buy, appointment lawn drill

To care for the site and keep it beautiful, you need to buy a lawn drill. This article will discuss the types of such a device, the principle of its operation and the rules of use. With the help of this unit you can maintain a lawn in perfect condition, cultivate a vegetable garden, evenly distributing seeds, scattering soil, sand, fertilizer or salt.

buy, appointment lawn drill

Planter-spreader - ease of use

Appointment of the seeder for the lawn

It is very difficult to evenly and quickly sow large plots with lawn grass seeds manually, therefore special lawn planters are used for such purposes. These are certain units that help to evenly and quickly distribute seeds or even fertilizers over a large area.

Depending on the topography and the site area, appropriate types of units are selected, which may differ in the principle of operation, design and price. However, they all have the same device principle: a seed hopper and a spreading cylinder.

buy, appointment lawn drill

Quick sowing of lawn grass over large areas

It is worth noting that some models can plant seeds to a certain depth in the grooves. The only drawback of any planters is that they do not cover the seeds with earth on top; this must be done manually with a rake or special rollers. Only professional models of spreaders can drift scattered seeds.

In addition, the seeders can be used for fertilizer application, scattering of sawdust, spraying with solutions of various purposes in the processing of garden and horticultural crops. They can be used to add lime to the soil, in wintertime, for sand or salt sprinkling on the tracks. To do this, you can buy a manual lawn planter, but only if small areas are processed.

buy, appointment lawn drill

Roomy container for processing large lawns

Rules of application

The lawn planter must be used in accordance with certain rules and stages of laying the lawn. Only in this case it is possible to obtain in the future a uniform layer of grass over the designated area.

  • 7 days before sowing grass in the fall with the help of such a device, the appropriate fertilizers with potassium and phosphorus are distributed over the section of the plant. Top-dressings of the nitrogen-containing type are added in small amounts. This is due to the fact that they help in the growth of grass, and this is harmful for plants before the cold.

  • high-quality seeds are purchased in the quantity necessary for processing the allocated area. On average, one kilogram of seed is enough for sowing one hundred square meters. Seeds are treated with fungicides, which increases their vitality. For lawns the best mix of meadow grass.

buy, appointment lawn drill

Light and manoeuvrable
  • The seed drill ensures uniform seed distribution throughout the site. The territory must first pass along, and then a second across.

  • For a good fixation of seeds in the soil at a sufficient depth on the site, you must walk a special roller .

  • With the arrival of spring, with the help of a spreader, a special fertilizer complex is introduced for grass growth.

After each use of the seeders, they should be thoroughly cleaned of accumulated dust and dirt, which increases their service life. After that, it can be put into storage in a garage, pantry, shed or any other suitable room, where it is dry and there is protection from precipitation.

Types of seeders

There are several types of seeders that vary in size, volume of work performed at one time and cost. The choice of a particular model depends on the size of the areas to be processed and the number of work carried out in the spring and autumn period.

buy, appointment lawn drill

Manual models for small areas
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Manual Planters

The Manual Lawn Planter is small in size, carried in the hands and activated by pressing the corresponding key. It has a container with a container for loading seeds and a small motor that is driven by batteries or batteries. Moving around the site with a seeder in hand, the rotor evenly spreads the seeds.

If desired, the spreading distance of seeds or fertilizers can be adjusted to a distance of 0.5-4 m, however, not all models have such an adjustment. The same applies to the speed of spreading. On average, about 1 kilogram of seeds is placed in the container of such a device. Such models are suitable only for small areas of 7-10 acres, planting uneven surfaces, sprinkling in icy tracks and so on.

buy, appointment lawn drill

Manual drive of the seeder-spreader

It should also be noted that there are models that are driven by a rotary knob on the side of the container . It must be constantly rotated, which is not very convenient.

buy, appointment lawn drill

Ease of use


Such a spreader is made in the form of a cart with wheels for easy transportation around the site and sowing soil. The bunker for seeds of large volume - 10-30 liters. During operation, you just need to drive the cart over the site, and thanks to a mechanical drive, it will meter itself and scatter the seeds on the ground.

buy, appointment lawn drill

CMI universal seeder-spreader 12 l
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It can be used on fairly large areas, but they must be straight. Trolley need sense forward, does not require adjustment of the seed supply. The spreader is driven and stopped by pressing a button. Can be exact or rotor type of crops.


If you need to process large areas throughout the entire planting period, then you need to buy a professional-type lawn spreader. These are small trailers that are attached to small and medium tractors. There are self-propelled models with their own engines. With their help, you can get the highest quality result.

buy, appointment lawn drill

For large volumes of work and intensive use

Bunkers of large volumes, often they are filled with a mixture of seeds with fertilizers, up to a hundred kilogram. Suitable for processing golf courses, football fields, planting parks, large areas and so on. In a single pass, the spreader can sow areas three meters wide and more. The depth of sowing can be adjusted, while the use of additional equipment is not necessary for immersing seeds in the ground. Spreaders can be rotary and exact type of sowing. The former distribute seeds only for a certain distance, therefore the grass does not always grow densely, but the material spreads over the entire surface. Models with accurate sowing lay the grain evenly, and the whole area is evenly overgrown with a carpet of grass. Mechanical devices can reduce the consumption of seeds, they fall in a given direction.

buy, appointment lawn drill

A great helper for farmers

Popular models

Among the summer residents, several spreader models are particularly popular.

Wolf-Garten WE-B

Valued for usability. With its help, you can quickly treat a plot of 750 square meters. The model is easy to control, low weight, works on conventional batteries. The cost of such a drill is 3-4 thousand rubles.

buy, appointment lawn drill

Wolf-Garten Seeder WE-B
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Gardena Classic 300

This model is chosen due to the fact that the seeder can spread the seeds over a distance of 45 cm. The 300th model is equipped with plastic wheels that can easily move on different surfaces. Grain spreading occurs only when the seed drill moves forward. Up to 10 kg of fertilizer or seeds can be poured into a capacious container. You can purchase such a spreader at the price of 3-4 thousand rubles.

buy, appointment lawn drill

Seeder Gardena Classic 300

Wolf-Garten WE-300

This is a simple version of the seeder on wheels. The model is very light, so it can be stored on hooks. The sowing width reaches 40 cm. Products of the German manufacturer, it is very easy to manage and work even on fairly complex soils and uneven areas. The price of this model is 3-3.5 thousand rubles.

buy, appointment lawn drill

Wolf-Garten WE-300 Seeder

Brigadier 86020

The rotary spreader has a hole diameter adjustment system seed feed. The popularity of the model is due to the fact that the planter evenly scatters grain. A great option and assistant for farmers. It is made from high-strength plastic, suitable for lawn seeds, flower mixes, fertilizers. It is possible to buy a seeder for 1-1,5 thousand rubles.

buy, appointment lawn drill

The Brigadier 86020

Garden Comfort-800 allows you to plant up to 800 square meters at a time. Sowing width is more than 50 cm, and the bunker has a volume of 20 liters. It is equipped with a large handle, it is convenient to control one or two hands. Shaft-cylinder made of elastic material. The cost of the model is 2.5-3 thousand rubles.

buy, appointment lawn drill

Gardena Comfort-800 Planter

Clearly, the principle of operation of various seeders is shown in the video:

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A lawn spreader-drill for a lawn will allow you to get an excellent outdoor recreation area on the plot. With their help, you can decorate the territory, equip a cozy park in the city, sow the playing field for active games and so on. Depending on the volume and features of the site, you need to purchase a manual, mechanical or professional seeder.


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