15 cm; thickness: 1.3 cm, 1.6 cm, 1.9 cm, 2.5 cm.

Lining made of plastic is characterized by an increased service life and absolute moisture resistance, making it excellent for finishing the exterior surfaces of the house. For this type of lining sizes will be as follows: length - from 300 cm to 600 cm; width - 10, 12.5 or 15, 20, 25 cm; thickness: 5, 7, 8, 10 mm.

Online calculator calculating building materials for home construction

Calculation of the number of lining on the online calculator

To calculate the required number of lining, use the following data:

  • the number of windows, their height and width;

  • the number of doors and their dimensions;

  • the perimeter of the building and the height of the walls.

Knowing the area of ​​the building’s facades and the area of ​​the facing material unit, it is possible to calculate the amount of lining or other siding by dividing the first by the second. The same happens when calculating the flooring inside the house.

A similar calculator of building materials will also help to calculate the number of specific elements, for example, curtain rods, slats (starting or finishing), spotlights, trims and others.

Also, when calculating finishing materials for interior work, the volume and amount of paint or wallpaper, flooring and plaster are taken into account.

Video example of calculating the amount of linoleum needed:

The consumption of many of them (for example, primer or paint) is indicated on the label by the manufacturers. Therefore, it is only necessary to know the coverage area (height multiplied by the width, minus the area of ​​windows or doors).

Universal online calculators

A universal, easy-to-use construction calculator is used to determine the approximate cost of all construction. This program is designed to perform a preliminary calculation of the price of the house, taking into account the basic parameters.

Online calculator calculating building materials for home construction

Online calculator for calculating building materials

By choosing a specific building technology on a construction calculator, you can quickly compare the cost of building a building in different trim levels .

When calculating the cost of construction on the online calculator, the following indicators are taken into account:

  • foundation type;

  • area of ​​the house;

  • floors;

  • type of roof;

  • type of floors (the material used to build them);

  • types of building and finishing materials.

In universal calculators, you can enter the size of the building (height, width and length), as well as window and door openings, the specific dimensions of each room, the depth and width of the foundation, the angle of the roof and type of heating.

It is possible to calculate the cost of a number of additional services (conducting insulation, water supply, wall decoration and electrical wiring). The most convenient type of calculation is the calculation of the cost of building a turnkey house.

Online calculator calculating building materials for home construction

An example of an online calculator for calculating the cost of a turnkey house

For example: building an economy version (one-story cottage with an area of ​​up to 80 sq. m) can cost 1 million rubles and above. Basic two-story houses ranging from 150 square meters. m, will cost at least 2 million rubles. The highest price will be the construction of large and spacious premium-class mansions with a total area of ​​more than 350 square meters. m - from 5 million rubles.

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The main purpose of using an online calculator is to save time. The program allows you to calculate the approximate cost of building a house quickly and easily. However, it is worth considering that such software implies a considerable error in the calculations. Accordingly, accurate results can be obtained only in a specialized company.

Using the online calculator, it is easier to determine the appropriate project for the future home. The process of calculating the value of the house is not affected by the human factor, and the application itself is often free and accessible to everyone. And yet, in order to minimize errors in calculations, it is recommended to contact experienced companies with experienced craftsmen.


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