Rack lock: device, principle of action, versions

The padlock is one of the most common options for locking garage doors. The article describes the scope of this locking device, its advantages and disadvantages, design and principle of operation. You will get an idea of ​​the forward and reverse mechanisms, key features, you will get acquainted with the principle of choice, the average cost and manufacturers.

Rack lock: device, principle of action, versions

Unpretentious and Solid

Field of Application of Locks

In their modern form, Locks of Locks appeared in the period of industrialization . These simple devices were widely distributed in the Soviet period, and today, despite the abundance of more complex and sophisticated models, they do not lose their popularity. The scope of rack (other name - latch) locks is wide enough; They can be found on street gates, doors of utility and technical premises, sheds, cabins and trade pavilions-shells.

Very often they are installed on the garage door. Fastening of the rack lock for the garage occurs from the inside in a laid-on way; to metal doors (gates) with bolts, to wooden doors with self-tapping screws. In a residential area, it is often used as an additional locking device.

The design of the lock

As a mechanism of the old design, the lath lock is simple in design. Its constructive consists of four parts:

  • Case . Locks are made in both industrial and artisanal ways, so the case has a variety of sizes and shapes and is made of different alloys (usually steel, simple or galvanized).

Rack lock: device, principle of action, versions

Device of the rack lock
  • Rake ( bolt, bolt). Locking device; as a rule, a rectangular metal rod, on which several grooves are milled (cut) at a selected angle. The number, width, depth and angle of slots of the grooves are chosen arbitrarily. Usually there are devices with two or three bolts. In many models there is one large crossbar of a classic rectangular shape.

  • Spring . Squeezes (pushes) the rail when the lock closes.

  • The key . Long rod with a round or rectangular section (also flat). It is the most time-consuming (and therefore expensive) in the manufacture of detail.

Features of the key and the principle of operation of the mechanism

The key is the most time-consuming element of the device due to the need for its tooling. The difficulty is in keeping the dimensions when cutting and further fitting the grooves - they must have a width and angle exactly corresponding to the grooves on the slats. It depends on the accuracy of observance of dimensions (master's experience) whether the operation of the shutter mechanism is flawless.

Rack lock: device, principle of action, versions

Components of the mechanism

Cutting on the key is done one- and two-sided; after its implementation requires manual refinement. Making a duplicate latch key is not so simple and quite expensive. It will be necessary to select a blank of the desired shape, length and thickness, and then cut the correct grooves (the slightest deviation will lead to jamming and jamming of the mechanism, which is very unpleasant).

A lock for a garage, an internal batten has a feature different from other models: it does not have a secret mechanism. The rail is driven by a spring. To open (or close) the door, the key in the key hole is not turned; just drown it by pushing it all the way. In this case, the grooves on the key are consistently aligned with the internal grooves of the rail. When all of them are coupled, turning the key finally squeezes the spring, the rail slides back into the case, opening the door.

Rack lock: device, principle of action, versions

A lock fastening scheme with two rectangular bolts
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In addition to the mechanism with the forward stroke described above, there is a variation - the rack lock of the reverse stroke. The device is structurally a little more complicated, which allows it to be considered a more reliable option. To open such a lock, you must perform the following set of actions:

  • The key is completely immersed in the well .

  • In order for the lock to unlock and open , the key is turned a quarter of a turn and then pulled over.

  • To extract the key, the actions are performed in the reverse order.

  • Close the lock (any design) you can manually , holding the deadbolt in the retracted position with your fingers and slamming the door.

Pros and cons of rack locks

Despite the outdated design, many opt for a rack and pinion lock for the garage.To buy such a device means to take advantage of the following advantages:

  • Strength and durability . The extremely simple arrangement of the mechanism consisting of constipation, laths and springs makes it particularly durable. Rail lock without breakage or jamming work for 30-40 years with active daily use.

Rack lock: device, principle of action, versions

Layout of the key blank
  • Simple operation . A quick and convenient way to bury doors that does not require much effort.

  • Unpretentiousness . The lock is undemanding to weather conditions; it works equally smoothly throughout the year, is indifferent to humidity, and is not afraid of ice. This set of qualities makes the rack lock an ideal option for use in the street.

  • Budget price . Rack locks on the market are far superior to other models in their affordability. The low cost is due to the simple mechanism of manufacture and competition with more advanced locking systems.

  • Easy installation and maintenance . Rack lock has no restrictions for installation; they are easy to attach to any suitable thickness of the door. Like any metal mechanism, the lock needs periodic lubrication, which is inserted into the keyhole, with a key.

About the device of the latch lock in the following video:

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If you need an unpretentious lock for a garage, you can buy a rack and pinion device if you are aware of the following disadvantages:

  • Low resistance to cracking . The main disadvantage of such locking mechanisms, a consequence of the primitive design. Because of the ease of opening such locks, it is desirable to use in a protected area or to be bundled with a second device.

  • The difficulty of making a duplicate key . Replacing a lost key, which, as a rule, is non-standard, means picking up a blank of the required shape and size, and then bringing it up manually. The foreground is the professionalism of the master.

  • Difficulty of use . In order for the key to move along the tines, it is necessary to apply some effort, which can be difficult for children and the elderly.

  • Key size . It is not convenient for everyone to constantly carry around a long (10-15 cm) and rather heavy metal rod.

Rack lock: device, principle of action, versions

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Choice of the rack lock

The unique property of the lock for the internal garage, which can be bought at any specialty store, is that it is almost impossible to break it by accident. Despite the simplicity of the mechanism, quality models are supplied with a certificate of quality with an indication of the parameters. There are certain requirements for the lock rail:

  • The movement of the rail in the housing must be free and smooth. Jamming indicates that the gap with the body is insufficient or uneven; Obviously, this lock is a low-quality product.

  • The fixing of the staff in the extended position must be secure. Otherwise, the use of force will cause the bolt to return to the body - the door will open.

  • The lath is made of a sufficiently hard alloy capable of withstanding a power load of 200-300 kg.

  • The size (diameter) of the slide bars should correspond as closely as possible to the size of the holes.

  • When purchasing a product, make sure that there are no signs of rust and dents on the case .

About the garage lock in the following video:

When choosing, pay attention to the size and weight of the product the thickness of the garage door. The thickness of the metal sash, to which the lock will be attached, should not be thinner than 4 mm, otherwise a weighty mechanism will cause the metal to deform.

Technologies do not stand still; in order to increase the security class of overhead rack locks, their construction is complicated. The market offers multilocking devices, complemented by burglar pins. The mechanisms are equipped with safety valves and devices that include locking using the door handle (when closing it must be raised to a given angle). Various improvements allow the castle to better resist hacking attempts.

Cost of a rack lock

Thanks to the versatility of a simple design with retractable bolts mounted on a rail, which interacts with the key, such locking devices enjoy unabated popularity.

Rack lock: device, principle of action, versions


The price of products varies over a fairly wide range. It depends on the degree of complexity and reliability of the lock, on the size and on the material used to manufacture the locking system. If you are thinking of installing a rack lock for a garage, you can buy a similar product in Moscow and the region at the following average prices:

  • Model with one rectangular bolt - 380 rub. , with two rectangular bolts - 490 rubles.

  • Model with 3 cylindrical bolts . The price is within 550-600 rubles.

  • Model with a rectangular crossbar, under the cross-shaped key (with the possibility of replacing the mechanism of secrecy): 900-1000 rubles.

  • The lock is reinforced , 3 cylindrical bolts open from the inside with a handle - 1100 rubles. ; with 4 bolts -1200 rubles.

  • The model is similar to the previous one, additionally equipped with a valve (you can lock it from the inside) - 1300 rubles.

  • Model with four bolts and a latch under the handle, from the inside it opens with a key - 2150-2600 rubles.

  • Castle Maxbar (Germany). Basic locking: deadbolt latch, additional locking: locking bolts. Price: 2900-3300 rub.

  • Castle Mottura (Italy). In the various models (which are divided into right and left) there are 3-5 bolts; price - 6500-6700 rubles.

Rack lock: device, principle of action, versions

Castle of the average price category
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Locks manufactured under the KFV (Germany), Albrio (Serbia) and Elementis (China) brands are certified according to international standards; They have an excellent price / quality ratio and have already established themselves with the best hand. If you want to purchase a rack locking device with a higher level of reliability, pay attention to the electromechanical models of companies Cisa (Italy), YLI Electronic, Viatec and Atis (China).

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