Features of the transition of suburban areas from the management of the Moscow region to New Moscow

However, the formation of New Moscow has drastically changed the legal and administrative status of the dacha plots, now the dachas throughout the whole of New Moscow are part of the urban area. What promises a change in the territorial status of Nomoskovsky dachas in the near future and how will this change affect their value? Answers to these questions are the topic of our article.

War to huts - peace to palaces?

The hopes of the owners of summer cottages in the New Moscow area of ​​the multiple appreciation of their properties after joining the capital did not materialize. Initially, the prices for summer cottages crawled up quickly, but just as quickly returned to approximately the previous level due to a lack of consumer demand. Potential buyers were not attracted by the prospect of buying real estate where huge residential tracts would soon appear. In addition, the master plan for the development of new territories has not yet been approved, which means that the risk of seizing land for some urban needs is very high.

At the same time, the transition to the summer massifs “under the wing of Moscow” has its advantages: the transport accessibility will certainly improve, and the infrastructure will be developed. But to the full, these advantages will not be enjoyed by traditional seasonal gardeners, but by the owners of full-fledged residential real estate - country houses, cottages, townhouses.
According to the forecast of the exhibition manager of the houses " Low-rise country " Roman Konyakhin , approximately 80% of traditional summer houses (gardening associations) will be transferred to another category in the near future - individual housing construction. This means a significant increase in taxes and a sharp increase in the cost of maintaining the cottages. Most likely, the expert believes, the dacha plots will begin to actively buy up developers for the construction of cottage settlements and infrastructure facilities, and there will be almost no holiday villages in the current traditional sense in New Moscow. And to buy an ordinary country house in the annexed territory can be based on two reasons: for permanent residence, if it can be considered convenient, or for relatively cheap obtaining a registration in the capital.

The zone of registration start

The prospect of obtaining a Moscow residence permit for a buyer of a dacha in the area of ​​New Moscow is real under certain conditions. The most important of them is that the plot should belong to the category of "settlement land", and in no case the "agricultural land". Another prerequisite is that a building should be built on the site.
The FMS may give permission for the registration (registration) of the owner of a dacha in Moscow if this property is his only one. If the FMS refuses to register - you can appeal this refusal in court.

If the site is located in a zone where urban infrastructure facilities are available, it is possible to connect urban communications, and if it falls into the category of "settlement land", the purchase of such a site is a good start for those who want to gain a foothold in the capital. It is with this calculation, according to Roman Konyakhin , that summer cottages in New Moscow are most often bought now. There is a serious reason for such calculations - the Moscow government allocated 2.7 billion rubles for landscaping and communications for holiday villages, which should be mastered before 2018.

My dear New Moscow!

Having become urban, the territory of New Moscow has not yet lost the positive qualities inherent in the Moscow region - there is a good ecology, silence, urban fuss is not so noticeable. This attracts a fairly large number of buyers to the country land. The construction of cottages in New Moscow, according to the director of the suburban real estate department TWEED Olga Bakhmetyeva, occupy the first place in economy and business classes in popularity, while in the class of elite housing they are second only to Rublevka and Novorizhskoye Highway (buy a house and a plot in New Riga is available on the website: country. realtor. ru, which specializes in luxury housing.

As for the prices of summer cottages in New Moscow, experts consider three million rubles for a plot as a "base rate" with a minimum list of communications, but without d But such prices do not keep beyond the 30-kilometer zone from the Moscow Ring Road, as the distance goes, the area may cost one and a half million or less. In general, this is a little expensive, especially if you take into account the ambiguity with the general plan of development. But if you take into account all the positive factors (good ecology , the possibility of registration) is quite acceptable. But only for those who want to build a good permanent home here, it is probably better to forget about summer cottage as a place of rest in these places.

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