Four-seater garden swings, how to use a garden swing, buy a four-seater swing

The article contains all the basic information about the 4-seat garden swing. You will learn about the various features of designs, the most popular materials for the manufacture, as well as the rules of operation of the garden swing. In addition, below will be a description of the cost of specific structures that will help you save, without compromising the quality of the product. After reading the article, you can choose the best garden swing for your plot.

Four-seater garden swings, how to use a garden swing, buy a four-seater swing

A comfortable and spacious swing is a necessary addition to any garden

Features of a garden swing

There is a huge variety various common designs of garden swings, for the manufacture of which can be used almost any material, but most often for this purpose metal is used. Various solutions are justified by design ideas and practical benefits from various forms and additions, so anyone can choose the most appropriate look for themselves. Let's see what are the types and designs of swings.

Nowadays, the futuristic design of a garden quadruple swing, which is notable for its original forms, resembling designs from the future, is becoming increasingly popular. Such devices are especially in demand among fans of high-tech style.

Four-seater garden swings, how to use a garden swing, buy a four-seater swing

Swing made in the futuristic style

The structure of this design includes the following materials and components:

  • Metal corners

  • Square sheets profiled

  • Beams steel

  • Metal tubes of small diameter (20-30mm.)

  • Aluminum profile

Suspended variants are often made. Before production, you should definitely calculate the weight and load on the supporting structure. So, in order to secure the swing for four, you will need a support with a fairly high carrying capacity.

A garden swing with a canopy is also quite common and often such an adaptation can be found in home gardens and summer residences. This option is different in that it is less adapted to movement and is considered a fixed structure. Sometimes supports with a canopy swing into the ground so that they were not subject to tilting.

Four-seater garden swings, how to use a garden swing, buy a four-seater swing

A small canopy can protect from the scorching sun and light rain.

The sofa garden swings are often designed for several people and have a small frame for installation of a canopy or awning. The bench is usually upholstered in soft matter and is quite large in size. The presence of a wide and comfortable back allows you to increase safety and comfort. The design of the sofa swing has a block structure, so during bad weather, it is easily removed and transferred to a new location. Most often, the frame is made of wood or metal.

Four-seater garden swings, how to use a garden swing, buy a four-seater swing

Swing sofa is a very convenient and comfortable option for giving or your garden
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On sale you can find a lot of interesting designs of garden swings, such as a portable stand with a suspended chair. Such devices are very popular because they are comfortable and, swaying on them, you can comfortably spend time.

Also in the shops there are metal frames that have a folding back and mosquito net. Most often they are used as a children's resting place, because the safety of this type of swing is very high. But you should pay attention to the fact that all add-ons can be easily purchased in stores

By the way, many craftsmen offer such a thing as a wrought-iron garden swing. This option has a lot of advantages, as it has a very high strength and excellent decorative qualities, however, the price of the forged swing is higher than that of wooden structures or frames made of metal tubes.

Four-seater garden swings, how to use a garden swing, buy a four-seater swing

The forged swing is distinguished by an interesting and original appearance

Swing from a shaped pipe

It is quite cheap and common option, because the metal profile pipe - the material is very affordable and easy to process. Most often, manufacturers are turning to this type of design, because, due to its democratic value, it is very much in demand.

Four-seater garden swings, how to use a garden swing, buy a four-seater swing

A steel profile swing is reliable and quite cheap at the same time
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Let's see what advantages a metal shaped tube has:

  • The shape of the material allows you to make lightweight portable frames, which are disassembled and assembled for very short time.

  • If you compare a pipe with any reinforced structure, you can understand that the profile is much more economical and more profitable .

  • The use of tubes allows you to add additional stiffeners in the upper part of the structure, which makes it possible to significantly increase the maximum load on supports.

  • The pipe is very difficult to damage with a blow , since the distinguishing feature of such a material is its high resistance to mechanical damage.

Unfortunately, like any other material, the profile tube has its drawbacks:

  • Production of a swing from a pipe implies one rather complicated technical operation - bending this pipe itself. The point is that the places of such folds can later be deformed , since they have a lower strength compared to other parts.

  • Carbon steel, which is most often used to produce a metal round profile, under the influence of moisture very quickly rust and collapses. Therefore, the presence of areas not treated with paint can sadly affect the state of the swing.

Four-seater garden swings, how to use a garden swing, buy a four-seater swing

Such tubes are most often used as materials for making welded frames of garden swings

Folding garden 4 - local swings have frameworks from a metal profile of various section. Each type of pipe has the most peculiar merits. So there is even a distribution, which pipes for which it is better to use.

  • For example, the round and oval profile is well suited for any curved structural elements. Often made seats, armrests, arches. However, this type of material is distinguished by its versatility, so often the entire frame is made from it.

  • The square section profile is highly durable and resistant, so bearing elements and the frame are made from it.

  • Flat pipes , due to their shape, are most suitable for the manufacture of various horizontal struts and vertical braces.

Four-seater garden swings, how to use a garden swing, buy a four-seater swing

The most common material for the swing frame is the round metal profile
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In addition, four-seater swings can be made of other materials, for example, of wood. But the disadvantage of using wooden structures is that they are prone to rotting and fungal diseases, and therefore need constant care and treatment.

There are two common ways to secure a swing. Before buying the frame and the seat separately, you should definitely consider what the installation mechanism will look like. So, most often the swing is hung on the eye-nuts or on the knot. In the first case, long bolts with eye nuts fixed on them will be screwed into the holes drilled in the frame, to which carbines or other accessories should be attached.

The second option, however, involves tying the rope around the crossbar and fixing its ends on the seat. This method is easy to install, so you can always quite quickly assemble and install the swing attached to the frame by means of a marine node.

Four-seater garden swings, how to use a garden swing, buy a four-seater swing

This is another way to hang a swing - mount it on the bracket using a carabiner

Rules for the operation of a garden swing

Before buying and assembling a garden swing, it is imperative to determine where they are installed on the site. There are rules for site selection, which should be followed if you want your stay to be pleasant and comfortable.

If you bought a 4-seater garden swing for children, then they should be placed at a distance of 10-20 meters from the house. This is necessary in order to make it convenient for you to watch their game, without going outside.

The iron swing should definitely be placed away from all communications, such as running water or power lines. This is due to the fact that the metal conducts electricity perfectly and quickly gives in to corrosion due to the influence of high humidity.

To make it pleasant and convenient for you to spend your free time, the swing should be placed as far as possible from the road, because the noise coming from the street will have a bad effect on comfort.

Four-seater garden swings, how to use a garden swing, buy a four-seater swing

The garden swing fits perfectly into almost any exterior
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After you have decided on the installation location of the device on the site, you need to think about how well the design of the structure will be in harmony with the environment. Usually, when arranging the garden, the owners try to observe the chosen style, so all the furniture and vegetation is selected so that it fits well and complements each other successfully.

In a cold and rainy season, it is better to remove the construction to the storage sites. Most often, four-seater swings can be disassembled and moved from place to place, because their device provides for the possibility of quick transportation.

How much do garden quadruple swings cost?

Such products as a country swing can fall into completely different price categories. The cost of construction depends on a huge number of factors. So, the most important role in pricing is played by the material of manufacture. A swing from a metal profile will be cheaper, while the most expensive will be a high-quality and well-processed swing on a wooden frame.

Often, various kinds of wood are used for production. This is due to the fact that the geography of enterprises producing garden furniture is very wide. The most popular products in our country are from Brazil, Italy, and China. But the most common products of this type from domestic manufacturers.

So, we will look at several models of garden quadruple swings of various manufacturers in order to compare price offers. In Moscow, good and reliable 4-seat swing Lesept 903 can be bought for about 25,500 rubles. This product can be attributed to the budget price category, but the quality is quite satisfactory.

Four-seater garden swings, how to use a garden swing, buy a four-seater swing

Such swings are inexpensive and look pretty nice
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The same manufacturer offers another option - the Swing "Lux" - quadruple with a tent. The purchase will cost about 33,900 rubles, which is associated with the presence of a canopy and additional supports, which are simply necessary because of the high windage of the entire device.

The Chinese manufacturer offers its garden swing "Elite" for four people. Their frame is made of thin and inexpensive tube with a cross section of 20 mm, so even if you have a tent, they will cost you only 21,000 rubles. True, if you do not trust the quality of goods from China, then this option is clearly not suitable.

Now turn to wooden structures. Good and presentable 4-seater swing-gazebo domestic manufacturer can be found in stores at a price of 62 300 rubles. Such structures are usually made of ash and well treated with antiseptics.

Four-seater garden swings, how to use a garden swing, buy a four-seater swing

From the point of view of aesthetics, the wooden swing is more perfect than the metal

The imported Brazilian Giardino Club quadruple swing made of tropical wood will be cost at least 120,000 rubles. This is due to the high quality of selected wood and brand awareness.

This video contains a detailed review of one of the models of garden swings and reviews about them:

About choosing a garden swing - the following video:

For the choice of a garden swing, from the point of view of medicine, see the following video:

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Garden four-seater swings are a great idea for arranging a family recreation area. Such a device is designed for a fairly large mass and has a large size. The popularity of the swing is deserved due to the fact that people like to spend their free time comfortably, and such a product can create comfortable conditions. You can always choose the option with a small canopy, a tent or an awning that can protect you and your loved ones from the scorching sun or a little rain. In this article you could get acquainted with all the basic information about the quadruple garden swing. Now you have the opportunity to choose the right and comfortable swing for your plot.


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