construction from a ready-made kit, how to build, prefabricated structures, photos, price

Different products are used as building materials. One of them is a sandwich panel. In this article, we will consider a garage made of sandwich panels, its positive and negative sides, construction technology and other moments. After reading the article you will be much easier to determine the design and materials for the construction of the garage.

construction from a ready-made kit, how to build, prefabricated structures, photos, price

Garage from sandwich panels for one car

Comparison with other building materials

Vehicle standing in the open site is adversely affected by natural loads. Under their action, its life is reduced significantly. Therefore, zealous owners are trying to build a "dwelling" for him.

Metal garages assembled from sheet iron, a traditional type of structure. This is a solid construction with high anti-vandal characteristics, but with low thermal performance. The temperature on the street and inside the garage is always the same, in summer and winter.

A garage made of brick, stone or blocks is a little better in this regard. But its construction will be expensive. In addition, the capital construction will require a permit from local authorities, which often becomes the reason for the rejection of the structure. Too difficult to overcome bureaucratic obstacles.

A warm garage made of sandwich panels is not for nothing called warm, because this building material is two metal sheets between which insulation is laid: mineral wool, polystyrene foam plates or polyurethane foam. Therefore, we can talk about the high strength of the construction assembled from panels, which has high thermal insulation properties.

construction from a ready-made kit, how to build, prefabricated structures, photos, price

Corrugated sandwich panels with polystyrene foam

It should be noted that the sandwich panels themselves are plates with a width of 1 m length from 2 to 12 m. Depending on the size of the garage in terms of height, the plates are cut to the desired length, which reduces the cost of fitting. With regard to the thickness of the plate material, then there is a wide choice. This will allow the panels to be selected so that they fully comply with the climatic conditions of the region. We add that modern sandwich panels are joined together with a castle connection. It provides reliable installation - the outer and inner planes are joined into one almost seamless plane.

construction from a ready-made kit, how to build, prefabricated structures, photos, price

The panels are joined into one solid seamless plane
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Advantages and disadvantages of a garage from sandwich panels

Let's start with the advantages of this building:

  1. The high thermal insulation qualities of the material make it possible to speak of a warmed structure, not requiring additional thermal insulation processes.

  2. Sandwich panels are materials with high sound insulation characteristics.

  3. The specific weight of the material is quite low. So working with panels is easy. For their installation does not require a lot of people or lifting equipment.

  4. If you do not take into account the filling of the foundation, the installation of sandwich panels can be carried out at any time of the year.

  5. High construction speed.

  6. Long service life, high fire resistance properties, 100% environmental friendliness.

  7. Today, manufacturers offer panels in a large color scheme.

  8. The construction of a garage from sandwich panels at the cost is considered the lowest. Plus low and labor-intensive.

  9. Such a garage is easy to disassemble and move to another place.

construction from a ready-made kit, how to build, prefabricated structures, photos, price

Garage of sandwich panels - collapsible design

As for the shortcomings, here is a small list.

  1. It is impossible to expose a garage assembled from sandwich penels to prolonged loads.

  2. Since this is a frame construction, the metal frame will have to be treated with protective paints, wooden antiseptic and fire retardant compounds.

Garage Constructions

Regardless of whether the garage of the sandwich panels is a ready-made kit, or it is completed with separate metal profiles for the frame and slab material for plating, a mandatory element buildings - the foundation. The best option - tape. It is laid using the standard technology with the use of formwork and concrete mortar or used for the construction of ready-made foundation blocks.

The main requirement is to fill a layer of sand 30 cm thick, followed by tamping, plus a crushed stone layer 10 cm thick, to the bottom of the excavated trench. The two laid layers are called the pillow, the upper plane of which is aligned with the horizon.

For concrete casting, formwork is installed in which an additional metal reinforcing frame made of steel reinforcement is placed.Armopoyas should not be in contact with the formwork and with the cushion, so it is installed on the stand (bricks, stone, pieces of metal profile, finished part-time from metal or plastic). For the blocks, no additional devices are needed. Important - the height of the foundation above the ground should not be less than 10 cm.

construction from a ready-made kit, how to build, prefabricated structures, photos, price

Tape foundations for a garage of sandwich panels
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Assembly of the frame

The frame can be assembled either from wooden bars with a minimum cross-section of 100x100 mm, or from a steel corner of a shaped pipe. In the first case, the connection of elements is done by screws through special metal fasteners. In the second by welding or bolting. Ready sets in the structure have galvanized P-shaped profiles which fasten among themselves self-tapping screws.

It is simpler and more convenient to build a garage from sandwich panels using a ready-made kit with a frame. U-shaped galvanized profiles are easy and convenient to install. They fit the size, so no waste. In fact, the frame is going as a designer. The main thing is to follow the instructions supplied by the manufacturer. It is important to install the lower bolt well, which is attached to the foundation with either anchors or dowels on the concrete. In this case, the installation is carried out strictly with exhibiting the corners of the building. Elements of crossbars must dock at a right angle.

construction from a ready-made kit, how to build, prefabricated structures, photos, price

Garage frame made of galvanized U-shaped profile

Manufacturers recommend assembling the frame separately, taking into account the walls and roof. That is, the walls and slopes of the building are assembled separately on the ground, and then installed in a general structure, connected by fasteners. The main requirement for the installation of walls - verticality.

The process of assembling a garage from sandwich panels to video:

Installing sandwich panels

Sandwich panels for a garage in full set come cropped to the required dimensions. They can only be installed at the place of fasteners. Please note that the panel material can be laid horizontally and vertically. If a two-story garage is being built of sandwich panels with a height of more than 6 m, the installation is horizontal. In other cases, vertically. Another nuance - the panel should not touch the foundation. Between them, plates of waterproofing material, usually polyethylene, will be laid.

construction from a ready-made kit, how to build, prefabricated structures, photos, price

Special self-tapping screws for installing sandwich panels

Installation can be started from any wall from any side. The panels are fixed to the upper and lower bolts with special screws. He has two threads: bottom and top of the cap. The first thread screw fastened to the frame. The second to the outer metal sheet sandwich panels, creating a pressing plate to the frame profile.

  • if the frame is assembled from galvanized profiles, then you do not need to drill holes in them for fasteners;

  • if the frame is assembled from steel standard profiles, at the place of fasteners it is necessary to drill through holes with a diameter slightly smaller than the diameter of the screws.

This is one of the reasons for choosing prefabricated frame structures with fitted panels.

construction from a ready-made kit, how to build, prefabricated structures, photos, price

Installing and attaching sandwich panels to the frame
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What are the requirements for mounting technology.

  • Expose the first panel vertically and horizontally.

  • Produce attachment to the frame. Requirements to the place of attachment: 5 cm from the edge of the panel, 50 cm between two fasteners.

  • Install the second panel so that it is connected to the first lock. To seal the joint, silicone sealant is used, which is applied with a strip to the groove of one of the panels.

construction from a ready-made kit, how to build, prefabricated structures, photos, price

Connection of two panels with joint sealing
  • Attach the second element to the frame in the same way as the first.

  • In the joints of the two plates (between them) at the corners of the garage they lay insulating material. Usually for this use mounting foam. After that, the joint is closed with a special plastic strap, which is attached to the sandwich panels with short screws for metal.

  • After installing the walls, a low tide is mounted on the basement, which will protect the joint between the wall material and the foundation from leaks in the rain.

If the roof of the garage is gable. The panels are laid along the slopes so that a gap of 2 cm is formed at the ridge between them. It is subsequently filled with insulation and covered with a ridge strip. The latter is attached to the sandwich panels with short screws.From the inside, the joint is closed with a metal bar in the shape of a corner of the slopes.

Roof sandwich panels are assembled in the same way as wall ones. In the same order with the same attachment to the elements of the batten.

construction from a ready-made kit, how to build, prefabricated structures, photos, price

Installation of the roof of the garage

Installation of the roof of the garage in this video:

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Garage assembled from a frame and sandwich panels, the design is reliable, inexpensive and with a good service life. At the same time, its assembly without taking into account foundation construction takes no more than a day. By purchasing a ready-made kit, you solve a bunch of problems, where the assembly speed and exact parameters for the required dimensions are one of the most important ones.

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