planning, projects with attic one and two-storey houses

A country house made according to a competent project will be the best option for true connoisseurs of comfort and practicality. Despite the relatively small area, the layout of the house 6x8 will please the functionality and harmonious arrangement of the rooms, especially since there are a sufficient number of two-story projects or with an attic. A variety of layouts will help everyone to choose the best option, both in terms of the number of rooms and the price.

planning, projects with attic one and two-storey houses

House 6 by 8 with an attic

Features of the design and construction of wooden houses 6x8

Wooden houses 6x8 successfully combine the low cost, high quality and durability of the building, as well as the following parameters:

  1. cost-effectiveness of construction and further operation;
  2. minimum construction time;
  3. household practicality ;
  4. low heating costs.

Naturally constructed houses are in perfect harmony with the environment, eloquently talking about the excellent taste of the owners. Designs have undoubted advantages, among which:

  • the use of quality materials for walls and floors;
  • comfortable living;
  • rather big total area;
  • the use of modern roofing and insulation materials.

planning, projects with attic one and two-storey houses

Modern house 6 by 8

From which to build

The following can be used for building walls types of materials:

  • Brick. Characterized by strength, durability. It has high levels of noise insulation, frost resistance, fire safety.
  • Building blocks. The material will cost significantly less than a brick. Of the advantages, excellent thermal insulation properties are noted, due to which a favorable atmosphere is created in the house.
  • Tree. Quite a popular material in modern construction, due to environmental friendliness, comfort, warmth and economy. Houses from the array have many advantages, including strength, low thermal conductivity and the ability to "breathe", thereby creating an optimal indoor climate.
  • Wood frame or LSTC. Of the main advantages, there is an acceptable cost, quick installation and ease of construction, which allows significant savings on the foundation. Houses of this type do not shrink, have excellent thermal insulation properties, and their construction is possible at any time.

planning, projects with attic one and two-storey houses

Frame house 6 by 8

Each of the materials has its own positive qualities that will help make the right decision and make Your home is as comfortable, ergonomic and comfortable as possible.

The roofing material in most cases is metal roofing. Of the benefits worth noting is a long service life, aesthetic appearance and resistance to any weather conditions.

Single-storey houses 6x8 - main features

Today, 6x8 houses of one-storey type are becoming more and more popular, due to the maximum use of living space at minimum financial costs. The difference of one-story buildings is in the layout of the premises, the location of the residential and economic type rooms, while the concept remains the same - comfort and convenience in a small area.

planning, projects with attic one and two-storey houses

One-storey house 6 to 8 with a terrace
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For construction, materials such as aerated concrete or brick are used for load-bearing walls, and a wooden beam is used for flooring. Before working, it is important to familiarize yourself with some recommendations that will help to make the home as functional and comfortable as possible:

  1. Residential windows should mostly be located on the sunny side;
  2. The kitchen and utility rooms may be deaf, surrounded living rooms;
  3. The thickness of the bearing walls should be between 20-30 cm, no more;
  4. The bedroom should be located on the western side in the morning to avoid a premature awakening from sunlight;
  5. make interior dividers 9-12 cm thick, better from ipsokartona.
When designing the location of the premises, not only the wishes of the customer, but also the features of the relief and climatic conditions are taken into account.

Despite the fact that the layout of the house can be any, the 6 by 8 one-story building includes the following rooms:

  • kitchen;
  • corridor with vestibule;
  • utility room with a small area;
  • a bathroom combined or separate;
  • 1-2 bedrooms, with an area of ​​approximately 15 m².

The advantages of such structures are in relatively inexpensive cost and repair and finishing works.

planning, projects with attic one and two-storey houses

The layout of the house with separate toilet and bathroom

Two-storey houses 6x8 - advantages and disadvantages

Despite the popularity and lower cost of mansard houses, full-fledged two-story buildings have a number of advantages. The project is the best option for both small and large families, based on a number of indicators:

  • large total cubic capacity;
  • saving land area;
  • possibility installation of large windows;
  • cost savings due to a small roof area and foundation;
  • using an attic as a utility room;
  • speed of construction of the building.

The balcony of the house of 6 by 8 two-storey type can be provided for, which will be a great place for relaxing and drinking tea. Planning of several rooms, such as an office, dressing room, hall will be quite profitable. Also often there are projects with a veranda, basement or basement. For greater convenience, 2 entrances are made - front door and from the yard.

planning, projects with attic one and two-storey houses

Home planning option with attic floor

6x8 houses with attic - planning features

To turn the attic into a pleasant place to stay, you should pay attention to some nuances:

  1. Providing high-quality thermal insulation, in which temperature indicators will not affect the temperature inside the house.
  2. Good waterproofing that will prevent precipitation from entering the interior.
  3. For the construction of the structure it is preferable to use lightweight finishing materials. This will help prevent cracks in the foundation and walls. For the same reason, it is better to choose small and light furniture.

Before the start of construction, a mandatory point is the miscalculation of the additional load that will certainly arise. When arranging the attic in an already operated house, it is important to take care of strengthening the walls.

planning, projects with attic one and two-storey houses

House 6 by 8 with an attic
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The advantages of 6x8 houses with an attic:

  • economically-profitable construction, in which the area of ​​the house can be increased several times, competently using the attic floor;
  • ease of connection that are sufficient to hold from the ground floor;
  • various finishing options;
  • the attic can serve as a gym, workshop, dressing room and any other functional room.

Obviously about the house 6 for 8 with an attic, look at the video:

If we talk about shortcomings, then the house 6 for 8 with the attic, the projects of which were completed with non-observance of the rules of construction, entails the freezing of the room, significant heat loss and the formation of condensate inside the house. In addition, the specific profile of dormer windows will be much more expensive than the model of standard parameters.

planning, projects with attic one and two-storey houses

Planning with the combined living room and kitchen

6x8 houses using frame technology

6x8 frame houses are being built rather quickly usually the term does not exceed 1.5-2 months. Can be used both for temporary residence and on a permanent basis.

The construction of frame houses has some features that are taken into account in the process of work. The basis of the house is a light wooden frame, in most cases, the finishing material is siding or lining.

Construction is carried out in several stages:

  1. development of the project;
  2. selection of building materials, purchase and transportation;
  3. foundation filling;
  4. building walls, floors, subfloor;
  5. roofing;
  6. inserting windows and doors;
  7. finishing.

What a turnkey built frame house looks like - see the video:

Frame houses are considered not only warm, but and reliable, functional and durable. The only obvious disadvantage is the need for finishing, but a large variety of facing materials will allow to turn the house into a beautiful and modern building.

planning, projects with attic one and two-storey houses

Construction of a frame house

Exterior design options for a house 6x8

Any frame and wooden houses 6x8 can be used view of the exterior finish. The most commonly used materials are:

  • lining;
  • facing brick;
  • vinyl siding;
  • decorative plaster.

Also, a block house, an imitation of a bar, a thermopanel, an artificial stone and a DSP covered with a crumb will also be suitable for facing. Facade work should be carried out not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also to preserve and increase the service life of buildings.

planning, projects with attic one and two-storey houses

Decorating the walls of the house with clapboard
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With a proper layout, a house of 6x8 m can be very comfortable and roomy. The standard house plan for 6 to 8 includes a living room, kitchen and bathroom - on the first floor, and two bedrooms - on the second or in the attic. This house will be an excellent option for a comfortable stay of a family of 2-5 people.

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