Curbstone: prices and sizes

It is difficult to find something more ordinary and imperceptible than a garden curb made of concrete. The article offers material on curbstones for garden paths, on the types of products and tasks that are assigned to them. You will get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of vibrating and vibrating cast curb stone, get an idea of ​​the parameters and nuances of choice, as well as average prices in Moscow and the region.

Curbstone: prices and sizes

Border separation role

About types of curbs

Border (which is often called curb or side stone, and sometimes curb) - building material, intended for the improvement of roads. Borders can be subdivided into three types:

  • Road curb (main, side stone). The product of increased strength separates the carriageway from the sidewalk, limits the exit of vehicles outside the road.

  • Pavement curb . It has a universal purpose - suitable for arranging not only pedestrian areas and squares, but also areas with high loads (for example, car parking).

  • Garden curb . It is recommended for use in areas with low load - when laying tracks on home gardens.

Curbstone: prices and sizes

Varieties of curb stones

Tasks of a concrete garden curb in landscape design

Landscaped it is difficult to imagine a garden or summer cottage without paths, which help to divide the territory into functional zones and ensure comfortable movement. Curbstone garden is a significant functional element of the tracks; its use solves several problems of landscape design:

  • Divides the green space, the canvas of the walkway and the elements of landscape design.

  • Extends track life. Stone sides restrain the elements of the paved masonry from spreading. If the path is made of bulk material (sawdust, gravel), the bumpers will not allow it to scatter over the flower beds and the lawn.

  • Keeps clean. Thanks to the concrete limiter, the land and water for irrigation remain within the plots allocated to them and do not contaminate the track surface; the grass does not germinate between its elements.

  • Helps to form a general style, giving the tracks (and, at the same time, the landscape) a harmonious and complete look.

  • Protects the soil from weathering and leaching, helping to save on its restoration (you do not have to purchase fertile soil).

Curbstone: prices and sizes

The earth is safe and the walkway is clean

Pros and cons of the concrete curbstone

The advantages of using a curb made of concrete are related to its decorative and protective function and are as follows:

  • Durability . Material produced without violating the technology is characterized by a long period of operation. It was originally designed for high loads, which allows you to extend the life of the garden paths (especially for paved paths).

  • Savings . Concrete products have an optimal price / quality ratio. This favorably distinguishes them from the borders of natural stone, attractive variety of appearance, but frightening high price.

  • Ease of use . The material does not need additional processing. It has smooth edges, so laying and joining of individual elements is not difficult; if installed correctly, the joints are almost invisible.

  • Easy care . Border products do not need care (protection, painting, whitewash).

  • Assortment . Manufacturers offer a variety of concrete products, which differ not only in size and shape, but also in surface color.

Curbstone: prices and sizes

The concrete curb can be curved
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Available in concrete products and cons:

  • They are more suitable for using in straight sections of tracks.

  • Weight makes it difficult to install and dismantle.

  • Installation requires certain skills .

Production methods

Curbstone for the dacha, the size and price of which may vary from different manufacturers, it is convenient to classify according to the manufacturing technology. There are products on sale made by one of two methods:

  • Vibrating . In the process, mobile liquid concrete mixes are used, which are kept in molds on a vibrating table and then brought to readiness.

  • Vibration . For production use semi-dry rigid concrete mixes.They are placed in forms on the vibrating table, additionally compacted with a press, and then sent to the chamber for aging.

Curbstone: prices and sizes

Multi-colored curb for paving slabs

Vibro-curbs curbs are inferior in terms of vibropressed products. The blocks have a porous surface and are uniform in color (mostly gray); Making in color significantly increases the price. Products are characterized by shorter service life and a tendency to the formation of chips, because of what the size and appearance suffer. Such blocks contain an increased amount of capillary pores, which means enhanced water absorption and low frost resistance.

Vibro-pressed curbs are distinguished by high durability in operation (service life from 15-20 years) and frost resistance (no capillary pores). The blocks have a facing layer that is even and resistant to cracking. This makes it possible to cut the board at the right angle and form even joints. The technology allows to make elements of various colors, which favorably affects the aesthetics of the result.

About the production of curbs in the following video:

Choices for choosing

Setting curbs allows you not only to strengthen the road surface, but and minimize its deformation associated with seasonal temperature variations and ground movements. Such a practical element of improvement, garden curbstone, can be bought in Moscow through shops or websites of manufacturing companies. Before purchasing, it is necessary to determine the parameters of the border:

  • Height . The deeper to install the curbstone, the better and longer will be the blind area (track canvas) and the base. To get the required height, add the thickness of the base and the blind area, adding 15-20 cm to the installation.

  • Length . Measure the perimeter of the site, which is going to enclose the border.

  • Compensation . The resulting length is usually increased by 10%. So you will compensate for possible measurement errors and possible damage that may occur during transportation, loading / unloading, fitting and installation. Buying material with a reserve, you save yourself from the vain expenses for the transportation of one or two curbstones, which can hardly be called a saving.

Curbstone: prices and sizes

Curbstone installation
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When purchasing, it is necessary to check the availability of a quality certificate confirming that the material characteristics comply with Russian standards. The lack of documents means that when choosing a material you will be guided only by the appearance, without being able to assess the important characteristics of the product.

Characteristics of a garden curb

Unlike a road curb, a garden curb has smaller dimensions and weight, due to which excessive efforts should not be applied when arranging paths. The choice of side stone is based on the following factors:

  • Track characteristics . Not only its size and shape is taken into account, but also the blind area material, as well as its color range.

  • Type of soil (density, humidity) in which the curb will be installed.

  • Estimated lifetime .

About the installation of the curb in the following video:

The curb products must be marked on a mandatory basis, in which dimensions and type of product, and may also contain additional parameters (for example, the radius of curvature for a curved curb stone). Buying curbstone, the price of which depends mainly on the strength indicators, pay attention to the characteristics declared by the manufacturer. These include:

  • Dimensions . On sale are materials for the garden length of 0.5, 1 and 3 meters. The height is in the range of 20-60 cm, width - 6-15 cm. Curb stones, exceeding five meters in length, are to be reinforced.

  • The popular size is . The greatest demand is a standard garden curb with dimensions of 1000x200x80 (length - height - width in mm). It is easy to install and is ideal for finishing flower beds and the edges of the tracks.

  • Material . By the production method, vibrocast and vibropressed products are offered.

Curbstone: prices and sizes

Curb to match the color of the track
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  • Deviation of sizes . For vibropressed curb length, width and height should not differ by more than 2 mm (for products up to 1 m).

  • Weight . Depends on size and thickness; vibrocast curb stones heavier.

  • Specific gravity . 2000-2100 kg / m 3 .

  • Frost tolerance . The side stones obtained by the method of vibropressing are designed for a minimum of 200 freeze / thaw cycles. In the Moscow region, an average of 5-7 cycles occur over the winter, which means at least 30-40 years of service.

  • Compressive strength . Reaches 350 kgf / cm 2 (concrete grade М350).

  • Water absorption . The lower the value, the better. For vibropressed products, the rate is 3-4%.

  • Color . Gray, yellow, red and brown pigments are used for coloring, which makes it possible to fit the products into the landscape as beautifully as possible.

The quality assessment can also be carried out using such parameters as fracture strength, wear resistance and the absence of radiation. It is also important to evaluate the appearance - high-quality stones have an even, without chipping, evenly painted surface.

Curbstone: prices and sizes

Border with beveled profile for entering cars

Prices for garden curb

The best price / quality ratio is possible obtain, by contacting a specialized company engaged in the manufacture and sale of garden curbs. Profile organizations offer products of various sizes and colors, made from high quality raw materials in compliance with technological standards.

You can not only purchase material whose quality is confirmed by a certificate, but also get expert advice from a technical specialist. Many companies also organize the delivery of purchases to the construction site. If you are going to pave the paths with paving slabs, decorative stone or paving stones, you cannot do without a garden curb. The price for vibropressed material in Moscow and the region will be within the following limits (for 1 pc.):

  • Garden : 500x200x60 (mm), weight: 13 kg. Price: 70-90 rub. (gray), 95-120 rubles. (red, brown).

  • Pavement : 1000x200x80, weight 35 kg. Price: 145-160 rubles. (gray), 190-210 rub. (color).

Curbstone: prices and sizes

Curb for a concrete track

Vibrating curbs:

  • Garden : 500x200x30, weight: 8 kg. Price: 65-75 rubles. (gray), 80-95 rubles. (red, brown).

  • Garden : 500x210x40, weight 10 kg. Price: 70-80 rubles. (gray), 90-120 rubles. (color).

  • Pavement : 500x200x65, weight 13 kg. Price: 80-90 rub. (gray), 110-130 rubles. (color).

  • Pavement : 1000x210x80, weight 30 kg. Price: 160-170 rubles. (Gray).

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The purchase price depends on the mode of production, the shape and length of the product, and the scope of delivery. Practice shows that in the long term, the performance characteristics of a vibro-pressed curb exceed the parameters of a cast analog. Thanks to more advanced technology, this side stone is more practical, since it is better resistant to mechanical, weather and chemical influences; he will help to design the landscape and will last a long time.

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