Paving slabs for tracks in the country, price per m2 in Moscow

One of the final stages of landscaping the backyard territory is the design of the tracks. The answer to the question what material is optimal is not always obvious. Paving slabs for tracks in the country is among the most successful options for paving. This article will introduce you to the varieties of paving products and the advantages of the most popular ones, help you understand the shapes and sizes and not drown in a sea of ​​proposals. The paths and grounds paved with suitable tiles will not only save you from dirt and damp, but also become a bright decorative detail of the site.

Paving slabs for tracks in the country, price per m2 in Moscow

Tiled coating does not hold water

Types of tile coatings

To the most popular types of pavement coverings presented on the building The market includes five types of products:

  • Made of natural stone . The covering from granite, marble or basalt fits into any landscape design and differs in the improved characteristics of durability, resistance to attrition and durability. The high cost of the material is the main restriction of use.

  • Of clay . Road and sidewalk clinker (burnt clay brick or tile) is a decorative and durable material. Not widely spread due to the high cost and structural features (non-quality material can be covered with salt divorces).

  • Concrete . The most common option, durable and eco-friendly. The tile is made by means of vibratory casting and vibropressing from a mixture of cement, water and plasticizers.

  • Polymer sand . The combination of sand and polymers allows you to get good products with anti-slip properties.

Paving slabs for tracks in the country, price per m2 in Moscow

Tile imitating paving
  • Rubber . The product of recycling old tires, such tiles are flexible, waterproof and hygienic. It is advantageous to use it for a children's playground, the area around the pool or on a plot with wet ground.

About a concrete tile: types, production methods and characteristics

No matter how beautiful the path is, the main quality should be its strength. Pedestrian coverage on a country site is subjected to daily (in some significant) loads, so concrete is considered one of the optimal materials for tile products. Concrete paving slabs for tracks in the country is made in two main ways, allowing to obtain products with different properties.

Vibrocast (vibromoulding) tile

When vibrocasting, a liquid cement-sand mixture is used. The forms fixed on the vibrating table are filled with the prepared composition. Due to the continuous vibration of the mixture is compacted, after which the workpiece is placed in a heat chamber, where they gain strength. Vibrating cast tiles have a glossy surface (vibration removes air) and the following characteristics:

  • Lifetime from 20-25 years.

Paving slabs for tracks in the country, price per m2 in Moscow

Tile coating made using the vibrating casting method
  • Durability under compression . The parameter indicates how much load the product can withstand; is 300-400 kg / cm 2 .

  • Frost resistance (the number indicates the guaranteed number of freeze-thaw cycles): F300-F400.

  • Abrasion . The lower the score, the longer the pavement will last. The abrasion of vibro-molded products does not exceed 0.3 g / cm 2 .

  • Water absorption . The less moisture the product absorbs, the more durable it is; figure is 4.5% of the volume.

The advantages of these products include fast production, low cost and the ability to produce stylized surfaces (adjusting dyes and additives, you can get a tile in marble or granite).

Vibro-pressed tiles

Vibropressing allows you to get products with a rough (matte) surface. In this case, the concrete mix is ​​placed in the mold and compacted not only due to the vibration of the base, but also with the help of a press. The finished tile is not heat treated and has the following characteristics:

  • Service life from 15-20 years.

  • Compressive strength : 300 kg / cm 2 .

Paving slabs for tracks in the country, price per m2 in Moscow

Vibropressed coating
  • Frost resistance (for winter occurs 5-7 freeze-thaw cycles): F200.

  • Abrasion : 0.4 g / cm 2 .

  • Water absorption : 6% of the volume

For the manufacture of such tiles you need more serious equipment. Products are characterized by a smaller choice of colors and uniformity of forms (most often it is a square or a rectangle).

Also on our site you can read about rubber tiles for tracks in the country.

7 reasons to choose concrete pavement tiles

In modern country construction, concrete pavement tiles everywhere are replacing traditional concrete and asphalt, creating serious competition for clinker bricks and natural stone. The material enjoys wide and well-deserved popularity due to its positive qualities, which include:

  • Profitability . The tile is a modern technological material, in terms of price / quality ratio superior to clinker and granite paving. Laying also does not require large expenditures.

Paving slabs for tracks in the country, price per m2 in Moscow

Paving the garden path did not take long
  • Aesthetics . Paths paved with tiled material have a much more attractive appearance than asphalt or concrete (unless you are a fan of minimalism). Manufacturers offer products of various shapes, colors and shades, allowing you to give the suburban site an individual look and emphasize any style.

  • Environmental friendliness . Paving slabs for tracks, unlike asphalt, do not emit substances hazardous to health, which is especially valuable in hot weather. The basis of most types of tiles is concrete, ecologically neutral raw materials.

  • Durability . Service life begins from 15-20 years.

  • Strength . The material withstands mechanical loads, is resistant to atmospheric moisture and temperature drops .

  • Functionality . Water does not accumulate on the tiled surface, the tracks are always clean and dry, which is especially convenient in regions with frequent and prolonged rains.

  • Easy installation and repair . Laying tile coating in compliance with technological methods is easy; Replacing a damaged part is also easy.

Paving slabs for tracks in the country, price per m2 in Moscow

Two-color coating of tracks and a local area

Dimensions, shape and method of use

Since GOST does not regulate the size and shape of tiles, manufacturers set the parameters of products based on their own needs and capabilities. For the buyer, the main working indicator to pay attention to is tile thickness. Pavement tiles for garden paths are divided in thickness into several groups:

  • Pedestrian . The thickness of the product reaches 30 mm. A budget option suitable for paving of the house adjoining pavement, space around the gazebo or porch, barbecue area, garden paths. Such a coating can easily withstand the load from a bicycle, a pedestrian or a sidecar, but is not suitable for a driveway device.

  • Universal . It has a thickness of 50 to 60 mm. The cost of arranging the tracks of such tiles will be higher, but it will be technically justified. She can lay out not only paths, recreation areas and the yard; the cover with honor maintains the weight of the car or minibus. Suitable not only for the device driveway, it can be laid out and the floor of the garage.

Paving slabs for tracks in the country, price per m2 in Moscow

Popular models of vibrocast tiled coverings
  • Monolithic . Products with a thickness of 70-80 mm and more are expensive; styling also cost a pretty penny. This tile is rarely seen on a country site. It is designed for the harshest operating conditions and easily transfers the load from trucks.

For arranging the territory of a suburban area, a tile with a thickness of 30 to 60 mm is recommended. Other important product parameters, length and width, are used to calculate the flow rate during installation. The sizes and shape of products can be systematized as follows:

  • Square . In private construction, tile for tracks with parameters of 300x300 mm is the most popular; 350 and 400 mm options are equally popular. Plates with a side of 500 mm are rarely used.

  • Rectangular . The classic form, which retained its relevance in modern design. Paths laid out "pavement" or "brick" will decorate any area. Average dimensions vary between 200-250 mm in length and 100-125 mm in width (more significant deviations are on the manufacturer’s conscience).

About the variety of paving slabs in the following video:

  • Figured . The boundary dimensions approximately fit into the following frames: from 295x295 mm to 120x180 mm, and the flight of fancy in the performance of the form is not regulated at all. The more complex the form, the more time and effort it will take to pave the path. An interesting result can be obtained by combining color and shape.

  • Special tile . Tactile tile designed for people with visual impairments. This tile is made in the form of a square and has reefs on the surface, which helps to set the direction of movement.

  • Additional elements . Often the manufacturer offers steps, side stones (curbs), near-edge trays (to drain rainwater).

Fans of original innovative ideas will be interested in unusual tile types:

  • LED tile . Lighting of the garden, paths and elements of landscape design can be implemented using LED sidewalk lamps. LED tiles are made of high impact polymers, it is characterized by a high degree of wear and moisture resistance, does not slip in wet weather. The paving slabs glowing in the dark are not only beautiful, but also a functional idea for garden decoration.

Paving slabs for tracks in the country, price per m2 in Moscow

Garden path with LED elements
  • Three-dimensional paving slabs . The production technology allows you to put on the tile selected by the customer image. In this case, the picture is additionally covered with a protective layer and does not fade in the sun. A path or platform covered with a 3D pattern can be a spectacular solution for a country site.

9 tips when buying paving slabs

Tile - the material is unpretentious, but, nevertheless, its performance characteristics directly depend on the quality of production. To ensure the quality of the selected coating for the tracks, you should pay attention to the following features:

  • Manufacturer . It must be legal. Buying artisanal tiles somewhere off the road, out of the truck, can lead to the fact that beautiful paths will not survive the first winter; the tile will begin to crack and delaminate.

  • Certificate of Conformity . The legal manufacturer (seller) is happy to provide a certificate where you can get information about the production technology and the composition of the tile.

About LED paving in the following video:

  • Tile Parameters . You should know in advance which products and thickness are suitable for your purposes, and be guided when choosing them. The vibromoulding method allows to obtain tiles up to 6 cm thick. If the thickness exceeds this size, the product is obtained by vibropressing.

  • External examination . The tile should have a uniform color of the front surface and a uniform composition of the back side (without spots and non-uniform patches). Cracks and voids - a sign of violation of the production technology and indicates insufficient strength. Very bright color of the product can mean a surplus of dye and low quality.

  • Selection based on the needs . Smooth tiles are not the best option for a walkway; with a high degree of probability such a coating will slide in wet weather. For the organization of the driveway is not suitable not only thin, but also a large tile; it is easy to pull out of the masonry, wheel on the edge.

  • Sound quality check . If the sound at the impact of two tiles turns out to be ringing, this indicates the homogeneity of the structure and good quality; a dull sound - on the contrary.

Paving slabs for tracks in the country, price per m2 in Moscow

Combined styling
  • Warranty . Allows replacement if part of the material is different in color or quality.

  • Price . Before you buy, it will be useful to familiarize yourself with the average prices for the products you are interested in. Sometimes, to reduce the price, the manufacturer saves on the dye, adding it only to the front (top) layer. Paths with such a coating will quickly disappear and lose their attractiveness.

  • Calculation of the required quantity . It is considered correct to acquire material 5% more than necessary. This will allow you to maneuver in case of discrepancies in colors and have stock for repairs.

Paving slabs are used not only for the tracks - often in private houses you can also see the blind area of ​​paving slabs.

Laying features: what to look for

The quality of the tracks depends not only on the characteristics of the purchased material. Laying paving slabs in the country - an important stage in the arrangement of the pedestrian zone, which also depends on the strength and durability of the pedestrian zone. The installation consists of several intermediate stages:

  • Preparation . Determines the method of paving, depending on the type of soil on the site. Tile coating bad falls on wet and clay soil. In this case, it will be necessary to organize a drainage layer (sand and crushed stone with a thickness of at least 15 cm).

About the turnkey styling project in the following video:

  • Marking on locality . Simplifies construction and is subject to irregularities of the site. If there is a height difference in the marking path, steps may be required.

  • Preparation of the base .The top layer of soil of the required width and thickness up to 15 cm is removed. The recess is compacted, curbs-limiters are installed (if provided by the project).

  • Pillow Preparation . Correctly made pillow - a pledge of durability of your tracks. For backfilling use a sand-cement mixture or layers of rubble and sand, after which the coating is leveled.

  • Paving . The tile is laid in the chosen way, the joints are rubbed over.

  • Subtleties . To prevent rainwater from lingering on the track’s surface, a slope of up to 5% (from the centerline to the edges) is organized.

Paving slabs for tracks in the country, price per m2 in Moscow

Paving the garden path

About tile prices and its laying

After studying numerous options, finally, paving slabs are purchased for tracks in the country, its price will depend on many parameters. The cost is influenced not only by its dimensions, thickness and manufacturer, but also decorative characteristics - color and shape. The cost of some types of concrete tile in Moscow and the region (for 1 m 2 ) is as follows:

  • Budget option . Tiles of domestic production with the parameters 300x300x30 mm (with a pattern) cost 330-450 rubles. ; with the parameters 400x400x40 - 400-570 rubles. Similar material of foreign production can be found at a price of 550-650 rubles.

  • Popular Options . Tile-paving stones (200x100x60 mm) and tile-coil (198x165x60 mm) will cost 450-590 rubles. Similar prices for products of more complex shape - a rhombus, clover, puzzle, wave.

About the intricacies of choosing tile products in the following video:

  • Elite Pavement tile . Paving elements from different collections and from different manufacturers have a wide range of prices. Prices for the most popular shapes and sizes fit into the interval of 1300-1600 rubles.

Construction companies offer paving services for turnkey garden paths. Arrangement of the tracks is carried out taking into account the wishes of the customer, with precise compliance with the technology of installation; professional approach allows you to get aesthetic and long-term coverage. The price for paving (for 1 m 2 ) depends on the nature of the work:

  • On the ready basis . Paving standard: 600-700 rubles, decorative: 650-800 rubles.

  • With the preparation of the foundation of rubble and sand . 1200-1450 rub.

  • With the preparation of the concrete base . 1500-1900 rub.

  • Installation of curbs . The price increases by 300-550 rubles.

Paving slabs for tracks in the country, price per m2 in Moscow

Track and recreation area in the same style
On our site you can find contacts of construction companies, who offer the service of turnkey landscape works. You can directly communicate with representatives by visiting the low-rise country exhibition.


Even a budget tile, made and laid according to technology, will last for many years, keeping the cozy and comfortable view of your suburban area. And on the contrary, it is more desirable to complete all construction works by spring, having paved paths in the cold, have ruined a lot of work and finance, regardless of the quality of paving slabs. Want to convert your site - wait for a steady warm weather.


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