Lining carpet under a flexible tile, the price

Experts strongly recommend using a lining carpet if a soft roof is chosen as the topcoat. The article describes the structure and functions of this high-tech material. We offer you useful information about the types of products according to the method of fastening, about the influence of parameters on the price and about the peculiarities of mounting on roofs with different slopes.

Lining carpet under a flexible tile, the price

Installation of protective coating

Lining carpet: structure and purpose

Modern building materials are becoming more common in cottage and country house building. This is especially true of roofing materials; Roof under a soft roof adorn an increasing number of private buildings. Such popularity is not accidental - bitumen flexible roofing materials have many advantages: they weigh little, are comfortable in work (especially important for complex roofs), boast reliability, long service life and great decorative potential.

The flexible roof will perfectly serve the prescribed period, if its arrangement will comply with the technological standards. The technology of installation of the structure under a soft bitumen roof provides for its complex device; The lining carpet is also included in the required layers. It belongs to artificial non-woven materials and has the following multilayer structure:

  • The basis of the carpet is a durable canvas - fiberglass or polyester , which is impregnated with polyester resin.

Lining carpet under a flexible tile, the price

The structure of one of the varieties of carpet products
  • A layer modified bitumen (bitumen-polymer mixture with special adhesive additives that provide the flexibility and elasticity of the web). The base at the top and bottom is covered with a layer of non-woven polypropylene.

  • As the outer layer, use sand of the fine fraction or fine-grained stone chips. Such a rough coating reliably fixes the upper (finishing) layer, preventing possible slipping.

  • An additional adhesive layer is applied to the self-adhesive varieties of products, designed to be fixed to a continuous crate. During storage, the adhesive layer is protected by a film; it is removed immediately before installation.

Using a lining carpet under a soft roof allows you to solve several important tasks:

  • Hydraulic protection of the batten . Laying flexible materials is carried out only on a solid basis, which is used as a board, OSB boards or plywood. For continuous obreshetki need reliable waterproofing, which provides a sealed lining layer.

Lining carpet under a flexible tile, the price

The structure of the carpet with double-sided adhesive layer
  • Roofing protection pie . The rolled material prevents the formation of condensation in the lower layers of the roofing pie.

  • Increase the life of the soft roof. Many manufacturers of roofing materials called lining carpet as one of the conditions for issuing a guarantee. Otherwise, it is considered that the operation is conducted with violations, and the warranty period may be reduced.

  • Simplified installation . During roofing work, it is easier and safer to move on a soft, rough substrate than on a bare crate.

  • Smooths unevenness of the batten . The joints of the elements of the flooring are not always perfectly smooth, which can affect the appearance of the roof.

  • Prevents irregularities on the roof. Shingles may be deformed due to changes in temperature and humidity; the backing layer will smooth out unwanted changes.

Lining carpet under a flexible tile, the price

The rough surface makes work safer
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Lining carpet: varieties

The substrate for a soft roof can be conveniently classified according to the method of fastening to the batten:

  • . This coating is fixed using galvanized screws (with a large cap diameter), roofing nails or staples (stapler). Neighboring canvases overlap and stick together with bitumen mastic.

  • Combined carpets . The most common option. To seal the overlap there is a self-adhesive strip, applied by the factory and protected by a film. The use of the combined web makes installation on a solid base easier and faster. In difficult places of the roofing structure (for example, near pipes and chimney) the lining layer may be additionally fixed with nails.

Lining carpet under a flexible tile, the price

One type of waterproofing lining carpet
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  • Self-adhesive carpets . Bituminous lining material with a continuous adhesive layer is characterized by high elasticity. High-quality carpets have the ability to self-heal - the bitumen layer tightens cuts, damage and attachment points of roofing nails, preventing the formation of leaks. Installation of such coatings is considered to be more difficult - a certain skill and a certain dexterity is needed to remove the film and fix the coating, preventing the formation of folds and air pockets.

  • Membrane-type carpets . This coating resembles the membrane; Absolute water tightness is reliable protection against slanting rain and melting snow.

  • Rolled roofing materials . In practice, the replacement of the lining carpet with rolled materials (for example, euro-ruberoid), which are not equivalent in properties, happens. In this case, the overlaps are glued together with a propane torch.

About the correct installation of the lining carpet in the following video:

Parameters and composition: what influences the price

TechnoNIKOL lining carpet under a soft roof is successfully used in the construction of sloping roofs as a waterproofing layer for several finishing coatings:

  • Bituminous tiles.

  • Ceramic , composite, cement-fiber, asbestos-cement tiles.

  • Metal tile .

  • Ondulin (soft slate).

  • Natural slate , shingles.

  • On a continuous crate, a carpet can replace a full-fledged roofing for six months (during breaks in work).

The material data declared by the manufacturer, although there are some differences, in most cases looks like this:

  • Dimensions . Most types of material has a width of 1 m, the length can vary from 15-20 to 40 m; sold in rolls.

  • Weight . The weight of a roll with a length of 40 m is on average from 16 to 22 kg.

Lining carpet under a flexible tile, the price

Installation of a soft roof
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  • Basis . It can be made of fiberglass or high-strength polyester (polyester).

  • Coverage . Usually this is a two-sided dressing of fine sand or non-slip polypropylene surface.

  • Heat resistance : 85-120 °.

  • Tensile strength in the longitudinal and cross direction.

  • The presence of a partial or solid self-adhesive layer .

The following parameters influence the cost of the lining product:

  • Base type . Roll materials with a polyester base, as a rule, are more expensive.

  • A layer of bitumen-polymer binder . Increasing the thickness of this layer makes the lining carpet not only more efficient, but also more expensive.

  • Metric activity and the presence of adhesive base .

  • Enterprise and country of manufacture . In addition to domestic, on the market are carpets made in Finland, Poland, USA.

About the intricacies of mounting the lining carpet in the following video:

Create a layer of absolute waterproofing and protect the roofing pie from spoilage can lining carpet, the price for which in Moscow and the region (per roll) has the following form:

  • Roll 15-20 m, without glue . 1100-1400 rub.

  • Roll 40 m, without glue . 3500-4300 rub.

  • Roll 15-20 m (self-adhesive strip) . 1200-1700 rub.

  • Roll 20 m (self-adhesive) . 2300-3600 rub.

  • Roll 20 m (self-sealing) . From 3000 rub.

  • Lining carpet T exononicol . Price also depends on the footage. A roll of 20 m will cost from 3700 rubles.

  • Lining carpet Icopal (Poland). From 4300 rub.

  • Lining carpet CertainTeed . From 6600 rub.

Features of installation and use

The proverb "Water wears away a stone" can also be attributed to the roof. When using any roofing there is a non-zero probability that over time the water will find its way into the roofing space. The beginning of the process is laid in the period of strong winds or in the spring, after melting ice. The risk areas of any roof are the joints of the roof elements, the exit point of the chimney and ventilation shaft, the place of installation of the antenna.

Lining carpet under a flexible tile, the price

Securing the edge of the lining carpet
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Modern production offers a technological way to extend the term of trouble-free roof operation - this can be done with the help of lining material that provides backup protection for the roof structure. The carpet, laid with the observance of technology, forms a continuous surface on which water can flow down without any harm to the underlying layers of the roofing pie. Another important property of the carpet backing is to protect the topcoat from the thermal expansion of the wooden base.

The lining carpet under the folded roof is recommended to be laid, if the sheathing is mounted. A solid coating needs to be isolated from the metal, because condensate forms on the metal surface due to temperature differences. If the crate is not solid, it is not necessary to waterproof the metal roof.

Lining carpet under a flexible tile, the price

Protection of parts of the roofing structure

For other types of roofs, the lining layer is recommended to be used primarily to reinforce those parts that require maximum load and most likely damage. In order to securely fix the waterproofing substrate, special glue and fasteners are used, and installation is attempted to be completed before the onset of frost. The option of laying the lining layer is selected depending on the slope of the roof structure:

  • The angle of the slope is less than 12 ° . The flat roof needs a continuous installation and an additional layer on the edges of the slopes, cornice and gable overhangs, skate and valley.

  • The angle of inclination lies between 12 ° and 18 ° . Laying over the entire surface in one layer; at the same time it is impossible to allow formation of folds and bubbles.

  • The angle of the slope is over 18 ° . You can limit the installation of protection in places of likely leaks, including roofing outlets and connections. Material overlaps are coated with bitumen mastic.

Lining carpet under a flexible tile, the price

Installing the carpet on the roof with a steep slope
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The lining carpet duplicates the function of roofing, participating in ensuring reliable waterproofing and increasing the reliability of the roof. From the desire to save some of the owners replace the lining substrate cheaper roofing material. It is difficult to call such a replacement equivalent - over time, the lining layer will begin to crack, tear and cease to protect against leakage.

When the roof is leaky, the cost of restoring it will not be comparable to the amount saved earlier; savings will result in a significant overpayment. Correction of defects in the roof structure is not only expensive, but also labor-intensive, especially if it is necessary to disassemble the roofing pie. If you want to equip the roof and forget about it for many years, you can not do without a lining carpet.

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