The cost of country cottage construction

In recent years, more and more people are thinking about whether to change the city apartment to a house in a cottage village or away from the city. Why does the question of choice arise at all? How did the economic situation in the country influence this choice and where it is more profitable to live - read below.

When friends who have moved into a private house talk about a quiet life without a puncher, loud music behind the wall, and cucumbers-tomatoes from their own plot, one will inevitably think whether we live well in a high-rise apartment. Especially if there are frequent cases of conflict with the management company or deteriorated relations with neighbors. Indeed, living in a private home seems more attractive and financially profitable.

Many articles and videos instantly appeared on the Internet in response to a pressing question, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of urban and suburban housing in all respects.

How has the crisis affected?

The cost of country cottage construction

The suburban real estate market has undergone curious changes due to the crisis. Economic instability has contributed to the issue of home buying. For example, the demand for summer cottages and summer houses for temporary housing has sharply decreased, but interest in cottage construction and homes intended for permanent residence has increased.

Speaking about the prospects for the development of cottage construction, market experts give very optimistic forecasts. The cost of land for construction varies in different regions, but there is a tendency to reduce it.

The demand for cottages, according to forecasts, will remain even with the rise in prices for this type of housing. Buy or build a cottage becomes more expensive on average by 20% from year to year. The fact is that the cost of a private house is noticeably lower than apartments of the same area . Moreover, despite the price increase, there is always the opportunity to build a house on an individual project, as well as to choose a land plot of exactly the area that a family requires.

Thus, the crisis has to some extent reoriented the interests of families in choosing housing. The construction of cottages has become more focused on middle-income buyers. Has the crisis affected the area of ​​acquired real estate?

Optimum living space

If you look at the statistics, the national average per person is 20 square meters. m, that is, a family of four lives in an apartment of 80 square meters. At the same time, it is considered that a person needs about 40 square meters for a comfortable life. m, respectively, the family for happiness need 160 square meters. Not every family can buy an apartment of such an area, especially considering the soaring prices of new buildings. Let's analyze what the average and ideal living space in a city and in a country village will cost a family of four.


The cost of country cottage construction

The apartment of an ideal area in Moscow is worth its weight in gold. Especially if it is located in a good area and within walking distance from the metro and shopping centers. From the price tags on apartments with an area above 100 square meters. m dizzy. The average cost of an ideal apartment is in the region of 35-45 million rubles. An average family apartment (80 sq. M) costs at least 15-16 million rubles. Cost of 1 square. m hovers around 200 thousand rubles.

Price spread is huge. The floor, the height of the house, the area, the availability of parking, the age of the house, the availability of repairs determine this amplitude.

Private house

The cost of country cottage construction

The cost of a private house is meaningless to calculate without the cost of the land plot. In the suburbs area of ​​10 acres is estimated from half a million to 4 million. For comparison, take the plot for 1 million rubles. To build a house of an ideal area can be on average 4-6 million. That is, the total cost of such a house will be approximately 5-7 million.

Cottages of less than 90 square meters. m to build inappropriate, since the construction will not be justified by the price of land and communications. But if you still implement an individual project of a smaller house, it will cost, including the cost of the plot, at least 3 million rubles.


It is obvious that even by the roughest calculations it is more profitable to buy a house outside the city. This option and strive for real estate buyers. On the plot with a cottage it is easy to solve the issue of parking, the availability of a playground and flower beds for the soul.

Therefore, families who have moved out of the city for permanent residence rightly speak of improving housing conditions. Whatever the cost of housing, the environment is much more difficult to buy. A cup of coffee in the gazebo next to the house to the singing of birds is generally priceless.

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