Metallprofil rainwater systems: types, features and prices

Arrangement of a country house can not be considered complete without a modern drain. The article tells about Metalprofile - a drainage system designed to meet Russian climatic conditions. You will learn why the house can not do without gutters and pipes, get acquainted with round and rectangular varieties of drainage structures, with their complete set, functional features and cost.

Metallprofil rainwater systems: types, features and prices

Drains are one of the levels of home protection

Why does a house need a drain system

A good, hermetic roof is an indispensable condition for long and trouble-free operation of a country house. But many do not realize that the lack of leaks is not enough for the safety of housing. Rain and melt water, naturally falling from the roof to the ground and lingering there, can cause a lot of trouble:

  • Overmoistened soil is a frequent cause of premature destruction of the foundation, and the foundation determines the capital of the building, that is, reliability and durability.

  • Changes in the microclimate of rooms . In living rooms, humidity increases and dampness appears - an ideal environment for the development of mold and chronic diseases.

  • Moisture in the soil has a bad effect on the quality of the exterior finish . Even the best materials in a humid environment wear out and become unusable much faster than they should be.

The installation of a set of drains, whose purpose is to collect rain and melt water and remove it from the foundation, helps prevent problems. The joint work of drainage and ventilation systems allows you to protect the walls from moisture, and the basement - from flooding.

Metallprofil rainwater systems: types, features and prices

Complicated façade needs moisture protection

Pros of the Metal Profile drainage systems

Choosing a drainage system , each owner of a country building expects to get a reliable kit that will last for many years. Equally important is the price / quality ratio, as well as ease of maintenance and external aesthetics, giving the facade of the house a complete look. Popular products that meet the requirements of the contractor, architect and homeowner are the Metal Profile (MP) gutters, which have the following advantages:

  • Resistance . MP products are designed for use in a wide range of weather conditions. Drainage systems MP function properly in any climate, successfully enduring both extreme heat and severe winters. The materials of the components calmly withstand icing, are resistant to mechanical damage and anti-corrosion strength.

  • Durability . The service life of the drainage system "Metal Profile" is designed for 40-50 years.

  • Protection . During all this time, the foundation and the facade of the structure (wall construction and decoration) will not suffer from dampness; premature repair is not required.

Metallprofil rainwater systems: types, features and prices

High-quality systems are designed for continuous operation
  • Performance . Drain system MP is designed for high throughput. The damaged elements of the system are easily changed or, if necessary, can be repaired (they return to their original shape).

  • Select. Available a wide range of components; Polymer coating diversifies the color range, allowing you to choose them to any design.

  • Easy installation . The installation does not use sealing compounds, the joints do not rivet; construction is easy and quick to install.

  • Security . MP drains are made of steel with a polymer coating that does not emit toxic substances even in direct sunlight.

On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer roof repair services. You can directly communicate with representatives by visiting the low-rise country exhibition.

Completion of the drainage system MP

The following elements may be included in the design of the drain:

  • Basic . These include gutters and drainage and water intake, front pipes for drainage, as well as knees, corners and funnels.

  • Auxiliary . These are holders of gutters, pipe mounts, plugs and grids that protect against debris.

Metallprofil rainwater systems: types, features and prices

System configuration with a rectangular trough
  • Element color . Universal (and therefore popular) are considered white and brown. You can also choose a color that matches the color of the roof or windows, and make the drain invisible. The choice of contrast color is widespread; in this case, the drain will turn into a design element.

A wide variety of elements allows solving various technical tasks:

  • In order to bypass the bay window (facade projection with turned corners), utilize a special gutter angle of 135 °.

  • In order to collect water near the valley valley , a catchment funnel is installed.

  • To protect the gutters from clogging with snow and damage, use snow catchers.

Varieties of the drainage system MP

All MetalProfile gutters are made of galvanized steel with a double-sided polymer coating. They belong to the middle price category and have a high degree of corrosion protection approaching the quality of copper systems, but they are much cheaper than the latter. The organization produces several types of plums, designed for use in different climatic conditions, taking into account consumer preferences.

Metallprofil rainwater systems: types, features and prices

Colors for every taste

Water drainage system MP Prestige

Drain structure with a round cross-section, suitable for operating in central and northern regions of Russia. MP Prestige can be described as follows:

  • Material . Galvanized steel with improved strength characteristics was chosen for the system. All components (0.5-0.6 mm thick) are equipped with a double-sided plastisol or PURMAN coating (100 microns thick), characterized by a pronounced anticorrosion effect, resistance to fading in the sun and to accidental damage.

  • Connection . Dense, does not require the use of sealant and riveted joints.

  • Species . Available in two sizes of gutters - with a diameter of 125 and 150 mm.

  • Section Ratio . The ratio of pipe diameters (100 mm) and gutter (125 mm) is considered optimal for trouble-free operation.

  • Selection of colors . You can choose between black, white, gray, green, two shades of brown, cherry and red.

  • Usage . Can be installed on the roof with any roof covering.

About the metal MP modern system in the following video:

Water drain system MP Modern

Water drain a design with a rectangular section and its own feature - a recessed chute (when compared with a circular analog). This solution helps to increase throughput and reduce the risk of overflow during sudden and heavy rain. Rectangular drain Metal Profile is characterized by the following facts:

  • Material . The steel base (0.5-0.7 mm) is protected by the thickest coating of the entire range of the manufacturer. Plastisol with embossed structure is 200 microns thick; this improves throughput and reduces the chance of accidental damage.

  • Selection of colors . Standard shades are white, chocolate brown, green and cherry.

  • Options . Additional elements are varied; so it is much easier to choose the configuration for the geometry of the roof and the architecture of the building.

Metallprofil rainwater systems: types, features and prices

  • Myth . The notion that a gutter with a rectangular section is often clogged is not true. Structurally, the drain has an increased capacity. If the system is serviced competently (taking into account the recommendations of the manufacturer), its service will be long and uninterrupted.

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Drainage system MP Project

The design is intended for servicing buildings with a large roof; it is allowed to operate in extreme conditions. The system parameters are as follows:

  • Material . Galvanized steel coated with 25 micron polyester. The coating is available in a standard color palette.

  • Options . Pipes of classical round section have the increased diameter; The gutter and pipe sections are related as 185/150.

  • Destination . It is installed mainly on high-rise and industrial buildings.

  • Features . Installation of structural elements, calculated by sha significant loads, is carried out using sealant and rivets Also, some parts are produced in a reinforced version (for example, the thickness of the holders of the grooves 4, not 2 mm).

Metallprofil rainwater systems: types, features and prices

MP Project

Drainage System GRANDSYSTEM

Simple and reliable installation system circular cross section with the following parameters:

  • Material . Steel with galvanization (0.5-0.6 mm) and double-sided polymer multilayer coating (35 microns).

  • Section Ratio . 125/90.

  • Reasonable relationship between price and quality .

  • Performance characteristics . Thanks to its lightweight design, the GRANDSYSTEM drain system is easy to transport and install.

  • Physical properties . The structural elements are resistant to accidental damage, ultraviolet, low and high temperatures.

  • Maintainability . The ability to recover damaged parts.

About professional installation of MP Prestige in the following video:

Water drain system MP Budget

Water drain a rectangular section system with a recessed chute, adapted for low-budget private housing; its parameters are as follows:

  • Material . Steel with galvanization and double-sided polymer coating (25 microns).

  • The color spectrum is . White, dark red and several shades of brown are available.

  • Budget price .

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Cost of drainage systems MP

Thanks to the modular configuration and well-thought-out connecting locks, all Metall Profil weir systems are particularly convenient and quick to assemble. However, when choosing it is useful to consult a specialist who will help determine the following issues:

  • Select the appropriate type of system .

  • Select a suitable cross-section area based on the roof configuration and the average annual rainfall in the region.

  • Carry out the calculation of the required number of elements taking into account the features of the roof and the architecture of the facade.

Metallprofil rainwater systems: types, features and prices

Drains are necessary for all buildings.

The price in each specific case is determined by an individual set of elements. If we consider a typical (single) set of Metal Profile profiles, the price in Moscow and the region will look as follows (excluding pipes):

  • MP Prestige . The ratio of sections 125/100. 4900-5200 rub. (from 300 rubles / m. p.)

  • MP Prestige . The ratio of sections 150/100. 5780-5850 rub.

  • MP Modern . From 5950-6000 rub. (from 290 rubles / m. p.)

  • MP Project (galvanized). The ratio of sections 185/150. 4150-4230 rub. (from 300 rubles / m. p.)

  • MT Project (polyester). The ratio of sections 185/150. 4800-4940 rub.

The total cost of the kit (multiple to the number of pipes and connecting elements) for a roof with an area of ​​100 m 2 will be 12-23 thousand rubles. (depending on the chosen brand).

Metallprofil rainwater systems: types, features and prices

The choice of contrasting drainage system
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In order for the roofing drain of the MP to effectively perform its functions, prolonging the life of the facade, foundation and roof, it should be purchased from the official dealers of the company. You will be offered the lowest prices, high-quality components with quality certificates, often discounts and promotions. You can not only get expert advice and pick up the necessary product at an optimal cost, but also order the delivery of materials, and if you wish - installation with the provision of a guarantee.

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