Typical and individual projects of houses with a pool: the nuances of choice

Everyone dreams of a beautiful pool house. Particularly attracted to projects with a pool under the same roof with the rest of the room. Plan its equipment should be at the stage of development of the house, in this case, you can achieve the desired result. It is clear that the projects of such houses are characterized by a certain complexity; in their development it is necessary to take into account the nuances associated with the organization of the basin.

Typical and individual projects of houses with a pool: the nuances of choice

House project with a pool

The first step is to choose a reliable construction company

The future owner should take a responsible approach to the choice of design and construction organization. The best option is to order a finished or special project at home, its subsequent construction in one organization. Reliable, respectable construction company will take responsibility for the entire complex of architectural and construction works, will provide appropriate guarantees.

Before the approval of the project, experienced specialists will conduct a study of the geological features of the client’s land area, climate zone, technical conditions of the site in relation to utilities. If necessary, adjust the design of the foundation, exterior walls.

Typical and individual projects of houses with a pool: the nuances of choice

A country house with a pool inside

Choosing a construction company correctly means getting a comfortable, beautiful house with a pool in which your loved ones will live comfortably for long years.

Projects, model and individual

Construction companies offer catalogs of model projects of houses with a pool inside, which can be viewed directly on the official websites.

Creating a project for a house with a swimming pool involves several steps:

  1. Designing a cottage project.
  2. Calculation of the overall dimensions of the pool.
  3. Drawing up a master plan.

Typical and individual projects of houses with a pool: the nuances of choice

Design of the pool using natural materials

The projects developed by experienced architects are diverse:

  • have different areas, number of rooms, several floors;
  • with a garage, attic, terrace, basement;
  • in a different style: modern, classic, European, hi-tech, antique and friend;
  • from different materials: brick, aerated concrete, wooden timber;
  • special - for problem, narrow land plots.

There are projects of small buildings, the total area of ​​which does not exceed 100 m 2 . Homes with an area of ​​more than 300 m 2 are offered. Construction companies offer projects designed for a very different budget.

Clients are provided with free consultations, including by phone or through an official website on the Internet.

Construction companies offer to develop a unique project for a house with a pool inside, created for the interests of a particular client.

Review of the finished project of a house with a swimming pool in the form of a 3D layout - in this video:

On our site you can find contacts of construction companies, who offer the service of landscape works. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Advantages of ready-made projects

Choosing an option from the catalog of ready-made projects is beneficial and convenient for the following reasons:

  1. The real opportunity to get a project quickly. The development of an individual version will take at least 1-2 months.
  2. When ordering a project "by itself", the client cannot foresee all the nuances, therefore, individual developments, before getting the desired result, are reworked and refined more than once.
  3. The cost of creating a single project far exceeds the cost of the finished version.
  4. The client is given the opportunity to view the future cottage in full detail through photo and video recordings of three-dimensional images, schemes, which allows to really evaluate the pros and cons of the project.
Please note! In some cases, you can even get acquainted with the house "live" - ​​for example, by visiting the exhibition Low-Rise Country.

All finished projects are made by competent architects based on many years of work experience, taking into account current regulatory and health requirements. Even the most demanding client can choose the best option for himself. At the request of the project is being finalized: carry doors, windows, bearing walls.

Typical and individual projects of houses with a pool: the nuances of choice

A typical house project with a pool and garage

A client who ordered the construction of a house according to a standard project will quickly calculate the cost of building a house.

Individual projects

To a client who wishes to order a special, individual project that meets all his criteria, the construction company provides the services of a professional architect. The architect will take into account all the nuances, including:

  1. State of the land and groundwater.
  2. Difficulties in installing and installing communication systems.
  3. Availability of additional rooms (changing rooms, showers, saunas).
  4. Decorative design of the pool.

Typical and individual projects of houses with a pool: the nuances of choice

Individual project of a house with a pool

The architect will devote the client as much time as it takes to get the desired result while developing the project will take into account all his wishes (even the most controversial), but will find the optimal solution for a different budget.

What to look for when choosing a project for a house with a pool

Turning to a professional organization, the client will have to choose the most optimal variant of the project for a house with a pool of several hundred presented in the catalog. Pre-better familiarize yourself with the subtleties of construction work, to decide on important issues.

Space under the pool

The location of the pool affects the complexity of the work during its construction, determines the subsequent maintenance, ease of operation.

Typical and individual projects of houses with a pool: the nuances of choice

House project with a long pool
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It is necessary to understand for what purposes a pool is required. It can be:

  • a place of rest, both for adults and for small children;
  • a base for serious swimming lessons.

Often, a sauna is built near the swimming pool, which makes it necessary to take into account the communications connections and ventilation.

The best option when the pool is located in the basement or basement of the building. Installing a swimming pool on the upper floors of the house is very expensive. The swimming pool with water belongs to the ponderous structures that can break through the supporting beams, therefore its construction on the upper floors is not safe, it requires additional strengthening of the supporting beams, the foundation of the building.

Correct, if the rooms with high humidity are located away from the sleeping rooms and children's rooms, it is best in a separate extension to the main building.

Pool Capacity

There are 2 water tank options:

  • solid or stationary, most often a monolithic concrete casting;
  • ready , purchased in the store, the assembly option.

Typical and individual projects of houses with a pool: the nuances of choice

Stationary basin

Enterprises produce several models of bowls made of composite material, their volume varies from 6 to 180 m 3 , length not more than 13m.

Pluses of the stationary variant

Stationary tanks are more preferable, have advantages:

  1. Different shape and dimensions.
  2. A huge range of materials for design decoration.
  3. A wide range of accessories and fittings.
  4. Possibility to connect hydromassage, acceleration system, fountains and other additional equipment.
  5. Long service life.

When choosing a form and size, you should take into account convenient out of the water, the safety of small children. Volumetric constructions will entail the need for more expensive maintenance.

Typical and individual projects of houses with a pool: the nuances of choice

A small pool inside the house

All questions are subject to careful analysis. After the construction is completed, it will be impossible to correct the defects.

Construction of a stationary tank

It is difficult to make a beautiful stationary bath with your own hands without breaking the technology, without work experience. It is necessary to view videos more than once in which the construction process is described in detail and in stages. It is better to entrust the work of professionals.

Stationary hermetic containers are made of different materials:

  1. A monolithic structure is created from hydrotechnical concrete. Work requires skills and special knowledge.
  2. The structure is assembled from reinforced concrete elements, sheets of propylene, and then reinforced with a concrete screed. Propylene can be replaced with fiberglass or polypropylene.

Typical and individual projects of houses with a pool: the nuances of choice

Waterproofing the pool

Special attention should be paid to waterproofing - this is an important step to obtain a sealed container. To this end, its outer and inner walls are treated with polymer mastics, layers of penetrating waterproofing, filling the pores, creating a waterproof polymer film on the surface.

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For normal pool operation, a complex of communication systems is provided:

  1. Water supply.
  2. Ventilation.
  3. Sewerage.
  4. Heating.
  5. Lighting.

A special sewage system is installed for the pool: heated, disinfected, cleaned, and emergency water discharged. At the request of the owner, a drainage system is installed.

Typical and individual projects of houses with a pool: the nuances of choice

Sewer of the basin

The simultaneous operation of these systems gives a decent load on the electrical network. Even at the construction stage they lay reinforced electrical wiring, which is then connected to a sufficiently powerful electrical installation.

Healthy microclimate - this is important

Certain sanitary requirements are imposed on hydraulic structures inside the house, and they must maintain optimal temperature and humidity parameters. The difference between water and air temperature should not be more than 2-3 0 С. The arrangement of the pool in the house involves the use of special technologies of heat and waterproofing walls, the foundation.

Errors in the design of a heating system, forced-air and exhaust ventilation lead to serious problems:

  • a favorable environment is created for the reproduction of various microorganisms;
  • condensate accumulation on the ceiling contributes to fast destruction of structures created from the most durable materials.

Typical and individual projects of houses with a pool: the nuances of choice

Pool ventilation system

The health of the people who will live in the house and use it depends on properly designed and installed communication systems by the pool. This is the case when it is not worth saving and it is advisable to install an automatic system that supports a number of functions:

  • humidity control;
  • control over the dew point;
  • ensuring air flow;
  • preventing condensation.

The future owner of a country house with a swimming pool should be very careful in choosing a project, do not be shy and ask the questions that arise.

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Today, a house with a swimming pool has ceased to be something unique, such projects are increasingly in demand, and this has provided developers with a wide variety of offers. Among the many typical projects of houses with a swimming pool, it is almost always possible to find exactly what will satisfy the client's requests. Only in the case when you want to emphasize your own style, when there is a need for uniqueness, you should apply for an order of an individual project.


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