What to make a garage: choose the optimal material

The need to build a garage usually takes by surprise. There are a lot of questions, organizational and technological. There is no time for the implementation of all actions, just as there is no special knowledge. Some users prefer to involve friends, neighbors, or certain “experts” in solving the problem, but the result of this choice is never known in advance. The best option is an agreement with a construction company that quickly and efficiently builds a turnkey garage, but for this the homeowner needs to decide on his preferences.

What to make a garage: choose the optimal material

Ready-made garage

Dimension and appearance

The construction of the garage is carried out according to predetermined parameters - dimensions, design and technological requirements.

What to make a garage: choose the optimal material

Garage project

It is important for representatives of the contractor to understand exactly what the client wants from them, what task he sets for them. Therefore, it is important for the customer, first of all, to determine their own preferences, to choose the optimal size of the structure, type of decoration and design.

For many owners, it is important that the appearance of the garage to the maximum extent consistent with the overall look of the estate, in harmony with the rest of the buildings and amenities. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the technical parameters - the number of cars, their sizes. It is important to provide for the possibility of performing various repairs, for some owners the arrangement of the workshop becomes a prerequisite.

What to make a garage: choose the optimal material

In addition to size and design, it is important to immediately determine the presence of a viewing pit or basement

These elements require serious excavation work, removal of the excavated ground and other actions. It is necessary to decide whether there are opportunities to perform these works, whether the conditions of the site allow. If there are geological or structural contraindications, the creation of basements and inspection holes should be abandoned.

Garage drawing

Creating a drawing is a useful and important point, allowing you to visually review your design and clarify some points. In order to more fully and thoroughly convey to the builders their idea, the customer must first of all himself be very clear about the features and configuration of the garage. The working drawing to the scale and with all the required specifications will be created by the contractor himself, it is important for the customer to create a sketch, a rough outline of the optimal construction.

What to make a garage: choose the optimal material

Garage drawing

In this case, the concept of “drawing” is conditional, it creates a simple graphic image of how the customer imagines the future garage . But for builders, the presence of this image can be explained much more than lengthy oral explanations.

The choice of building material and technology

The definition of the most preferable material will provide a durable, durable garage that does not require too burdensome maintenance and does not require frequent repairs.

What to make a garage: choose the optimal material

To build a garage you need to choose durable material

When choosing what to build a garage from, you need to imagine the basic qualities of building materials. In addition, it is important to understand the features of construction for a particular technology. Consider these questions more closely:


Main building materials used in the construction of garages:

  • Reinforced concrete (panels) .

  • Piece materials (brick, cinder block, foam block, etc.).

  • Wood (timber, log).

Usually, stronger and heavier materials are used for detached buildings, and if you plan to build a garage on a private house site, they prefer less complex and lightweight materials. This allows you to save on the construction of the foundation, eliminates the use of construction equipment, which is very important when you need to keep intact the elements of improvement of the site.

What to make a garage: choose the optimal material

Individual building
On our website you can familiarize yourself with the most popular projects of “small forms” for a private house - from construction companies represented at the exhibition "Low-Rise Country".

A panel garage is being built quickly, but construction work requires construction equipment - a crane, a mixer for pouring concrete, etc. It must be possible for heavy machinery to approach the construction site, which is not always possible.

What to make a garage: choose the optimal material

Building a piece of material allows you to reduce or eliminate the participation of construction equipment

At the same time, the work takes longer, the proportion of manual labor. Different types of similar materials have their own operational features:

  • Brick . Durable, resistant to external influences material. If you lay out the outer layer of facing bricks, you can do without exterior finish. The material is heavy, needs a solid foundation.

  • Slag stone . It is a concrete briquette filled with slag (waste from the metallurgical industry). Successfully combines strength, weight and convenient for laying size.

What to make a garage: choose the optimal material

The slag stone needs decorative exterior finish
  • Foam block . Foam concrete briquette. It has low weight, relatively high strength. To build a garage on the site of a private house is a good choice, not requiring the construction of a strong foundation. The disadvantage of the material is hygroscopicity, which requires the installation of a protective outer coating.

Wooden buildings are dangerous in terms of fire. At the same time, they are lightweight, durable, built quickly enough. A feature of wooden structures is the presence of shrinkage, which lasts about 1.5-2 years.

What to make a garage: choose the optimal material

This period can be shortened by using modern materials that have undergone appropriate processing (eurobar, rounded log)

Choosing what it is better to build a garage, you should consult with the builders. Their recommendations will help to avoid mistakes and get a strong, durable, externally attractive result.

Construction technology

The construction method depends on the preferences of the owner, the possibilities and the location of the site. Traditional methods involving the use of "wet" solutions are not always suitable for the customer. For example, if the territory is landscaped, has a lot of ancillary or outbuildings that impede the approach of technology and prevent pollution.

In such situations, we can recommend the framework construction technique. All work can be performed manually, the process does not take much time and can be carried out in close proximity to neighboring residential or farm buildings, which is impossible for other technologies.

What to make a garage: choose the optimal material

Frame construction
On our site you can familiarize yourself with the most popular in Moscow suburbs for the construction of a country house . In filters you can set the desired direction, the presence of gas, water, electricity and other communications.

The choice of the type of foundation becomes an equally important issue. Often the construction of common support structures is impossible because of the need to carry out earthworks. A solution to the problem is to use screw piles. This option is optimal for creating a foundation for relatively small structures, does not require excavation or the use of large volumes of cement mortars.

What to make a garage: choose the optimal material

This option is optimal for creating the foundation for small structures

You should discuss your choice with the builders. An untrained person does not see the many negative aspects of his decision, does not know the peculiarities of the construction or operation of buildings from different materials or structures. The advice of a professional is necessary, and it is necessary to listen to him, even if he does not like the customer for any reason. In addition, it is important to obtain information in advance, for example, how much it costs to build a garage from turnkey blocks, the price of materials, work and other factors that have a significant influence on the choice.

Garage construction stages

Works are carried out in stages, in strict sequence. It is impossible to change the order of actions, since they are connected in a single technological chain:

  • Foundation .

  • External walls .

  • Roof .

  • Exterior and interior finish .

Depending on the construction technology and materials used, the duration of the work varies.

What to make a garage: choose the optimal material

If it is important to maximize the construction time, select the appropriate technology and materials.

Where to build

Location selection for the construction is no less important and responsible task. There are several factors to consider:

  • Convenient access from the street.

  • Distance from the apartment building to the garage.

  • Relief of the site.

  • Availability of elements improvement, etc.

The adjunction of the garage to the apartment building with the possibility of passage is considered to be the most successful option straight from home without going out. The disadvantage is the constant presence of the smell of gasoline. In addition, the design or architectural features of the house do not always allow to place the garage in this way.

What to make a garage: choose the optimal material

Choosing a place to build is an important and responsible task
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Many owners prefer building garages separately from residential buildings in the economic zone of the estate. A good option is considered a direct exit from the garage to the street, but this requires the presence of appropriate conditions.

From the video you can learn how to build a foam block garage:

How much does it cost to build a garage

In any case, the final The decision on the technological features of construction must be taken collectively with the builders. In order to avoid unnecessary costs and get the best result, you should clarify in advance how much it costs to build a garage out of one or another material. The cost of construction depends on many factors:

  • Distance to the location of the contracting organization.

  • Sizes and design features of the garage.

  • Hydrogeological conditions of the site, construction technology.

  • Used materials .

The highest quality and fastest results can be obtained only through contacts with large organizations. They have all the necessary resources, have the necessary equipment, people and equipment. When concluding an agreement with small firms, one must be prepared for permanent discrepancies and the need to solve a lot of additional issues and problems arising from the low level of equipment of the contractor.

A solid company is able to accept an order for the construction of a turnkey construction, from the moment the project was created, to the stage of "cutting the ribbon." The prices of such organizations are higher than those of various teams, but these expenses will not be increased, the money will not be wasted.

What to make a garage: choose the optimal material

The cost of construction depends on many factors
  • the cheap girders cost cant garages - about 9-10 thousand rubles / m². But the need for exposure makes such a choice impractical, and the use of stabilized wood significantly increases the price.

  • The construction of blocks will cost 12-13 thousand / m², the work with the panels is about the same.

  • Aerated concrete garages are more expensive - 15-16 thousand / m².

  • Brick walls beat all records - from 20 thousand / m².

What to make a garage: choose the optimal material

These are approximate data, in different organizations the cost may differ from the indicated rates, but they can make an approximate calculation

In the video you can see the construction of a frame garage:

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In conclusion, we must once again remind you of the need to coordinate your decisions with professionals. Customer's expectations may not correspond to the real situation, which only experienced professionals are able to evaluate. Therefore, guided only by their ideas can not be. The most correct decision will be the conclusion of a contract for a full range of works - from the moment of project creation to commissioning.


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