area calculation, online calculator features

This article will discuss how you can calculate the amount of corrugated roofing for the roof, taking into account the design of the roof and the required additional elements. You will learn how to calculate the area of ​​corrugated roofing, what is required for this source data, how to interpret and how to use the result obtained, for example, using an online calculator.

area calculation, online calculator features

All work on the roof should be carried out only on the basis of preliminary calculations

Features of online calculators

When using any of the online services should be aware that they are not intended a priori to give an accurate result. First, you will never know what formulas, errors and applicable tolerances are hidden behind their interface, and second, be sure to consider one of the main drawbacks of such tools, which is a limited supply of roof configurations and calculations.

As a result, using an online calculator, you can only approximately calculate the amount and costs of a particular material and the expediency of its choice. The final result can be given only by a qualified specialist, who will calculate the required amount of profiled sheeting and all the necessary additional elements, taking into account the various nuances of the future roofing. In the end, he will provide a complete specification for the required materials and total costs for the arrangement of the roof.

area calculation, online calculator features

Only the master will be able to accurately calculate the required amount of materials, taking into account the characteristics of the profile of the flooring and the geometry of the roof

What to consider when calculating

When calculating the number of profiled sheets on the roof, a number of important characteristics of the material itself must be taken into account.

Material thickness. There are three types of sheets:

  • universal - medium

  • roofing - the thickest

  • wall - the thinnest.

Profiled sheeting thickness is a very important indicator when choosing a material.

Wave size. The larger the wave of the sheets, the more the material itself will go to the required overlap (side connections). And it is very important to keep this in mind when making calculations. In addition, one should not forget that it is very difficult to make even cuts at high waves, which requires increasing the percentage of losses in calculations.

Number of end. Experts note that an increase in the number of end leads to an increase in errors in the performance of work, as well as waste.

area calculation, online calculator features

The calculator gives only approximate cost data
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Using the calculator

Roofing sheet calculator for the roof is a simple and quick way to calculate the required amount of roofing materials. But as already mentioned, it gives only approximate results, and only an expert can calculate the exact number of all elements. However, in order to get the most accurate results using an online calculator, you must determine in advance the technical parameters of the roof, corrugated flooring and its type.

The following data should be entered into the calculator:

  • size and number trapezoidal slopes ;

  • size and the number of triangular slopes ;

  • size and number of rectangular slopes ;

  • working size sheet, and not the total.

The calculator itself has a fairly simple program that allows it to determine the areas of all geometric shapes. After that, all the results obtained by the program are summarized.

area calculation, online calculator features

When calculating, many nuances of the roof geometry are taken into account, but the main thing is slopes

It is worth repeating that professional roofers never use similar calculators. This is due to the fact that no such program is simply not able to take into account the important nuances and the individual structure of each individual roof. In addition, there may be unforeseen factors that are bound to affect the final result. Calculate the number of corrugated roofing using such a program must be very careful. The calculator does not take into account the length of all sheets, and the number of joining places will depend on this. In addition, the calculator does not take into account the angles of inclination of the slopes, which affects the width of the overlap, and so on.

area calculation, online calculator features

It is important to remember that accurate data on the amount of materials will be calculated only by a qualified master
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How to work with the calculator

In most cases, the process of calculating the necessary roofing materials using an online calculator is as follows:

  • Required specify roof type . The amount of required materials completely depends on its geometry. Also, geometry affects the number of required additional elements. It is important to remember that geometrically complex types of roofing increase the number of consumable as well as basic materials.

  • Data input by roof size . It is necessary to know the size of the roof and indicate in the calculator these figures. If complex construction is used, then the roof is divided into separate planes, it is necessary to measure out all distances. This will provide information on the geometric structure and cutting. During the calculations, all attention is paid to the total area, the size of the slopes. In the calculator, you must specify the slopes (width and length in meters), spotlights (specify the type), eaves overhang (width in meters), frontal plank (width in meters).

area calculation, online calculator features

Calculators do not take into account some important factors of the roof and the need to use additional elements
  • In order to calculate roofing profiled as accurately as possible, it is necessary to select this material from the suggested ones, if such a function is available in the calculator. It must be remembered that all materials have their own specific characteristics, they use different fasteners and additional elements.

  • After you have entered all the data, you must click the "Calculate" button or the like. Then the result will be displayed with all the data obtained.

It is worth repeating that such calculators give only approximate results. Accurate data can provide only a qualified master with the appropriate knowledge and skills.

How to use an online calculator for roof calculation from corrugated flooring:

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What is important to remember

If you use the calculator to go as accurately as possible to find out how many sheets of roofing sheets you need on the roof, then in addition to the data you need to calculate some more nuances. The calculator will help determine the approximate amount of materials required, in some cases, components and additional elements.

Remember that the calculation should be carried out only after receiving measurements of the roof. An important indicator to obtain the most accurate data is the angle of inclination of the roof, as well as its geometry. But do not forget that there are other nuances that must be considered. For example, it can be any roof elements that remain without roofing. This applies to hatches, chimney openings, windows and so on.

area calculation, online calculator features

When calculating the roof, it is important to consider the number of additional elements
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Any roof calculator made of corrugated board gives only approximate data on the calculation of the required materials. It is important to take into account the fact that the dimensions of the drawings and plans may differ from the actual data. The exact calculation can only be carried out by a qualified master. It takes into account the complexity of the structure of the roof, the slopes, the elements of the roof, which are not closed by a professional flooring, and so on.

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