Buy land for lawn in Moscow, site preparation

It is difficult to imagine a cozy summer cottage without a well-groomed green lawn. However, problems often arise with the latter, as rolled lawns do not survive well with our climate and soil composition. You can resolve this issue if you choose and buy land for lawn in Moscow. How to choose it correctly and how to create a good lawn on the site, we will understand this article.

Buy land for lawn in Moscow, site preparation

Well-kept lawn

Good land - as a guarantee of success

Before you start to lay or sow lawn grass take care of the quality of the earth. It must meet the following requirements:

  • have an average density;

  • be slightly acidic ( pH about 6-6.5);

  • to have good permeability for air and water;

  • to have volumetric weight in the range of 0.8-1.2;

  • contain a sufficient concentration of nutrients .

Although only the chemical laboratory will show exact percentages, just about all these indicators can be determined and "by eye". So, weeds, getting out of the soil, prefer a certain acidity, and it is possible to understand from them, acidic or alkaline soil. On sour soils, there are horsetail, sorrel, and meadow marianica. And on slightly acidic: sedge, ditcher breeze, creeping couch, sweet clover.

The higher the density of the earth for a lawn, the less its saturation with oxygen. Determine the density by squeezing a lump of soil in your hand. If it collapses immediately after decompression, it means that the earth is very loose, there is a lot of sand in it, and if the lump remains intact and does not disintegrate for a long time, the soil is thick, clayey. Ideal if the lump forms, but quickly disintegrates.

Buy land for lawn in Moscow, site preparation

The level of fertility depends on the application of fertilizers, first of all organic, but you should not forget about the mineral

Partially change indicators soil can be by liming or fertilizing. But it is often easier to buy land for the lawn already finished. In this case, it will already contain all the necessary components, and it will be enough to scatter it in a certain place.

What kind of land is needed for a lawn can be seen from the composition of any purchased soil. It includes the following components:

  1. peat ;

  2. loam ;

  3. sand ;

  4. mineral fertilizers ;

  5. vegetable soil , cleared of weeds.

Plant soil should be at least half the mixture, and the remaining half - the remaining elements. It is not necessary to bring black earth or the upper layer of the field. This soil is not suitable for cereal plants. The maximum that can be obtained is one year of uniform growth. Then the grass will start to hurt, grow unevenly, weeds and moss will appear on the plot. Moreover, it is easy to buy it today in specialized stores or on websites.

Buy land for lawn in Moscow, site preparation

It is better to use a ready-mixed soil specifically for lawns
On our website you can familiarize yourself with the most popular ones in the Moscow region plots for the construction of a country house . In filters you can set the desired direction, the presence of gas, water, electricity and other communications.

The whims of flowers and grass

When determining which ground is better for a lawn, you should not forget about the type of lawn itself. It can be decorative or special. On the suburban areas often used decorative: meadow, ground, blooming or ordinary.

The general requirements for the composition of lawn land are similar, but they may have some differences. So parterny requires the highest level of soil - 40 centimeters, while for the meadow it is enough 10 and with a lower content of minerals.

Special lawns are used to cover sports fields, golf or football fields, and children's areas. They are exposed to greater impact, so plants that are more resistant to trampling are sown on them.

Buy land for lawn in Moscow, site preparation

The composition of the land depends on the type of lawn

For most manufacturers, soil has a description that indicates its composition and purpose. After studying these data, it is possible to understand for what type of lawn a soil can be used and how effective it will be. To do this, it is enough to go to the website of the sales organization and look at the proposed range, at the same time find out the price of the soil.

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Preparing a plot

In order to get a good result, it is not enough to bring a car of land for a lawn, you still need to properly prepare the territory.

The uneven surface will have to be leveled, making it as flat as possible, this will allow even distribution of water and nutrients over the entire surface.Often, for leveling it is necessary to resort to the use of special equipment, because sometimes you need to remove a few centimeters from the surface. It is also necessary to get rid of weeds, otherwise then they will germinate and will interfere with grass plants, gradually pushing them aside. And instead of a lawn there will be green areas with different heights.

Then you need to determine the type of soil, its acidity and density. If the earth is too acidic, it is neutralized, if alkaline - acidified. If the soil will be imported special, then at this point you can not pay attention, because the top layer on which the lawn will grow, meets all the necessary requirements.

Buy land for lawn in Moscow, site preparation

Plot preparation

Now you need to choose the way in which the lawn will appear:

  • sowing seeds into the soil;

  • purchasing coil lawn.

In the first case, you need to buy lawn seeds and sow it in spring, handling it the same way as other plants. The choice of seeds in the stores is very wide, but when buying, you need to pay attention to the climatic conditions to which it is adapted. You should not buy heat-loving herbs for Moscow region or Moscow with its long cold winters.

Rolled lawn is usually only simple or special, it does not contain anything other than grass, there are usually no flowers in it. But its distribution occurs quickly and after a couple of hours you can get a ready green lawn in front of the house, not paying attention to the germination of seeds and the possibility of clogging them with weeds.

Buy land for lawn in Moscow, site preparation

A lawn can be simple or special

From the video you can learn how to prepare the ground for a lawn:

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To organize a lawn at the cottage is not difficult, the main thing is to competently approach this process, and then the green lawn will delight the owners for many years. Laying roll lawn is better to entrust professionals who will do it in a few hours, depending on the volume of the territory. They will give advice on how to care for the lawn and how often to water it. By the way, lawn laying companies often provide a full range of services, offering their clients both soil delivery, soil leveling and other services.

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